13 Pictures From The Top of Mount Sikunir

These are pictures from my trip to Dieng, it was back on September. I haven’t shared the beautiful view from Dieng because of the unpleasant journey going there (read here)…however, since the view was great I still need to share it.

Not far from the Dieng Culture Festival area, we can go hiking to the top of Mount Sikunir, it’s not a long journey…it only takes around 30 minutes.

We went there to catch the sunrise…but we were standing on the wrong side of the mountain…even so, the view was still stunning.

Almost sunrise

On the other side of the mountain
The rising sun that we couldn’t see
The side of the mountain where you can see the sunrise
…but it was TOO crowded to go there

As I said above…the view from my side was still gorgeous.


Semi Panoramic mode
Trying to catch the sun
Trying to touch the mountain

Some people told me that that mountain is Mount Prahu.

My favorite pic. Kinda look like in Europe, don’t you think so too? ๐Ÿ˜‰
The view down below
Heading down
Looking up while heading down

I love how beautiful Indonesia is ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking forward to see more of my country’s beauty.

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