Indonesian Short Story Month Has Finished – Thank You

Every last Monday of the month is always dedicated to It’s Monday What are You Reading…but this Monday is special. Today is my round up day for Read Indonesian short Story Month.

Mel and I has been running this event in August because on August 17, Indonesia celebrates her independence.

I have shared some links for everyone to read online short stories made by Indonesian author in my introductory post. I have at least enjoy one of them.

Here are reviews from people who have been kind enough to join this reading event….Saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih (I hereby said many thanks to you all).

1. Caroline of Beauty Is a Sleeping Cat

Caroline has read and reviewed a short called The Rooms Out Back by Nenden Lilis A. You can also read the story here.

…From the first scene we are drawn into this world where a lot happens outside of the apartments and the narrator tells us something about all the inhabitants of the house.

Unlike most of the others she is a happy wife, her husband is kind and gentle and helps a lot while the other husbands tend to drink, have affairs and beat their wives….Read full review.

2. Novroz of Polychrome Interest (me)

I have read and reviewed 2 short stories from an anthology called Gestapu (Download Link is here). All the shorts were based upon the G30S-PKI event (Communist Coup of 30th September 1965.)

The shorts I have reviewed were Cain’s Lamb by Kipandjikusmin and War and Humanity by Usamah. Both stories have their own strength. I will read the rest of the shorts soon.

…I really like this short, it was really tragic and touched my heart. What Karno did was unquestionably wrong but I can’t blame him for everything, after all he had defended the country just to find his whole family was gone. I can really feel the pain in Karno’s heart as he was badly burned because of the attack on Malaysia. He had suffer so bad but kept his patience intact. … Read full review.

3. Mel U Of The Reading Life

My co-host, Mel has read and reviewed 2 short stories;

Cik Giok by Reda Gaudiamo

… As the story proceeds, I started to get the feeling we were not being told everything about Cik Giok and her relationship to the family.   I think we are supposed to be able to slowly figure out something is very wrong here.    The ending, even if you see it coming, is still devastating and made me rethink everything I thought I knew about this family.   Read full review.

and The Kitchen  by  Lily Yulianti Farid.

…”The Kitchen” is a very good short story.   It puts interesting people in a dramatic situation and allows some interesting events to develop.     The central character profits morally from her experience and there is a lesson for us all in the story.     We see how work and life interact for the three women in the story and I think you will like all three of them a lot.   John McGlynn translated this story.   The prose is beautiful and there are no bad notes.  Read full review.

4. JoV of Bibliojunkie

Jo doesn’t like short story, she decided to read a novel called Of Bee and Mist by Erick Setiawan.

… For someone who learned English at 16, Erick writes very well. Flowery prose and fairy tale-like, this book is heralded as “an adult fairy tale”. The story setting is not explicit and it may seems like the tale took place in Indonesia yet it maintains a kind of ethereal quality of a tale happening in a “faraway” land that has no substantial reference to anything tangible on earth.

I have a love-hate feeling about the book. Read full review.

5. Kelly of My Gallery of Words

Kelly has read and reviewed the same short that Mel has done last year, Her by Titus Basuki.

…This story had me putting myself in the main characters position time and time again, and wondering how I would react if it were me. Would I be as self sacrificing? I’m not sure I could. I’ve seen women…and men in my own country staying with their spouse for similar reasons. In the beginning of the story I thought I might not be able to respect the first wife, but I found that by the end I did… Read full review.

Thank you so much fellow bookworms 🙂

I am currently reading a memoir by K’tut Tantri, an American citizen who had spent her lives in Bali and Java.She was there in Dutch and Japanese colonial era. I thought I can finish it before August…but unfortunately I can’t. Although she was not Indonesian but it seemed that her  heart fully belongs to Indonesia. So far, I enjoy reading it a lot.

Here’s a teaser from the book

“I became entranced. The picture was aglow with an agrarian pattern of peace, contentment, beauty and love. Yes, I have found my life. I recognized the place where I wished to be. My decision was sudden but it was irrevocable. It was as if fate had brushed my shoulder. I felt compulsion, from which I have no desire to escape.”

Page 13


  1. Thanks to all who joined in-this was a great learning experiencing for me and I also want to do it next year (and numerous years hence)-it is very humbling to me to think of the huge amount of wonderful literature I have not merely not yet read but have not even heard of yet-Indonesian literature is a very deep and complicated realm of knowledge

  2. Already finished…. I so wanted to read another one. Especially the one Mel recommended, Her.
    I can still read it.
    Thanks for linking me and thanks to you and Mel for hosting it.

    1. The event may be finished but there is no stopping for reading the shorts 😉

      I am also going to continue reading Gestapu next month.
      Thank you for being enthusiastic about this reading event, Caroline.

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