Indonesia Banget #30: Year Book

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Right this moment, all twelfth graders are having national exam…so I think it’s perfect to talk about year book as they will all soon graduate from high school.

The way I see it, year book is a battle of creativity between classes.

The closer the twelfth graders to their graduation day the more they get busy with their year book, apart from being busy with national exam and university entrance test. We don’t have prom here because it’s not our custom to have a dancing party of sort. However, just like Halloween and Valentine, Prom has slowly gaining more doers. But the proms are mostly hosted by students without school’s involvement. Since they don’t have to think much about prom, they use their creative mind to create the best theme for their year book.

Here in Indonesia (like most Asia) , we don’t use moving class yet. The students are put in one class for the whole year, they got to know each other pretty well for that year. To be honest, I like this arrangement more because it gives chance for students to learn to be a member of community, their class community. This small community will them put their head together to come up with an idea of how to share their class on their year book.

They also appointed some students to be the committee to handle the book as a whole. The committee will take pictures of the teachers and the school’s employees (from the administration people to the orderlies and even the people who sell food in canteen). They will also collect pictures from all the extracurricular clubs and the members of OSIS and MPK (student organizations). Basically, they are the mastermind of the whole book.

Now, here are three year books that I got from my previous school. The books are from year 2006, 2007 and 2008.


Before the book shares the twelfth graders, it opens with the tenth graders and the eleventh graders and the extracurricular clubs.

The teachers and employees are also on the first pages.

And then begin the parade of the twelfth graders.

They  usually open it with words from their homeroom teacher. As I have said before, they create their own class theme. They took pictures of themselves as a whole class and as individual.

Here are some themes from the year books I have:

It won’t be a year book without individual information, such as name, address, hobby, etc. This is how they share their information, with expressive photos:

As I have said above, year book is a kind of battle of creativity and for me, this class from year 2007 has the most creative theme with a very solid team work. They had a movie theme. They put their photos on DVD of famous movies and then they put their information under the DVD (I cut the information bit). What makes it funny is the way they changed the tag line, like in 50first dates became 50first hates and the tagline became ‘imagine having to hit over the girl of your dream every friggin days’  …hit literally means hit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Different school has different way of creating their year book and NOT ALL schools have year book. Most of the schools in Indonesia have no year book as it is not something compulsory. Few school routinely make year book, my old high school is one of them.

I am going to close this edition of Indonesian banget with a photo of Class of 2008. I love this photo so much as it truly shows the closeness of this class. I taught in that school for 4 years and Class of 2008 was the most solid one. I am grateful that I once became part of this closeness and I am also glad some of them still keep in touch with me 🙂


From what I saw in movies, as I have never been abroad, I saw some differences with our year book. I am not sure how different they are…please share what you can about your country’s year book on the comment form 🙂


  1. I agree with you there certainly is a closeness between those students and why not? I figure that learning is fun and with the familiarity of friends in a class it can only add to the friendliness and so give a positive feel to the learning curve 🙂 Have a great evening Miss. Novia and I hope the turtle gang are doing wonderful 🙂 xxxx

    1. You said it better than me Andro 😉
      Learning is both fun and tiring but the memory will last forever.
      My little gang is sleeping now, Andro 😉

  2. How cool that they create yearbooks. I haven’t thought about a yearbook in I don’t know how long. In fact, i think I’ve lost mine and that is a shame.

    1. You know, I have three that belong to my students but I don’t even have mine 😉
      I didn’t have time to take my yearbook because I have left for college.

  3. I like these very much. So creative. It looks like a lot of effort. Too bad not all of them do it.
    We don’t have proms here either. We had a party though but it was just with normal party clothes, not big like in the US.

    1. Probably prom is US culture, is it?
      Yeah, I remember all the trouble when my class trying to decide the theme for our year book. And I also know how those kids trying their best to be creative. It was fun seeing them changing plan from one to another.

      Not all school doing it because year book is quite expensive.

    1. Ah…I think that’s the problem of school with moving class. The popular will get more space.
      Our year book is equal, each class has same space so no popular kids will get more space.

      1. That makes sense. Though I wonder if for some people the yearbook means more for having the popular kids all over it. I was so far out of the mainstream that I was barely aware of those kid’s existence. I had my clique and that’s all I cared about.

        1. To be honest, I didn’t know who are the popular kids in my school either…but then again, when I look at my children, we don’t actually have popular and nerd kids group.

          1. We had the populars, the nerds, the jocks, the hoods, and then everyone else with most people being part of the ‘everyone else’ group.

  4. we don’t have year books here, but upon finishing High School kids make a kind of decorative boards with their pictures on them (the whole class or grade on the same board) which they then put on display in the windows of shops in our town for everyone to see them 🙂 It’s quite creative. I made the board for my own class back in the ancient days….

      1. We have 8 years of primary school and then 3 or 4 years of high school. In both schools kids are put in classes with up to 30 pupils and they remain in that group till the end of school going to all the lessons together.

        1. You and I have the same school system 🙂
          I thought all Europe are using moving class system…I guess I was wrong 😉

          I honestly think our system is better because it makes students know their friends better compare to the system that makes them changing friend all the time.

  5. Hi! Long time no see 🙂
    My brother is 12th grader and they are preparing a yearbook too. Just a few days ago they went photo studio for single and group photo shoot. They don’t do the yearbook by a theme. Instead of that, everybody writes something about everyone and of course they compose some gag pages but their uni. exams are really soon so they can’t spend much time for it… Lots of school made prom here but it is slightly different than usual proms. It depends on students choices …

    1. Hi Sungin…I was just thinking where were you 😉
      It seems that your country’s school system is like mine. Students stay in one class for a year, right? or am I wrong?

      1. Yeah, they stay in one class. My brother and his couple of friends have been same class since 1. grade (it makes 12 year) With this , they could build really close friendships. They are like a brother to each other. They even hope to enter same faculty of medicine. Of course it depends on their exam results.

        1. Nice to know we have same school system 🙂
          I really think being in the same class for a whole year (even more for some) is better than switching friends in every subject. It made them a lot closer

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