Mount Rinjani – Day 1 & 2

Mount Rinjani from Google Earth
Mount Rinjani from Google Earth

Continuing from my previous post (A Trip to Lombok – A 50 Hour Ride), it’s time to share the fist night and day on my hiking/trekking on Mount Rinjani, Lombok.

Mount Rinjani, at the beginning of our walk was a vast savannah. It didn’t look like a steep journey however even though it looked plain but it was actually slightly ascending. The view was wonderful, all around green.

I didn’t take any photo afterward because it was getting dark and I was only thinking of getting to the camping ground as soon as possible. On my way, I met the girl (her name is Rahma) I shared a bed with when we were on the ship (see previous post). The three of us (she was with her boyfriend) walked all the way together. Her boyfriend was very considerate, slowing his pace following us girls. We walked in the dark but it wasn’t something for us as most hikers here often hike during night time.

When we finally reached the camping ground (Pos 2), a lot of tents were already set. My boy who carried my group’s tent hadn’t arrived yet. I waited for them to come. They came half an hour later.

Nothing much to say about spending the night at Pos 2. Basically we set the tent, cooked and ate and then slept because we still had  a long walk the next day.

I woke up before the sun rose because I wanted to see sunrise.

I took this with my camera and mixed two photos into one
I took this with my camera and mixed two photos into one
This one is using my mobile phone camera

Here’s the camping ground. I like seeing those colourful tents with the mountain as the background.


My group cheated a little, we set our tent on the shelter 😉 …so we had a flat area to sleep on.


Around 8 am, we began our walk again…this time, the walk was way more difficult compared to the previous day.

It was a relax walk, at the beginning. Thing changed when we encountered the Tujuh Bukit Penyesalan (the seven hills of regret)…they said it is called like that because there were seven steep hills. I didn’t bother counting. I walked together with Rahma and Galih (her boyfriend) again.

You can’t really see it from this photo below, the rocks line on the left side was the first steep trek we had to pass through.


From this area, we had to climb all the way to our next camping ground. The place is called Plawangan. There were some very slippery areas, I needed help on those areas because my shoes couldn’t grip well on the soil. I like rooted trek way better those slippery treks.


The fog had become so thick which caused limited sight.

 Fortunately I had time to take pictures of the surrounding before the fog became thicker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…before all the hills had been passed, the rain fell down. First it was just drizzle but then it became very heavy. When we reached Plawangan, the area was plain and the wind was much harder than when we were still climbing the hills.

We were wet and cold. the only dry part was my upper body. My arm and feet were all wet. We didn’t use jacket only rain coat. Though we were wet and cold and very thirsty but we had no water anymore. We used our coat to catch the rain water and filled our bottles. The water was refreshing. Fortunately, someone gave us water after he saw us filling our bottles with rain water.

We couldn’t find the camping ground of our trip-group. We walked on no matter how cold it was. At one point, Galih, seeing the two girls with him, decided to borrow a tent from another person from our trip-group. He said he needed the tent for the girls (Rahma and me) to at least change our clothes with the dry ones and wait for the rain to stop. That person agreed…thank God! He was a nice person.

We changed and ate. Changing clothes and eating cold food never felt as great as that time.

I forgot to mention that Mount Rinjani has the most foreign tourists compared to other mountains I had visited. I met some nice tourists on my way. However, I hated them a little because they didn’t feel cold at all 😉 We felt so cold and felt so nice to put our jacket on while some westerners (we called them Bule) passed through our tent wearing only thin t-shirt, and one man even wore nothing but short!!

Adaptation is an amazing thing, I live in tropical country and therefore a temperature lower than 16 degrees Celsius is very cold (and the mountain is way below 16 degrees)and I have to put my jacket on while for people living in four season country, 16 degrees is warm 😉

We moved to our camping ground when the rain had stopped.

We had to sleep early because we were going to start our hike to the top of Mount Rinjani at 1 am….yup another hike in the dark 😉

Me and Rahma
Me and Rahma


  1. Hahaha!! I must be one of those “crazy foreigners”… 16 degrees celcius is right around 61 degrees fahrenheit and our little apratment is nearly that right now, maybe a bit cool for some people arounfd here, but nice and livable to me… and I really dislike feeling cold.. 😉

    Outside right now it’s -28 degrees celcius with a serious additional 15 degree windchill on top of that… winter here would probably kill you Novia. Maybe I do have antifreeze for blood… 😉

    Your hike looks fun! I’m happy to see you made some more friends to share the experience with. That always makes trips more interesting. I like that little lean-to shelter… we have those scattered along our hiking trails here in the US too. Carolyn and I spent the night in one when we went camping although I prefer a tent for the privacy.

