HoneyMount Part 1: Mount Slamet, 3428 Mdpl Via Bambangan

Today is our first wedding anniversary \(^_^)/

I think today is the perfect day to share about my honeymount (apart from the fact that, it’s holiday and Anka has become less fussy as he turns two months now…so I have a bit of time for myself).

As I have mentioned it here, I went hiking to 3 mountains in one week for my honeymoon trip. First destination was Mount Slamet in Purbalingga, Central Java. We left home in January 3, 2016 before 6 pm in hoping we would catch the bus at 7 pm and reach Purwekerto bus terminal early morning. We went to Lebak Bulus (bus terminal) but didn’t find appropriate bus…appropriate for our tight budget. So we went to Kampung Rambutan (bus terminal on the other side of Jakarta). We finally left Jakarta at 9 pm…fortunately the journey was smooth and we arrived in Purwekerto around 7 am in January 4, 2016.

From Purwekerto we straight away took another bus to Purbalingga and stop at Serayu junction. From there we rode a car which charged us insanely as we went there after the holiday was over and we were the only hikers going up at that time.We had no choice so we agreed on that ridiculous price. We reached Bambangan village ( the last village on the foot of Mount Slamet)Sometime around 10am, we started first hike together…just the two of us. My husband had been there several times, so he knew the track really well.

My husband and my guide
My husband and my guide

Before reaching post 1, rain started falling. At that time my backpack was the heaviest I ever had even though we already shared our stuff, hubby had an even heavier backpack. The slippery trek and the heavy backpack slowed me down terribly. Hubby finally took initiative to carry my backpack and told me to wait in post 1.


While waiting for the rain to stop and it was also lunch time. We spent about an hour there and caught a glimpse of Javan hawk-eagle, it was flying so high but I still managed to capture it with my pocket camera. You can Javan eagle closely>> here

To make my backpack lighter, we left 2 bottles of water hidden between the trees. We were planning to take it when we went down. The rain poured again before we reached post 2 and it continued till post 3. We were hiking under the rain. It finally stopped when we reached post 4. We ate a bit there and continued our walk. Near dusk we reached post 5 and decided to camp there. Before we set the camp somebody called my husband…it was a great coincidence that we bumped into his friends.

Around 3 am, we began our hike heading to the summit. The plan was to go together with his friends…but the friends of his friends were taking too much time so we went first. In the dark, just the two of us…for me, it was a romantic walk in the dark 😉

When we reached post 9 – Plawangan, the sun began to show a bit of her ray.

When the sun was finally rise we could see the trek heading to the summit. It was a rocky track. I couldn’t imagine hiking Mount Slamet during high season because the rocks might fall down and hit us.

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But the view was amazing.

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We finally reached the summit somewhere around 6 am.

I love it up there!! Cloud was all around us. We were in the see of white cloud

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There was a piece wayang on the summit…I really like it, it gave the real feeling of being in Java.

Once we were satisfied there, we head down. On the way down we met a group of people planning to cross the mountain. They climbed up from Bambangan and will go down from Guci, so they carried their heavy backpack to the summit. I applauded their determination.


As we continued walking back to our tent, we finally saw the trek we passed through at dark when we went up…it was quite an interesting view.

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Before 9 am, we were already back to our tent. Had a little rest and cooked for breakfast and snack while trekking down. Hubby had a long chat with his friends before we decided to start going down. Around 1 pm, we left them and started walking again.

Going down was like going up (fortunately it didn’t rain when we head to the top of the mountain, hubby was already prepared with his rain coat but fortunately no rain) rain continued to pour down on us. I slipped a couple of time. The soil was so slippery. We had another rest in post 1 and then continued to the base camp in Bambangan.

Near the base camp, we were welcomed by green scenery of the villagers’ garden.

It was nearly 6 pm in January 5 when we finally reached Bambangan base camp.

Going to the next destination was another unforgettable story 😉

We joined my husband’s friend riding on their chartered minibus hoping that the driver will pass through Serayu junction. It turned out, the minibus will not pass through any bus station as they were planning to take a lot of shortcuts heading to Jakarta. SO…we got off in some market we knew nothing about, it was pass midnight. We needed a place to crash, so we slept on a nearby mosque. Fortunately we always carried our copy of marriage certificate (in case someone kicked us out of the mosque for sleeping there thinking that we were an unmarried couple). Nothing happened till morning.

We were actually very lucky that there was a public transportation heading to Bobotsari from that market. We took that minibus and heading to our next destination…Mount Sindoro.

Mount Slamet seen from the market
Mount Slamet seen from the market

That’s all for now 🙂 I will write about Mount Sindoro soon.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Novia!

    Like always, it is very interesting reading about your hikes and seeing all your pictures. Standing above the clouds looks very breathtaking.

    Mount Sindoro looks like a classic volcano shape, and in your area, I guess it probably is.

    1. Thank you Peter 🙂

      The clouds and the view from the summit are the things that make hiking addicted.

      Yeah…most Indonesian mountains are like that.

  2. This is a bit more like the kind of hiking I”m used to. Unless I’m traveling over seas, I generally just head into the woods with a few friends or just my hubby and I. I tend to load him down with the heavy pack. We rarely succeed in hooking up with friends along the way. And it occasionally rains on us, though we are far from tropical.

    1. I usually hike with a group of people but since I got married, small group feels like the best 🙂
      I can’t wait to go just the three of us, me, my husband and Anka.

      The thing about hiking here, we always ended up with new friends. That’s the other fun of hiking, apart from the view.

  3. hi, we are planning to travel to jakarta from Philippines on June 15-17, is it possible for us to climb this mountain?
    thank you

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