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My Books in 2009 (28 Books)

My Books in 2010 (32 Books, 67 volumes of Manga/Graphic Novels)

My Books in 2011 ( 23 Books, 99 volumes of Manga/Graphic Novels, 5 Short Stories)

My Books in 2012 ( 14 Books, 63 volumes of Manga/Graphic Novels, 8 Short Stories)

My Books in 2013 ( 15 Books, 2 volumes of Manga/Graphic Novels, 4 Short Stories)

My Books in 2014 ( 8 books, 74 volumes of Manga)

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  1. Ender's Girl says:

    A-ha! A fellow bookworm, I see… 😉 (Although I must confess that I haven’t been able to read as many books as I used to. All this drama watching gets in the way, nuts! lol)

    I like Stephen King’s fantasy novels more than his horror fiction. I’m about a third of the way into the Dark Tower series but my favorite Stephen King is The Eyes of the Dragon. Have you read it? It’s like a fairy tale turned into a novel. Compared to his other novels this one is a pretty simple read, but I enjoyed myself immensely.

    And I see John le Carre on your TBR list. I love spy thrillers and le Carre is my fave writer of the genre. Unlike, say, Ludlum or Clancy, his novels are actually literature instead of just pop fiction. He’s such a good writer and his books, whether long or short, have very complex stories and even more complex characters. I love the Smiley books in particular (A Call for the Dead, Smiley’s People, etc. etc.) though my all-time le Carre fave would have to be The Little Drummer Girl. Blew me away. 😀

    1. Novroz says:

      Ah I haven’t go through your blog, I didn’t know you also like book…then Hi fellow book worm 🙂

      I rarely read at home too because I use it to watch dorama, anime or movie…my reading time is when I’m on the bus.

      I haven’t read The Eye of The Dragon yet…but I will one day 🙂 one of my dreams is to read all SK books…but I don’t want to read them all continuosly…1 book at the time.

      Yeah I’ve heard that The Little Drummer Girl is his best Novel. The Constant Gardenner will be my 1st LeCarre book…I hope I’ll like it and drive me to find more of his books

  2. L says:

    nice choices pal 🙂

    1. Novroz says:

      Hi L…thanks 🙂 My reading preferance is mostly thriller

  3. Asop says:

    I like Crichton’s Prey, because that’s the only one I ever read. :mrgreen:

    And about “serial misteri”… hahaha… …. ….. I admit it, when I was in elementary school, even in junior high, I like those kind of manga. Ups, “we” like it, my brother included. The story…. (honestly) it makes no sense for me, but still, it’s horrific, scary… The pics… making it more scary…. 😐 Nowadays, I’m looking for this kind of manga, but I can’t find it anymore. 😦

    “Pandemic”… if you like it, you must read “Rainbow”, from the same artist. 😉 Honestly, I expected for zombies in this “Pandemic”, because I like all things about zombies. 😀 Video games and movies… Hehe, maybe I was just too excited when I first found this manga… :mrgreen:

    1. Novroz says:

      Crichton is a genius!! I want to read all his books. But I am a patient person when it comes to books…one book at the time.

      Yup…you’re so right!! This kind of mystery manga is no longer exist 😦 It’s so sad…I really like them.

      I want to read Rainbow BUT it’s a long volume manga and I can’t afford another long volume manga because I’ve spent it all on the best manga I’ve ever read, One Piece. Hehe I wouldn’t buy Pandemic if it was about Zombie.

      1. Asop says:

        Wow, you really like “one piece”, eh? 🙂 🙂

        How about “Bleach”, or “Naruto”? :mrgreen:

        1. Novroz says:

          Yes I LOVE One Piece very much…you can see that One Piece has its own category in my blog 😉 I want it to go on and on even untill volume 100 because Oda can make it more and more interesting as the volume goes up.

          Hmm…unfortunaly Naruto bored me to death. I enjoy Bleach Anime but haven’t read all the Manga yet. I want to read them all after Japan Foundation Library released its Japanese version somewhere next month. I really like Shiro-chan 🙂

          1. Asop says:

            Whoaa, Shiro? you mean Hitsugaya Taichou from the 3rd group? 😀 Wow, he’s one of my favorite character too. 😀 ^__^
            I suggest you read the manga, not the anime. Same as Naruto, the anime version is full of talking, the plot is slow, and the animation quality isn’t too great.
            Actually, if I find ‘one piece’ while it’s still in early editions, I’m sure I will follow the series. 😦 I’ve been left behind too far. 😆 😆

          2. Novroz says:

            I love the anime (bleach)…so I’m sure I’ll like the Manga, still waiting for that manga in library. Like I said before, I can’t afford buying any other long volume Manga. Yup Hitsugaya Toushiro is kawaii. Sorry about Naruto…totally NOT interested at all.

            I read One Piece when it was already in volume 20-something. But I didn’t mind because it blew my mind like no other manga before. Starting last month, I’m going to buy all 57 volumes of One Piece in its original language because Indonesian version is too slow

          3. Asop says:

            Hahaha, I know, Naruto is just for boys… 😆

            What, are you going to buy the japanese version? Really? Where, where do you buy it? via online?

          4. Novroz says:

            Hehe I like shounen manga more than shoujo manga…I like fighting book, but a book with 1 enemy passing over so many volumes, like naruto, is SO not my kind of read.

            You can buy it in Kinokuniya. I’ll buy 1 manga per month because it’s way more expensive than the Indonesian version. Japanese version is more fun, there are accents that can not be translated into Indonesian.

  4. KutuBacaBuku says:

    So where is the 2010 book’s list ??

    nice placing, i think i’ll make something similar ini my blog 😀

    Stephen King’s fans, aren’t you ??

    1. Novroz says:

      What do you mean by 2010 book’s list?
      Those books’ cover up there is the list, you can click on the picture to read the review or what I think about the book.

      Hahaha you follow follow me ya! (Ind-lish maksa ;p )

      Yes I am 🙂 I love Mr. Stephen King’s works soooo much

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