Dieng Culture Festival (Part 1)

Although I couldn’t see the whole festival, but I still can share about.


I couldn’t write much about the ones I missed. The truth is I was planning to write a lot about the festival but since I had a lot misfortunes (you can read all about it here> Unpleasant Trip to Dieng ) I can only share pictures from the events I missed. The pictures are from my friend who was lucky enough to be there from the beginning.

The main event Dieng Culture Festival is Pencukuran Rambut Gimbal (cutting the hair of kid’s with special hair) which was held on Sunday. On Saturday night, there were also some interesting events.

Pagelaran Jazz atas awan (Jazz performance above the cloud)

It is said that you can see cloud from the top of Dieng, hence the performance is called Jazz performance above the cloud. Unfortunately I can’t say much about the performance. Here a couple of pictures from my friend:



Pesta Kembang Api (Firework Party)

Again, I can’t say much about this.

IMG-20140908-WA0007 IMG-20140908-WA0016

Pesta Lampion (Lantern Party)

This is the event that I regret the most for not being able to attend it. For me, I don’t mind not seeing the Jazz performance as I am not that keen with Jazz, I don’t mind missing the firework either because I have seen it so many time (every year during Jak-Japan Matsuri). I really want to see the Lanterns flying on the sky. Just by looking at the pictures I can see how beautiful and enchanting the event was.

IMG-20140908-WA0003 IMG-20140908-WA0006 IMG-20140908-WA0015

I wish I was there!

Fortunately, I still can attend the final event even though I saw it from a distance but I still can share quite a lot about it 🙂

Because the main event has history and culture in it, I will not share it now. It will make the post longer. I will share it on September 17 (as part of my Indonesia Banget post)


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