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Indonesia Banget #11 : You May Litter Wherever You Like

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As I have said in my first post of Indonesia Banget (the opening post that explained what Indonesia Banget is), I will share both good things and bad things from Indonesia. I have shared so many good things that make Indonesia different to other countries. It’s time to see the bad side of Indonesia.

This doesn’t apply to ALL people of Indonesia, but MOST are like this.

Indonesian people are so indiscipline!! The most indiscipline act which totally annoyed me is LITTERING. When it comes to this matter, most Indonesian turn dyslexia…they somehow couldn’t read the words “Dilarang Membuang Sampah Disini!! (Do Not Litter!!)” or “Tempat Sampah (Trash Bin)”

Picture belongs to Kabar Indonesia

If you come to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and head to important places like Jalan Protokol (see the picture on the right) you will see clean street…but that’s not because people are being discipline by not littering along the street…it is merely because there are sweepers that constantly sweeping the street.

What mostly happened in my country are :
(and I saw all of these happening before my eyes)

When they eat on public transportation (as well as other kind of litter), they will just thrown the left over down on the floor.

I once saw a woman who kept wiping her face with tissue because the day was quite hot, and then this woman kept on dropping her tissue inside the bus. I was on the verge of shouting her to keep her tissue and throw it on Trash Bin when she saw one after getting off from the public transportation…unfortunately that woman get off before I lost  my temper.

 (still inside public transportation) Throwing the garbage outside the window. If they don’t throw it inside…what better option than throwing it outside the window??

This annoyed me more than littering inside the bus. I once scolded a boy who was about to throw something out.

 Trash bin means NOTHING

Pest 1 (borrowing Deboshree word): Hey…there’s a trash bin!!
Pest 2: so what?? Just put in here, the cleaning people will pick it up later
>>> I took the picture myself because I knew I will write about this matter one day.

I also had this experience:

A pest was standing next to me, this pest were drinking mineral water. The pest dropped the bottle in front of him once he had finished.

Sweeper : hey man, did you see that trash bin?? Pick it up and throw it there!!
The Pest stared blankly
Sweeper : You can clearly see the trash bin and yet dropped your bottle here, do you think your ancestor paid me to sweep your trash!

The pest took it with sour face….and I was laughing happily. Two thumbs up for the sweeper 😉

 There are still a lot of garbage under the sign “Do Not Litter Here”

Picture belongs to Fotographer.net

I once saw a house which somehow became the target for people to thrown their garbage. The left corner of that house always covered with garbage. The owner put a sign “Dilarang Membuang Sampah (Do Not Litter)”…the litter  looked like a mountain.

When I passed through that house again the sign became “Yang Buang Sampah disini DiLaknat Allah (Those who thrown their garbage here will be condemn by Allah)”…the mountain of garbage was still there.

The next time I was there, it had become “Yang buang sampah disini MONYET (Those who thrown garbage here are MONKEYS)” … the mountain did not decrease at all.

The last time I saw that house, the words were “Anjing!! Babi!! Tai!! Punya Otak Ga Sih?? Jangan Buang Sampah Nyet!!” ….I have problem translating this 😉 …this is the closest I can get “Dog!! Pig!! Shithead!! Do You Even Had Brain?? Don’t litter here, Monkey!!!” (Referring those 3 animals toward someone is considered as an insult)…the mountain of garbage was….STILL THERE!!

Isn’t it ironic?

 There are still too many examples for this super annoying behavior that can be considered as So Indonesian (Indonesia Banget!)..I am ashamed of saying this, but truth is truth.

Picture belongs to Ruth Marganda's

Few people have taken step of their own to stop littering, they will put their litter in their bag and throwing when they see a trash bin….it’s a small step but if everyone is  doing it, Indonesia will be much cleaner.

I should remind you that this happens mostly in big cities, small villages have better discipline.

See you next month to have a better look on Indonesia 🙂

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20 comments on “Indonesia Banget #11 : You May Litter Wherever You Like

  1. Anja Kasap
    June 17, 2011

    It is sad, but some people do this in the U.S. too! One day I saw a woman walking down the street. She was eating something. While she was eating, she chose a piece of food she didn’t like and threw it on the sidewalk – at least 5 different times!

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      I guess it does happen everywhere…it needs someone who had life in several countries to know the different levels of indiscipline littering.

      I wish someone would knock that woman’s head with a trash bin. I really don’t understand what’s inside the mind of those people!!

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Anja

  2. Joel Burman
    June 18, 2011

    I like the thrash mountain surrounding that sign. It almost feel like the sign triggered people to throw more garbage there. When reading as an outisider it feels like a rebellious act by people if its this common.