    1. 😀

      16 degrees is the lowest temperature of air conditioner here and we only use that when the class is full of students. In my room, the lowest is 24 degrees. In the mountain it’s way lower than 16 degrees.

      Hahahaha I would be an ice in that degrees. 😉

      Making friends is also one of the best things about hiking. I enjoy talking to new people and sometime I meet them again in another trip. WE always have tent even though some shelters are available, like you said more privacy.

  2. I love those all around green views. Setting your tent up in the shelter was a stroke of brilliance. It’s always the rock and tilt that get to me in sleeping in a tent.

    BTW, did I mention I’m going to Bali next summer?

    1. Me too! It was hard to leave from all those green views.

      Really? I wish we can meet…but I am not planning to there anytime soon. I think you should also visit Lombok, there are beautiful small islands there. I will write about one of them soon 🙂

      1. My mother is taking me. It’s a tour group. We go where they take us. Still, it looks like I might have a layover in Jakarta. I’m hoping they don’t change the itinerary again to take it away.

  3. Some very nice photos, Novia. Your hike looks like it was a lot of fun.

    It’s funny how relative temperature is. 10 is warm in the spring when we’re coming out of winter. But 16 would be cool in the middle of summer when we expect it to be 25 – 30. It has been quite cold here lately (-15 in the mornings), so when it got up to 0 today it felt very nice.

    1. Thank you Peter 🙂

      WOW!!! Here, 25 – 30 (sometimes even more than 30) is our daily temperature…all through the year. I will curled up in bed with room heater all day long if the temp is -15

  4. Such gorgeous and breathtaking photos–that fog! I can feel the fog in the air just looking at these. Sounds like a great trip, hard work and worth it. You’re brilliant for pitching your tent on the shelter!
    Adaptation, so interesting because I was wondering what the temperature was after you first mentioned some tourists were warm. For me 16° is warm, t-shirt & shorts weather but it makes sense that you’d feel a chill. On the other side we can seem a bit wimpy in the heat=)
    What did you eat on the trip?
    Wonderful post

    1. Thank you Susan 🙂

      I edited my post a bit because it gives a wrong information. 16 degrees is the lowest temperature in our air conditioner, I don’t know how much it is in the mountain but it is lower than 16 degrees. Yeah we got used to heat as it sometimes reach more than 30.

      We carry fresh food like vegetables and Rice and fruit but we also carry instant food. I never eat something from the nature when i am hiking.

      1. Yes & see for me when it’s at all near 30°C I’m roasting!! I’m very wimpy about heat & sweating, it’s something I should work on!
        I noticed but didn’t mention before that everyone looks great in their hiking clothes too, very colorful along with the colorful tents, I liked that photo too.

        Do you have favorite hiking gear? I’d be interested to read sometime about what your favorites are what you recommend people bring on a hike, or have you posted that in the past?

        1. I always thought that your summer is hotter than our dry season, I guess I was wrong 😉

          Favorite hiking gear? I never thought of writing that one before, but you give me an idea 😉 I do love my bag a lot. It’s deuter and it’s very comfortable

          1. Summer where I live is warm and humid but not usually above 30°C though it does go higher sometimes it just falls outside the average temperature but in other parts of the country it reaches above 37°C(100°F) and can be either dry or humid depending on the region. The West Coast, namely Southern California, is hot and dry desert and the South is hot and humid but I live in the NorthEast where it is cooler but still gets too hot for my comfort! To be honest I don’t know that much about weather and temperature around the world, some but not that much, I should learn more but that’s one reason I find reading a blog like your blog so interesting but also educational not to sound like a nerd! =)

          2. I agree with you!!
            Reading people’s blog has thought me A LOT! The bloggers might not realize that they have shared something educational and still interesting 🙂

          3. I’ve learned loads from reaching out & reading new blogs, it’s the best part of being in the WP community-that and finding other people that like what I like (Cillian!)

  5. That’s a beautiful landscape and scenery all around. I can relate to hiking in the fog like that when I hiked up a few summits in Tasmania, though it was rather cloud which gave us a good shower. Great photo by the way 🙂

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