13 Pictures From Legok Kondang, Ciwidey – Day 3

Last week, I shared 13 pictures of my school’s Action Trip at Legok Kondang, Ciwidey, Bandung. I promised that I will share another 13 this week and here are those 13 pictures along with a bit of information on each picture.

We woke up early in the morning because we had to start our little hike early. While the kids were getting ready, the owner of the lodge called out to one of my students who loved photography. He told her that there was a spot where you can see the golden sunrise. We all went there immediately.

I have to say that these pictures are something that I can say as Sunrise Without an Effort. I had plenty of beautiful sunrise pictures but those pictures were taken after a long hike and often after a long midnight walk as all those pictures were taken on the top of certain mountains. Here in Legok Kondang, all I did was walking for 2 minutes from my tent and voila…the stunning sunrise view was there.

Almost sunrise. I really like the lines created by the sunlight

A silhouette picture of me and my students. They are all taller than me 😉
The sun was almost rising. Look at how beautiful the sky was at that time.
I really like this one, hills upon hills under the golden sky.
She was peeking through the landscape
…and there she was!!!

After the beautiful golden sunrise session was over. We gathered the students. We brief them a little and warned them how they need to stay on the trek and not playing around. There were more easy trek than the dangerous ones (even the dangerous ones weren’t that dangerous) but we were dealing with teenagers from grade 6 to 11. The ones we worried the most were grade 6 as some of them tend to play a lot.

We began with a steep climb. Some teachers were out of breath and asked how far it went. I think it was about 15 to 30 minutes and then they were no more steep climb, I told them. There were still some light climbs but I couldn’t help laughing when one of them joked by saying “From now on we shouldn’t trust Novi’s words

The boys led the way

When I went hiking, I usually walked faster than most of the other female hikers. That time, I had to control my speed so that I didn’t pass the boys and left the girls behind. It was so hard to walk much slower than I used to…but I managed.

A narrow path surrounded by coffee trees
Tiredness felt nothing after seeing this scenery
We began to descend, the boys looked happy and excited


This was the path we need to pay close attention to as the other side was deep ravine. The path was actually quite big so if the stayed on the path nothing will happen
Another scenery from the hike
We almost reached the end of our hike. I love this view with all those tall skinny trees

Those are the 13 pictures I took on the third day of our action trip.

I know I should only share 13 pics to match the rules in Thursday Thirteen … but I will add one more with an excuse that this isn’t my picture, this was taken by my students. I love this pic as it had story of togetherness behind this pic. I love hanging out with students.


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    1. Thank you Susan 🙂

      It was very beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at that place. I left that spot after the sun was already completely up

  1. Great recap Nov. Love that sunset photo and the one w/ the Birch trees, I think that’s what those tall skinny trees are. Nice group selfie pic too 😀

    1. Thank you Audrey 🙂

      It depends on the mosque, some only requires the same scarf that the Catholic uses when going to church, others might ask a longer one

      1. I don’t know what the Catholic’s use either. Shoulder length? Cover the hair?

        I assume it can’t be transparent. Any colors I have to worry about? I have a shawl that is brown with gold threads that I’m thinking might do the trick.

  2. What beautiful photos, and what a beautiful story to go with it. I love that last photo – such smiles!

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