About Me

This page is updated on July 8, 2011.

After years of leaving this page unchanged,I finally decided to update it. I am going to use an ABC meme from one of Oscah Baby’s posts.

Here we go 🙂

A.  Age: 33

B.  Book(s): Green mile by Stephen King, The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, Under The Dome by Stephen King, The Square Persimmon by Takashi Atoda, Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata

C.  Chore You Really Dislike: washing the dishes

D.  Dogs or Cats: Turtles ;)

E.  Essential Start to Your Day: Rubbing Kame and Kroten‘s neck.

F.  Food You Really Dislike: Spinach, Pare

G.  Guilty Pleasure: ….

H.  Height: 150 cm

I.  Instruments You Play: None

J.  Job Title: Teacher

K.  Kids: Would love to have some…but I need to find the father first 😉

L.  Location: Jagakarsa, Jakarta, Indonesia

M.  Musician(s): L’Arc~en~Ciel and Muse.

N.  Nicknames: In internet: Novroz and Nijiko. In real life, some students used to call me Mino (stands for Miss Novia)

O.  Overnight Hospital Stays: DBD (I don’t know its English term)

P.  Pet Peeve: Turtles owner who think it this okay to keep their turtle in a  small bucket.

Q.  Quote From a Movie: “Have you ever had a dream Neo that you are so sure it was real? What if you are unable to awake from that dream? How would you know the different between the dream world and the real world?” (The Matrix)

R.  Right or Left Handed: Right Handed

S.  Siblings: one older brother and one younger brother

T.  Television Show: The X Files, no TV series can compete against it.

U.  Underwear: most definitely.

V.  Vices: 

W.  What Makes You Run Late: Nothing! I like being fashionably early. Tardiness is another pet peeve of mine.

X.  X-Rays You’ve Had: Lung X-Rays. I had it as one of the requirement to  enter my college

Y.  Yummy Food You Make: Mushroom Gulai.

Z.  Zoo – Favorite Animal: Tiger

My Motto

  1. I always think that everything that happen in this world happen for a reason, so the best thing to act is just to accept it because eventually it will lead to a better life.
  2. I like having a lot of friends and I hate losing even just one friend

it’s me and Kame


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Salam kenal buat novia, anak 28 yah?Angkatan berapa?*saya bukan anak 28, tapi temen saya banyak juga anak 28 :D*

    Novroz’ Answer

    Hehehe saya mah dah angkatan tua….jd malu nyebutinya xp

  2. hey salam kenal aja dari gw yah…
    gw juga mw ikutan ni kyu nih..
    ternyata metode dari gakushudo buat nihon no ryouku shiken ampuh bgt..

    bisa minta tolong ga..dmna gw bisa dapet copy an nya..btw gw ga di indo

    n gw di jepang..n gw perlu persiapan buat ni kyu bulan desember 2009..


  3. oia lupa..klo ga ada copy an nya…buku yang asli nya juga gpp..

    klo bisa 2 buku yah…ntar masalah harga n ongkos kirim ke jepang gw tanggung….

    PM gw di hanashi_aite@yahoo.com

    tolong gw yahhhh

    Novroz’ Answer
    Dah gw jelasin lewat mail 🙂

    1. Umel makasih banyak dah percaya dengan dengan pendapat saya soal kura2, tapi maaf ya…komennya saya pindahin ke tempat yang lebih tepat 🙂

      silakan klik link Seri Perawatan Kura-kura diatas, jawaban sy atas pertanyaan Umel ada disana.

  4. You have a fantastic blog here! Really brill! I’m also anxious to visit your turtle’s blog!

    Thanks for visiting me. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  5. Beautiful name — Spanish word for “girlfriend”. Goes well with your smile.

    I have one daughter and I can hardly keep up — so I salute you, dear teacher, for all the patience that you have! =D

    1. Thank you CB…I didn’t know my name has other meaning in another language, thank you for sharing that.

      I am not a parent yet (tho I do have lots of nephew and niece) but I believe parenting is much more difficult than teaching. Hope she grows up as nice as her mother.

  6. So pleased to meet you, Miss Novroz! I’m always happy to meet another Movie Fan who likes scary movies… lots of people think that I’m a strange woman for liking them so much.

    I’ve never known anyone with pet Turtles…. but I can see you love and treasure them as much as I do my lil’ cat, Ting-ting. It’s been fun reading a little about you, and I hope to enjoy many more visits to your Blog!

    1. Please to meet you too Nekochan.
      Yeah I am a horror freak…but I don’t think I am as freak as you 😉 I see your blog full of horror, mine still in combination.

      Yes I do love my pet turtles soooo much. they even have their own blog (with them writing the posts).

      Thank you for stopping by Nekochan.r freak…but I don’t think I am as freak as you 😉 I see your blog full of horror, mine still in combination.

      Yes I do love my pet turtles soooo much. they even have their own blog (with them writing the posts).

      Thank you for stopping by Nekochan.

