Mount Rinjani – Day 3; To The Top

BEWARE Lots of Pics!!

My previous post ends with me freezing because of the rain ( Mount Rinjani – Day 1 & 2 ) and then finally became warmer with fresh dry clothes. We didn’t stay up late because we had to wake up at 1 am to start our hike to the top of the mountain.

At 1 am, the rain had stop but it was the coldest temperature I had ever felt my entire life. I said I won’t go, it’s freezing. I bundled myself with jacket and sleeping bag and even so it was still sold. I decided to make hot tea and see what happen next. The hot tea really helped a lot, I felt a bit warmer and decided to join the people who were ready to go to the top of the mountain. My friend stayed in the tent because she knew she wouldn’t make it.

We left around 2 am. It was pitch dark but the stars were sooo beautiful. The sky was clear because the rain fell all night. I had made up my main that I will not go if the rain continues (note: the next morning was raining and some people dared themselves to go up and I met one man who said he stop in the middle because it was so cold and he had frost on his mustache).

The hike was very difficult for me. It was slippery. It wasn’t soil I stepped on, it was deep sand made of small rocks. It was two step up and the sand brought us one step down. I held on so tight to my natural trekking pole (it was made of fallen wood…you’ll see it later ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Sometimes, I was half crawling with my hand grabbing every possible rock. Sometimes, my fellow tent-mate pushed me up to boost my climb.

The trek was much better after that challenging sand trek. The trek was still sandy but it wasn’t as difficult as before. we could actually see the top. It looked so close but it was actually so far. I saw lots of Westerners walked pass me, they were so fast. I envy them. Few hours later, the trek once again was deep sand. The sand made us walk twice harder. Somewhere around 5 am, we reached this beautiful spot. Segara Anak Lake was clearly visible.


The top of the mountain was still several hundreds away.

The top was that highest rock. Seemed small from here

From that spot, I made a metal judgement. I could still go up with all the strength I have, BUT I knew for sure it would be difficult for me to go down using only my (not so good anymore) sport shoes. I should have bought more proper shoes.

So I stayed on that spot and took as many pictures as I could ๐Ÿ™‚ … For this time I am not going up but I will make sure I come back again someday and reach the top, that was my promise at that time.

Here are some view taken there:

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And … of course I had to take picture for my babies (and my favorite band – coming up in the future post). I had shared their pictures earlier in Underneath the Shell.



The top of the mountain looked something like this (one of my tent-mate went on without me and my other tent-mate)


As I have predicted, it was bloody difficult to go down!! I had to hold on to my tent-mate almost all the time, otherwise I have fallen hundreds of time. My shoes were very slippery (a case of wrong shoes). By the time I reached the came, some parts of my shoes had gone loose.

ย Even thought it was a difficult walk, I still managed to capture and record the beautiful scenery. I even captured the beautiful green lake from many spots.

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ย Segara Anak Lake was not the only beautiful view there. The other side of the mountain was also beautiful. I love all the clouds seen from up above. I feel like flying above the cloud.

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See the colour on the top of the hill. Click this picture to see clearly

Yup….our camping site looked so close but it was so far!

I had to pass through the deep sand again…and I think fell down more than five times. My butt and my legs were all in pain. I was so tired when I finally reached the camping site.

The plan was to start packing our stuff and the tents, be ready to walk down to the lake. We will have our next camping site there. I was totally exhausted and couldn’t imagine walking again after a 30 minute rest. Fortunately, many of our group hadn’t come down yet…so we had to wait for them. Before everyone even came, the rain started falling down again (I sort of prayed for the rain to fall so we can postpone going to the Lake).

In the end, we didn’t go down at all because the rain didn’t stop. At night, there was storm. Our tent was shaken so badly by the wind. We were fortunate to have our tent between other people’s tents because a tent next to us was lifted a bit during the storm. One of my friends was in that tent and she told me how her feet was lifted because of the wind.

I will continue Day 4 soon ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you enjoy this post ๐Ÿ™‚

I will close it with two pictures I like the most:

I use this for my header of my facebook account
I use this for my header of my facebook account
I always wanted to have a pic with the cloud behind/below me...and I finally have it
I always wanted to have a pic with the cloud behind/below me…and I finally have it

And a video I took on our way down


  1. You’re a hardcore hiker! I can’t believe you got up at 1AM to trudge in the dark even with the stars above-I’m impressed(and a bit inspired). The view is so stunning, being above the clouds like that. I enjoyed the videos you added to this post, I love that sort of glimpse into your trip as well as hearing the texture of the soil and crunchy rock as some hikers stood by your filming.

    1. Aw thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      Well, everyone is doing it there, it’s quite common to up at 1 or 2 am there, otherwise it’ll be so difficult to go to the top.
      Being on the cloud has always been my dream…but I do think that that picture not yet the best, I hope I can get a better pic with the cloud one day ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to have nothing but the cloud around me.

  2. Those were some really great pictures! It’s good that you know your limits, and decided to not go to the top. Bad things can happen when you’re tired and overexerted. It’s far better to be safe. You still got some really nice pictures of the lake and the mountain and the clouds.

    With all the hiking that you do, maybe you should invest in some hiking shoes or boots.

    1. Thank you Peter ๐Ÿ™‚
      I always try to know my own ability…although sometimes people would say I am lack of competitive strength, maybe I am but maybe I just don’t want to force myself.

      I am thinking of buying the shoes this month…hopefully before my next hiking.

    1. If you are planning to go to Rinjani…you will have to wake up at that time.
      The people who had been there said that it’s impossible to go there after the sun is up because it’s a long journey and the wind blows stronger in midday.

        1. Some mountain requires night walking because it’s a bit difficult to set a tent on the top.
          My latest mountain hike (which I will share soon) doesn’t need to have night walking.

  3. Even though you didn’t make the top, you did really really well Novia! Your favorite picture makes you like a seasoned mountaineer. I have told Carolyn about this trip of yours and promised her we’ll do something similar this summer together. I want to climb now so badly!!

    I agree with Binky… you should definitely invest in some comfy climbing boots to protect your feet and ankles during these climbs. I couldn’t get by without mine and I’m planning on taking my sweetie to the trekking store to find a good pair for her. She suffered so much last year when we went hiking and she didn’t have good shoes. They can be expensive though… but you take enough trips that they would be worth considering if you can get a good deal.

    1. Thank you Miyuki ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yeaaaa \(^_^)/ good to hear that and I’ll be waiting for your post on your trip together ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yup!! They are expensive…but I am planning to buy it after what had happened in Rinjani.

  4. What an awesome experience. I know how hard it is to get out of bed that early when you are freezing, but I also know how wonderful it feels to succeed. Good for you! Love the photo of the clouds behind you.

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