Mount Salak – 2211MDPL, Day 1 (Part 3): Heading to Camping Area

Time to continue my write up on my latest hiking 🙂

I didn’t expect it to reach part 3, I guess this is the most post I have on hiking on first day. I guess the reason is that I have so many photos I want to share therefore 2 parts aren’t enough. The first part showed the trekking from Pasir Leungit to Kawah Ratu and the second one was merely sharing pictures of Kawah Ratu. If you don’t feel like reading my previous posts, you can just see the slide show 😉

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After having so much fun taking photos from this Mordor-like crater, we descended down to cross a small river. On the way down there, we passed several bubbling hot water with sulfur. They weren’t big quite noticeable. I had changed my shoes to sandals when we passed a calf-deep stream before reaching Kawah Ratu…Using sandals were really bad when I had to descend on slippery rocks. I fell down once because I lost my footing and almost fell again due to the slippery mud on my sandals…so I had to descend slowly to avoid another fall.


The river we were going to cross was slightly blue due to sulfur and other mountain particles in the water. It didn’t look deep but the stream was quite fast. I love seeing this river…I think it looked magical. Maybe because I love blue. Kinda wish that all rivers look like that…but it’s a deadly beauty because we can’t drink the water. However, it was warm and help healing our tired foot a bit. I took a change to clean my muddy sandals.

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From the river we had to climb up again. This time the climbing had more challenge than before because there were parts where the land was vertical and we had to grab any rock or root available near us to lift us up. For the men with long legs, it was an easy task but for someone tiny with short legs like me, it was quite a hard work.




 We were by then already far apart from the rest of the group. The back group had two very slow females. In my group, there were 5 women (well, 4 women and 1 girl) and several men…I can’t remember how many men were there. One of them had a lot of knowledge about nature. It was fun walking with him (so sorry I forgot to ask his name). He showed us plants that we can eat. He picked a steam of a plant (you can see it on the right side of the picture below) and started breaking it, he told us that we can eat the stem as source of vitamin C. It can boost our energy. It tasted good like a slightly sour fruit. He said that that plant only grows below 2000mdpl (2000 meters above sea level). He also showed us a plant (picture on the left) that can keep us warm if we get caught in a stormy day while hiking.


Walking with him was really fun because he had so a lot of knowledge and didn’t mind ti share it with us. He told us about the areas in Mount Salak. He could walk fast but he slowed down a bit for us…however he said that we all have constant speed so we could reach to the appointed camping ground faster than the others.

We then passed the helipad. It wasn’t like helipad on top of skyscrapers. It was just a wide space with no tress. The helipad was used a lot during the Sukhoi accident (here) to evacuate the victims.


We looked around for a while. It was damp from last night rain and had no place sit…so we continued our walk. We trek was very easy here. I kept saying (in my heart) that Mount Salak is like walking in the park. I would soon eat my words when the trek became crazy on the second day.

There was a small hut few hundreds metres from our designated camping ground. The man said that it was quite new, he couldn’t believe that it had fallen apart in such sort time.


We sat there for a while to catch our breath and had a little snack. We chatted and laughed quite a lot here. Joking about the torn down hut and other things. It was fun. We didn’t know each others name (some knew each other but mostly we were gang of newly met people) but we talked like we had known each other quite long.

We continued our hiking and before we know it, we had reached our destination 🙂

However, there were a slight problem. The area was full of other hikers…so, we searched for an empty spot and found one. We made our tent so we could rest waiting for the the rest of our hiking group which were more than half of us. We were planning to set to another hike to the top of the mountain sometime at noon….BUT…when the late group came, the head of this trip decided that we had to move our camp to a spacier place. Some were a little irritated because they had set the tent and began preparing lunch.

The view above the first camping area (before we moved)
The view above the first camping area (before we moved)

We moved to a place closer to a small stream. It was actually a better space than before. They had set 5 tents when we got there.


Unfortunately … or maybe fortunately … they decided to change the time to hike to the top of the mountain. It was already passed noon and the back group was already tired (while we, the first group, had had our rest and pumped up to go) so we had to take a rest along with them. The hiking to the top will start at 10 pm so that we could catch sunrise.

We used the time to rest and chat…then the rain fell. It was quite heavy, I then learned that the rain had caused several hikers to set emergency tents to keep them away  from the storm. That’s why I said maybe it was also fortunate that we waited till night to start our hike to the top of the mountain.

Next…it’s the challenging hike to the top of Mount Salak, I have videos for that post 😉


  1. Novia, you are quite the “wilderness girl”!! I envy you so much… as I liked doing this sort of trip when I was back in college but haven’t been able to do something like it in years. My sweet Carolyn is so hopeless in the woods and I like when I can show her how much fun being out in the forest can be. :smile_cat:

    Maybe when this winter has passed and the weather improves I’ll be able to find some time and schedual us some outdoor “Adventure Time” too…. I miss it sooooo much and your stories about you lil’ adventures inspire me!!

    1. I always like camping since elementary…I just don’t have time to do it so often.

      Yes…go inspired her to have a trip 😉
      It’s a great way to escape the noise of the modern world.

      1. No, we don’t have much in the way of volcanic features in Canada. I think the colour is from fine silt from the glacial river that feeds the lake.

  2. Great recap of your adventure Nov! Have a safe trip hiking to the top of the mountain, I pray you’ll all be safe and sound going up there and back 😀

    1. This was a write up from a hiking few weeks ago. I was, and still am, so busy so the write up has not finished yet 😦

      I will have to write the last part soon…ah but so much to write so little time to do it.

  3. It’s great you can get out hiking and have these lovely mountain areas to explore! 🙂 I am not hiking at this time of year here, but I did recently (end of October) visit the coast and went for a swim in the sea which was quite cold 😀 Good to keep challenging oneself 🙂

    1. Indonesia is full of mountains … I can spend my whole life and I know I still haven’t climbed them all 😉

      I haven’t to a beach in ages…maybe one ay soon. Hahaha yeah just be careful out there, don’t freeze to death 😉

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