  7. A – Z information about you. Now I feel I know you even better. I spend so much time conversing with Kame and Kroten from their blog that I have forgot to come to see the person who makes everything work. lol.
    I just want you to know, Novroz, that I think you are a very interesting and kind person, and have been enjoying our new friendship. 🙂

    Deb xx

    1. Hehe yeah my turtles can do that to people 😉 they steal people’s attention away from me…but it’s okay, I love them.
      Thank you so much for the compliment Deb,i think the same way for you,not only interesting and kind but also talented. I am glad I click your blog through Binky’s blog, I now have new wonderful friend 🙂

  8. Just check your about me page 🙂 I think I have to put the reason why I’m using English too *I don’t want some people to think of me as sok2an you know 😀 so you’re a teacher, what do you teach?

    1. Hahaha,yeah I hate it when people think I used English to show off. when I wrote in Indonesian,I have limited readers…I am happy to be where I am now.

      I am a chemistry teacher 🙂

      1. I can read your site because it is English. if not I couldn’t understand a word. So it’s good to use in the internet. I am thinking about open a site in English too because it reaches much more people…
        I found here recently and really like reading you. Your country is the country that I don’t know anything but in here we like Indonesia ( we don’t know much but we like :)) )
        And you have good pen, I’ll continue to read you 🙂 ” this last phrase have a good meaning in my language but I’m not sure that is it meaningful in English 😕 “

        1. Hi Sungin 🙂
          I wonder where you come from? will you please tell me 🙂
          I wrote in Indonesian, at first, but I changed it slowly to full English for many reasons…but mostly so that I can have wider readers.
          Thank you so much for reading my blog 🙂

    1. Hi Daniel, thank you for stopping by 🙂
      I love Battle Royale, love it so much that it made hate Hunger Game.

      ah One Piece is the best manga ever, in my opinion 🙂
      May I assume you like it too?

  9. miss.. pengen belajar nge blog dehh.. buat nulis tentang murid-muridku yang lucu dan kegiatan mereka.. ngeliat blog miss,, heboh juga yaa,, hikss.. pengennya sih pake bahasa inggris (padahal belum lancar bahasa inggrisnya) wkwkwk,, tapi ngeliat nya kayanya pake bahasa indonesia aja aku belum ngerti bangett,,, hahahaha 😀 ajarin donggg…

    1. Wah…maaf Lasmaita…saya komen kamu terlewatkan 😦
      Ayo kursus kilat kayak Wulan 🙂
      Janjian dimana sambil bawa laptop…wordpress gampang kok 😉

  10. What a wonderful introduction my friend,
    I am visiting you today from Binky’s Wombania
    where I have already interacted with you but
    I just thought that I would call by and see what
    you are posting about and what your Space
    looks like? I can report that I like your world of
    blogging and that I will be returning later for a
    further viewing and a voyage of interest 🙂

    My Space is set to Private but if you call by and
    knock on the gates of My Gothic Realm, I will of
    course grant you access Miss. Novia 🙂

    I think that you know my main theme is horror
    orientated but I do have an (18) warning on the
    leading page so as not to offend anyone, as that
    is certainly not my intention, this was added before
    I went onto the Private setting but it is still there
    for the same reason. Okay enough of my wittering
    and I will call again soon, remember if you would
    like to call inside my Space just knock on the gate 🙂

    It is a very friendly Space 🙂


    1. Thank you for stopping by Andro 🙂
      I actually had visited your dark blog few times and at that time yours is still available to public, what made you change it?
      And yes I know you have horror theme 😉 I also love horror story.

      I saw you in several of my blogger’s friends…well my turtle’s friends to be exact. Did you know that I often use my turtle’s avatar rather than mine in Wombania? My turtle Kroten or Papoe showed up there more than me.

      You know, I really like your way of saying things, your sentences are well arranged 🙂

      1. I am pleased that you have already been into my Space because many find it off putting and never return 😦 I have changed it to Private for the time being, as I have been getting too far behind on comments and with my home shedule ever increasing it seemed the best choice for me, but I still have 62 friends that I try to keep up with on a daily basis, often this can drift a little as I sometimes have limited time to visit everyone.

        I didn’t realise that you commented on Binky’s with different Avatars but I will certainly watch out for you there from now on as Wombania is a fun environment I think 🙂

        Thank you for asking to view my Space again and I have unlocked the doors for your next visit, of which you are certainly very welcome 🙂


        1. To tell you the truth, I often confused what to say in your blog 😉
          that’s why I haven’t left any comment before even though I have visited it few times. Your blog is quite a rarity, not many bloggers are consistent with what they write…well take a look at mine here, I have so many things to share and never really focus on one single theme…hence the name Polychrome Interest.

          Binky found me and my babies in my baby turtle’s blog…aha you probably think this is my only blog 😉
          Well I have two blogs, this is my blog and http://kamekroten.wordpress.com is my turtle’s blog where they are the ones who ‘write’ the story. Their blog is my connection to Debbie, Binky and Tony. I agree, Wombania is such a fun place to hang out.

