Indonesia Banget #8 : Traditional Houses

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How many traditional houses do you have in your country?

As an Indonesian I can proudly say that Indonesia has so many traditional houses. We have different types of traditional houses in every province.

For this month’s Indonesia Banget, I decided to show of Indonesian Traditional Houses. Traditional house is called Rumah Adat (Rumah = house; Adat= traditional). I chose this topic because I went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Rough translation: Small Garden of Beautiful Indonesia), TMII is a big museum that consist of ALL Indonesian traditional. They built a lot of traditional houses to represent (almost) all provinces in Indonesia.

I couldn’t take all the houses’ picture because I had such a limited time, but at least you can have a glimpse of how rich Indonesian traditional houses are.

This is Indonesian map,we have 33 provinces from Sumatra (the island on the left) to Papua (The Island on the right)

Here are the houses I have captured

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Here are some of the names of Indonesian traditional houses (Information taken from Home Decorating Interior) :

Nanggro Aceh Darussalam = Rumoh Aceh
North Sumatra = Rumah Balai Batak Toba, Rumah Adat Batak Karo, Bolon
Riau = Rumah Melayu Selaso Jatuh Kembar
Jambi = Rumah Panggung
South Sumatra = Rumah Limas
Lampung = Rumah Nuwo Sesat
Bengkulu = Rumah bubungan lima
DKI Jakarta = Rumah Kebaya
West Java = Rumah Kesepuhan
Middle Java = Rumah joglo
DI Yogyakarta = Rumah Joglo
East Java = Rumah joglo
Bali = Gapura candi bentar
West Nusa Tenggara = Dalam Loka Samawa
East Nusa Tenggara = Sao Ata Mosa Lakitana
West Kalimantan  = Rumah Panjang
South Kalimantan = Rumah Banjar
East Kalimantan Timur = Rumah lamin
Sumbawa – Sasak
North Sulawesi = Rumah Bolaang Mongondow
Middle Sulawesi = Souraja / Rumah Besar, Malige
Southeast Sulawesi = Laikas
South Sulawesi = Tongkonan
Maluku = Baileo
Irian Jaya / Papua = Rumah honai, Rumah Kariwari

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13 thoughts on “Indonesia Banget #8 : Traditional Houses

    1. I wish I know how to build them too…it takes years to build the ones with a lot of carving.
      It has spirit because each has story behind their shape. The story I know the most is Rumah Gadang (from West Sumatra), the roof looks like buffalo horns because of an old tale about a baby buffalo that easily defeated a grown buffalo.

      1. wow, thats just what I mean. Since you are a fellow bookworm, if you ever happen to come across books that tell these type of history myths (in english) Ill be glad to follow up on any recomended reading. When people visit other countries they always want to see the ‘famous’ tourist stuff. I am complete opposite of that and always want to know what life would be like through the eyes of a local.

        1. Hmmm… you have just given me an idea 😉
          I will try to share some legend from my country in my Indonesia Banget Post. I will try to write the first fairytale/legend next month

  1. Those houses are all very interesting and special, and mostly beautiful too. Indonesia is so big! It covers such a wide area so I’m not surprised that the houses differ so much. Also, of course, because there are so many islands, so people were a bit isolated and formed their own culture, different from the next island.

    1. You’re right Judith 🙂
      Being an archipelago country plays a big part in creating wide culture diversity in Indonesia, each island has different culture and therefore has different house type. The ones in the same Island, although they are different, they still have some similarities.

  2. Extremely beautiful houses, so much detail. We have a few traditional houses in central Switzerland and we also have a museum like this where you can see the types in the open. You can click on “Häuser” (houses) and then on the regions “Jura”, “Berner Mittelland”. But also on “Tiere” (animals)… A little trip to Switzerland in exchange and as a thank you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the link Caroline. What a nice cultural exchange 🙂
      Those houses look great, I will take a better look on weekend, today I came home really late and have no time to turn on my computer…images in mobilephone is so tiny…but I can see how nice they look like. It was also made of wood, right?

      1. It’s actually funny, I just clicked the link from here and it goes automatically to the English site and not the German one that I access from my home. Yes, many of the traditional houses are made of wood as well.

        1. I’ve looked around the site, I like the Bernese Midlands house the most. It looks so unique and comfortable.
          Maybe the link switch automatically because it is clicked from Asian I.P…but I’m not too sure.

  3. They are all beautiful and I love the attention to detail. We saw several traditional houses in Malaysia, but didn’t have enough time to explore all the different styles.

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