Mount Gede – Day 2 : To The Top and Home

I have just come home from my latest mountain hiking 😉 …yup I have been busy because Fasting month is about to come so I have to hike before I begin my holy month. At first, I wanted to share my back to back Ghibli review but then I realize I still have hiking posts to share, so the review can wait.

The first part can be read here> Mount Gede – Day 1. I ended that post saying that we had to leave at 3 am to go to the top of Mount Gede.

We left our camping site few minutes after 3 am, it was still dark. We were hoping to catch the sunrise BUT we didn’t make it. It was still a great walk. I enjoyed hiking to the top more than the previous day. I still remembered the first time I went there (18 years ago), we passed through a steep climb called Tanjakan Setan (Satan’s Climb), it was called like that because it was so steep and we had to use webbing or rope. We took the alternative trek because the leader considered the ones who weren’t strong enough. I felt a bit disappointed and promised myself that I will use that trek when I go down…and I am glad I used that trek because it was so fun.

Tanjakan Setan (Not my pic, it's my fellow hiker's pic)
Tanjakan Setan (Not my pic, it’s my fellow hiker’s pic)

We passed Tanjakan Setan after 5 am and the sun would soon rise, before reaching the top the sun rose.


We continued our walk and reached the Puncak Bayangan (shadow summit), we haven’t reached the highest part of the mountain yet but we could already see the surrounding as if we were already on the top of the mountain. The view was amazing. The view from the top of the mountain is the reason why I keep going on a mountain hiking 😉

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After taking some pictures we moved on to our next destination. There were 9 of us who reached this spot first. We planned to wait for the others on the real top of the mountain. This area was not a good spot to wait for people. We had to walk through the side on the cliff. Thank God the trek was as big as I remembered.


There was barrier next to the trek to make sure people would stay on trek and didn’t fall in. The trek was slightly deeper than I had remembered. Mother nature probably had a big part on that. It was a flat trek when I went there 18 years ago but now it was a bit like a huge gutter.

I stopped here and there to admire the scenery….to admire God’s creation.

Before reaching the top…now, this is the best part of Mount Gede – one you hardly see in other mountain; thousands of meters above the sea level and you can still find people selling rice 😉 We were (of course) so hungry and those seller were a blessed to our empty stomachs. When we reached the top…we even found a small shop which sell coffee, fried food, cigarette, water, and snacks.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we (about 10 of us) took our time to take lots of pictures. One of those pictures is me sending love to my baby turtles 🙂 . The scenery on the top is still as great as I remembered back then.

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Once everyone had arrived, we decided to go down to Surya Kencana Savannah, not everyone wanted to go down because going down was easy but going up again was a bit troublesome. I ran down because the trek was a fun trek to run. I think it took only half an hour to go down. Surya Kencana is a vast area used by many to set their tents. 18 years ago, my friends and I set our tent there. I even took a picture of where our tent used to stand. Going to Surken (shorten for Surya Kencana) brought back a lot of great memory…memory of how fun it was to have wonderful college friends.

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I have mentioned it before (in a post about Gili Trawangan) that I got bored easily in a beach, it took less than an hour to get bored seeing the sea but there in Surya Kencana with all the greenery, the ups and downs temperature (it was cold and hot at the same time), the people busy with their things, the mist that came and gone…everything in Surya Kencana made me comfortable and wanted to stay there as long as I can. We laughed and chatted for hours and felt like we wanted to just stay there and not going back to our camping site. But we had to go back because we had to go home.

We arrived almost at 5 pm to hour camping site and finished packing around 7. We walked back to Cibodas in the dark. We arrived at Cibodas nearly midnight and there was no bus at that hour so we had to stay there till morning.

Overall…it was a great trip, it would be a lot better without the check point thingy (see the first post) but the mountain and friendship were still the most memorable ones.

I will close this post with some pictures of togetherness 🙂

Not my picture
Not my picture, borrowed from our shared album> here
This is my favorite pic
I love this pic; Angga, me and Fannah

Will write my latest hiking…soon 🙂

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  1. There’s no way I could use the trek, even going down, but it sure looks fun. It’s a pity you missed the sunset when you had to start at such an hour.

    That last picture is really cute. The mountain pix are all great. Thanks for taking me along on your hike.

    1. As long as it’s not a cliff with deep bottom, I am on it. I like climbing with rope like that.

      Yeah, catching sunrise is a tough one when going with a group of people.

      Thank you for reading, Audrey 🙂

  2. Yes!! Alice is right… reading your posts is just like going with you on the trek. I’m glad you could share all the images too, it’s so beautiful there.

  3. Some very beautiful scenery and shots!

    You definitely sound like you’re a mountain person. It is funny how certain settings or landscapes seem to speak to us.

    1. Thank you Peter 🙂
      I think so too, I can’t quite explain what’s the different between those two landscapes (beach and mountain) but somehow mountains are more interesting for me. In my latest hiking, I also felt so relax up there. Wish I can write it as soon as possible but my PC is in my dorm while I am at home.

  4. When I lived in Cipanas, I saw Gunung Gede all the time from a distance, so this is a bit nostalgic for me reading this Nov. Boy, Tanjakan Setan sounds like an appropriate name, that is pretty steep!

    1. On contrary to you, I have never seen Mount Gede from afar, when I was in Bogor I only saw Mount Salak.

      Tanjakan Setan waa much longer before. There are many tanjakan like this in my hiking and it was always a fun challenge 🙂

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