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I am an Indonesian who love to write in English :), BUKAN karena sok gaya pake English atau tidak nasionalis TAPI karena menulis dlm English dapat terus melatih kemampuan menulis dlm English dan karena ada post2 yang gw ingin dapat dibaca oleh semua org dr Negara manapun mereka berasal.

This is the new about me page, I haven’t updated this page in ages…so I think today is the perfect day to do so.

1st, let’s talk about this blog.

If you stumble upon this blog and see a lot of movie reviews and then start thinking that I am a Movie Blogger…I have to say that you are wrong!

If you see a lot of book review and other things related to book and start thinking that I am a Book Blogger…I have to say that you are also wrong!

If you see a lot of L’Arc~en~Ciel and Muse post and start thinking that this is a Laruku or Muse fan blog…I still have to say that you are wrong!

My blog is somewhere in between, I do not dedicate my blog to only movie or book or anything else…My blog is a representative of everything that I like (or dislike), from book to movie, from laruku and muse to other musician, from my lovely pets to my lovely students…I stuffed everything in here.

I have 4 blogs, this one is called Polychrome Interest (it means I share a lot of my interest), Celoteh Siswa dan Guru (a blog written in Indonesian language about things my student’s chat or say withy me), Underneath The Shell (I made it special for my lovely turtles). The 1st one is written in 3 languages, mostly English, some in Indonesian Bahasa and few in Japanese. The 2nd one is 100% in Indonesian Bahasa.

Why Novroz?

There are only 2 names I used in this internet world, Nijiko (虹子) and Novroz, but lately I’ve been using Novroz more and more. Nijiko is because I love Niji so much, Niji is a song of hope by L’Arc~en~Ciel. Novroz is my real name, well my short name to be exact. Novroz stands for Novia Rozet. Rozet is my father’s name.

What do I do?

I’m a dedicated teacher…I love teaching and can’t imagine my self working in another area. Students are my pride and joy, they are both my children and my friends. It’s a tiring job with low salary but it’s where I belong.

Why Do I make Blogs?

Because I like to write,  I can write everything that lies in front of my eyes and lingering in the back of my head. I enjoy writing and when people start reading my post, it feels really good.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the best blogging site I have ever seen 🙂 I had my 1st blog in Blogdrive and there were so many limitations. My friend introduced me to WP and I fell in love instantly. The existence of category is the main reason…and then I found many interesting features here.

Well…I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

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