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After seeing how much I have written for my Indonesia Banget post, I decided to make a special page for it. I will only copy-paste the post and closed the comment section of that post. From now on, everything Indonesian related will be shared here 🙂

What is Indonesia Banget?

Indonesia Banget can be translated as So Indonesia which means that I’ll be writing about things that define Indonesia…and hopefully it is something that can only be found in Indonesia. I’m not going to write only on the good sides of Indonesia but also on the not so good side of Indonesia…basically literally all things related to Indonesia.

This is number 0 because I’m not going to start writing about Indonesia yet, I want to start the 1st post on August 17.

Why August 17?

Because it is our Independence Day. We gained our Independent from Dutch and Japan on August 17, 1945. And for that reason, every single post of Indonesia Banget will be posted on 17, every month.

Why is it written in English?

Because if I wrote this Indonesian Language (Bahasa), it will be useless, the main idea is to share a bit about Indonesia to the whole wide world and hoping that people will be eager to visit this beautiful archipelago country. Although I’m writing it in English, that doesn’t mean you can not leave a comment in Bahasa, feel free to drop your comment in Bahasa, English or even Japanese (^_^)v

I hope I can use pictures that I shoot by my self, however some things are just too difficult to find, so I will rely on google 😉

I will be using the image above in every Indonesia Banget post.

Here are the things I have written:

  1. 17 Agustusan (Independence Day’s Celebration )
  2. Mudik (Going back to the Village)
  3. Bedong (The art of wrapping the infant)
  4. Malam Bainai (a Minang tradition on the night before the wedding)
  5. Kerokan (One of many Indonesian traditional folk-cures)
  6. Topeng Monyet (Traditional Monkey Circus)
  7. Death Ceremonies
  8. Traditional Houses
  9. Sangkuriang, a Folklore From Indonesia
  10. The act of kissing someone’s hand
  11. You May Litter Wherever You Like
  12. Fasting and Kolak
  13. The Day we Proclaimed Our Independence
  14. Similar food in 2 countries
  15. Kuntilanak,Indonesia’s most famous ghost
  16. No Rice Not Complete
  17. Graveyards in West Sumatra
  18. Floor Sitter
  19. Malin Kundang
  20. The Raid: Redemption
  21. National Education Day
  22. Country With 4 Religions
  23. Indonesian Educational System
  24. The Flag of Our Country
  25. Eating With Hand
  26. Supernatural Beings To Make You Rich
  27. Ranting on Rich Children’s Inability To Speak National Language
  28. Some Public Transportation in Indonesia
  29. The Toilets and The Water
  30. Year Book
  31. Dangdut – a Music Genre Heard by Many
  32. Balado Eggplants (Recipe)
  33. Garuda Pancasila
  34. Kerupuk
  35. Volcanoes Country
  36. Religious Holidays
  37. Ritual of cutting the hair of kids with dreadlocks (Dieng Culture Festival)
  38. Kota Tua

Special Event:

  1. Read Indonesian Short Story Month
  2. Thank you for joining Indonesian Short Story Month
  3. Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day at my School

The Beauty of Indonesia:

  1. Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh)
  2. Mount Bromo
  3. Ijen Crater
  4. Baluran National Park
  5. Papandayan> Heading to, Day 1, Day2, Edelweiss
  6. Mount Cikurai> Day 1, Sunrise, Day 2
  7. Dieng Culture Festival: Part 1 (events that I missed), Kids with dreadlocks, Mount Sikunir,
  8. Mount Salak: Day 1 (part 1),Kawah Ratu, Camping Ground, Salak 1
  9. Lombok: The Ride; Mount Rinjani Day 1&2; Day3; Day 4; Gili Trawangan.
  10. Mount Rakutak > Day 1; Day 2
  11. Mount Ciremai
  12. Mount Gede> Day 1; The Top
  13. Ciwidey> Day 1&2, day 3
  14. Mount Guntur > Day 1, Day 2, 13 pictures
  15. Mount Cikurai through Bayombong
  16. Mount Munara
  17. Mount Slamet
  18. Mount Sindoro
  19. Mount Prau

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  1. Izza says:

    Wow, a lot of posts there, so nice. I already read the post about Eating With Hand and you wrote it nicely. Nice to find your blog, and salam kenal ! 😀

    1. Novroz says:

      Thank you Izza and salam kenal juga 🙂

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