          1. I usually write horror but I have been speculating a little so that my Space has something for everyone, this is why I added the treat for you girls, of course I had to choose the celebrities and stars myself not knowing who is favourable and who is a bit icky as Fraz would say 🙂 I sometimes add nonsensical fiction that are a bit silly, well if you read one then you will know what I mean.

            You can write whatever you wish as a comment, indeed not everyone writes a comment which relates to the script, however I do have a guestbook too, but that was added for those that are scared of some of my horror poems and stories, though in my opinion they are very tame to be honest.

            Okay I will let you get ready for a nice relaxing sleep, as midnight is calling you I think 🙂 Have a lovely Thursday my friend 🙂


          2. I love that post, Andro 😉 quite an eye opener. Hope you’ll include my Cillian Murphy next time 😉
            I will stop by from time to time, your space is fun and full of people I have already known 🙂

            Good night Andro tho I prefer to stay online but I have to work in the morning *sigh*

        2. I will take a look at your second blog
          Space and leave some comments on
          whatever I find there 🙂

          Thank you for calling by and do call
          again soon, and if you wish to add a
          comment then just read some of what
          my other friends chat about, it is not
          always on topic and that is okay 🙂


          1. Thank you for visiting our blog Uncle Andro…it’s not as grandeur as your blog (although mommy closed my eyes before I can see more) but it’s the only place where turtle can blog 😉

  11. Hi again, you asked me so >> I am from Turkey 🙂
    I read some of your posts about Indonesia, they were interesting. Keep going 🙂

    1. Ow…hello Turkey 🙂
      I never have a reader from Turkey…how cool 🙂
      I am glad you like it. Hope you will always enjoy my random blog…as this blog has no theme at all 😉

  12. I am so far behind everyone at the moment my friend
    that it could seem that i don’t take an interest in what
    all of my friends are writing about, but I just want you
    to know that when my work schedule changes, that I
    will be making more of an effort to keep up 🙂

    At the moment I am even having difficulties in replying
    to everyone that has commented on my scripts, soooo
    not even keeping up-to-speed on my own Space 😦

    Have a very nice Tuesday Miss. Novia 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

    1. Don’t worry Andro 🙂
      Just do your job and worry about visiting your friends later. I am glad you still manage to write something…when I was busy, I find it hard to maintain my blog.

      Happy weekdays for you 🙂

      1. Thank you for your understanding, I try to get on here as often as I can but would hate to offend anyone because of my lack of following, and I rarely follow anyone in the options on that, however I follow as many posts as I can 🙂 Have a lovely day and evening Miss. Novia (give Kroten a hug 🙂 )

        Androgoth XXx

  13. Hey, I just found this place. My favorite zoo animal would have been Wombat, but that’s okay.
    I also like spinach, but don’t tell Fraz!

    1. You know Bink….I have never seen real life Wombat 😦 only on TV.
      I don’t think my zoo has a wombat or maybe I haven’t found it yet, the zoo is quite big here.

      I don’t like spinach. ;p

  14. Mba…aku baru baca biodara mba..wahh salut deh. Aku jg prefer kura2 dr kucing.hhehhe.. Mba,twitternya apa? Perlu byk belajar nih dr dirimu 😀

  15. br baca profil mba. trnyata mba guru y.. guru bhs Jepang kah? soale nama blognya Jepang bgt. hehe.. salut utk guru2 yg aktif ngeblog. (งˆヮˆ)ง

  16. OMG (o.o)
    L’Arc~en~Ciel? Cillian Murphy? Battle Royale? Stephen King?! this is the perfect blog!
    You’re totally like me hahaha
    I never thought someone likes almost all the same as me!

    I going to follow your blog… I don’t have any blog and no so much time for that but…i will follow you 🙂 I see a lot of interesting things here! (specially about Cillian…of Laruku and Hyde I know everything lol)

    Greetings from Mexico! 😀

    1. Hi Blackneko (or is it Conejita?)
      Are you seriously a fan of Laruku, Cillian and Mr King??? WOW!!! I too never thought someone likes the same as me ((hug))

      I have so many friends who like Laruku, unfortunately none who likes Cillian and King 😦

      hehehe…the most interesting post here is definitely when I stood two meters away from Laruku for 1,5 hours … so close that I can see them smiling seeing my banner saying “I have been waiting for you for 11 years” … that day will never be forgotten 🙂

      Greeting from Jakarata 🙂

  17. Hello, Novroz. It is good to find a English blog written by an Indonesia, especially when her job is a teacher. My name is Vincent, an expat now living in Jakarta. I would love to know something about international schools here in Jakarta. So, can I have your contact information. WhatsApp account is preferred. Makasih!

    1. Yup I am 38 going to be 39 soon 🙂
      Don’t worry…people always mistaken my age, no one believe when I said I am 38, even my husband didn’t believe my age when we started dating. Anyway, it’s the result of being a teacher of teenagers…we always look younger 😉

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