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      You can consider this as rebelious act because I am so tired of seeing those garbage. There are a lot of blog post that talked about this problem but of course in our natiive language…so, only our people can read it.

  3. Caroline
    June 18, 2011

    Maybe this will console you but there are other countries who are bad when it comes to littering. France is bad, Germany and Switzerland are very disciplined. I Frnace is worse in the country than in the cities. People throw everything into the forest. In Spain they throw everything on the floor in bars and restaurants.
    In Switzerland you get fined for quite a lot of littering. Eat on bus or tram can be fined. Dog shit on the street will cost you 80 dollars. You have to pick it up with special bags and then there are special places where you can dispose of the bags. It works well.
    In Paris some sidewalks are covered in dog shit. Maybe that’s not the type of litter you meant but in Switzerland your dog is an extension of you. He litters=you litter. The cat is different. Funny. You don’t pay cat tax or fine but dog tax and fine.

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      Wow… I didn’t know that! I tought all Big Europe countries are dicipline in littering. It is quite a shock to learn that a fashion country like France is not entirely clean.

      Singapore also has that kind of system, giving fine to people who littered. We tried to do the same but it wasn’t working 😦

    June 18, 2011

    he he I can totally relate to the undisciplined part 🙂 My people are as undisciplined as you say yours are 🙂

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      Aha! Maybe it’s the kind of problem that is faced by all developing countries 😉
      …hold on, Is Serbia a developed or developing country?

  5. Asop
    June 18, 2011

    Ibu di dalam bus itu kalah sama saya… saya aja pas pilek, bawa tisu banyak, tapi setelah saya pakai ngendus ingus, saya taruh lagi ke dalam kantong ato saku saya… 😦
    Kalo gak muat, saya taruh ke dalam tas… 😦

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      Senangnya…kita sama Sop 🙂
      Sy juga kalo makan gorengan, kertasnya walopun berminyak sy simpen di tas atau kantong. Malah kadang2 lupa kalo punya sampah dalam tas, tau2 nemu banyak sampah dalam tas… hehehe tas merangkap tempat sampah ;p

      Padahal ya, apa susahnya coba nyimpen sampah sampai ketemu tempat sampah…pada suka bgt sih liat pemandangan sampah dimana2 gitu.

  6. lifewith4cats
    June 18, 2011

    I don’t like trash thrown on the ground especialy in natural places with trees and animals around. I also once saw a guy finnish his drink then throw the carton on the ground even though he was right next to a trash bin. I was so bothered! I don’t know why city people are so dirty like that. I think they must be unhappy people inside their hearts to be able to disrespect the environment like that.

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      Me too!!! I feel exactly just like you. When I was still very active in mountain hiking, I often saw many litter on the montain forrest. Why did they even go up to mountain just to contaminate it 😦

      I think that’s a good assumption…unhappy people tend to be indiscipline.

  7. Deboshree
    June 18, 2011

    It’s a really sad state of affairs… littering where you aren’t supposed to has become so common-place that it doesn’t even come across as an offence.
    A very well-written post!

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      Thank you Deboshree. It is sad…I wonder when will people understand than clean is better than any pile of trash.
      A student of mine once went to Japan and he said that a train station in Japan is cleaner than my country’s state hospital 😦

  8. kelly
    June 18, 2011

    “Dog!! Pig!! Shithead!! Do You Even Had Brain?? Don’t litter here, Monkey!!!”..literally laughed out loud with this one.
    Aside from the humor , it’s a very sad thing to disrespect your home 😦 Ty for the post

    • Novroz
      June 18, 2011

      Honestly, I was also amused with that situation…I kept wondering what will the house owner write the next time I passed by that house. It was both amusing and sad.

      Thank you for reading, Kel.

  9. dhitzunako
    June 20, 2011

    Haha, Nov, reading this reminds me of this bitter memory: I was on my way home with my friend, and she threw away a — errr– “bungkus permen” (LOL… what is it called in English.. I just can’t think of it ^^). So, as my way of protest, I picked it up and threw it to garbage box in front of a house. And guess what: my friend, with a cynical tone said this: “Why don’t you pick all the garbage then, there.. there.. pick it!”. That is what she said while pointing many trashes that laid everywhere. T.T


    • Novroz
      June 20, 2011

      I think it is called Candy Wrap.

      Aah…I hope that girl is just a friend,not your BEST friend. That kind of person is the kind that I really avoid, the kind that always looks for people’s mistakes more than looking into her own mistake. that kind of person will never become my best friend.

  10. kangaroo984
    August 23, 2011

    Cruel pictures! But it’s everywhere the same problem.Here in Germany it’s not better!

    • Novroz
      August 23, 2011

      Yeah i guess it is a world wide issues 😦

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