Monthly (Cillian) Murphy

This used to be a post posted in November 8, 2010; and I decided to turn it into a page on June 2014


I have decided to make this man as my monthly post since 2 months ago, but I waited till November comes (till this exact date).

What is Monthly Murphy?

Monthly Murphy is my newest monthly post that talks about the one and only, one of the most gorgeous and talented men on earth… Mr. Cillian Murphy. There are so many things I want to write about him, I make him into a monthly post because I need to control myself. Putting him in my monthly post will force me to write ONLY 1 post about him. Early this year, I wrote too many posts about him, I don’t want that to happen again.

Out of all my post about him and his movie, I have never written about how I found him and why I love him. I’m going to spill it out now 🙂

I first saw Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins. I watched that movie because the deep eyes Christian Bale is in it. But then…a cute man appeared in the court, he was Dr. Jonathan Crane. My attention shifted from Bale to Crane. At that time I only liked his face and had no interest in finding who his name was.

Then, I bought 28 Days Later (about 3 years ago) because a friend of mine told me that Shrinking Universe (One of my favorite songs by Muse) is one of the soundtracks and because people kept telling me that the movie is awesome. I love the movie and it is one out of 2 of my favorite Zombie Movies. But I discovered something else in 28 Days, I discovered Cillian Murphy. He was incredibly gorgeous in 28 Days Later. His appearance in this movie makes me crave for more of his movies.

I kept my eyes open for all his movies in my local TV stations. I got to see The Edge of Love, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Red Eye. The Barley is where I found out that Cillian Murphy is a brilliant actor. At that time, I realized that Cillian Murphy is more than just a pretty face, he is also an amazing actor.

On March 2010, I found a place to download all his movies (I only download ones I can’t find here). The first movie that I downloaded was Breakfast on Pluto. Seeing Pluto has converted me into a total admirer, my friend told me that I’m obsess with him, and a student of me called me as Cillianiac (I like this word and use it all the time).

The obsession started because Cillian Murphy was freaking amazing in Breakfast on Pluto. The more I see him in Independent movies or Irish movies, the more I like him…because he was amazing in those movies. His Hollywood movies didn’t let him shows his real talent. He always changed in every movie he played. Try watching Red eye then Pluto then Peacock …you’ll see 4 completely different people. Pluto is the one that make me look at Cillian as more than just a face, his talent had won me over.

His personality and his love for acting are other reasons for me to like him more than other actors. He is so down to earth, never tried to live like a superstar. He keeps his family away from the press. He tried to avoid TV-talk shows till Gleeson made him come to his 1st talk show. When asked why he never did any talk show, his answer was simple “I didn’t feel like doing it”. I like the way he keeps his career in between big budget Hollywood movies, small independent movies and theaters…it really shows that he cares more on the art than just making money.

To know more about him, you can read it in Wikipedia.

I’ll be using the icon above for all posts about Cillian Murphy, except for his movie review.

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