Mount Guntur – Day 2

I was planning to write about my Honeymount (hiking 3 mountain for my honeymoon) but then I realize I haven’t finish sharing about Mount Guntur. I have written Day 1 (here) back in October 2015. The hiking itself took place between June 13 -14, 2015. I am going to finish what I have started before continuing to the latest hike.

On the previous post, I mentioned that we camped in Summit 1 of Mount Guntur, this mountain has 3 summits. Somewhere around 5 am, we began our preparation to go to summit 2 and 3. This was the view I saw when I stepped out of our tent. Not good quality photo due to lack of light but it’s still represented the beauty of that dawn.


We walked a bit higher from our tents and the sun had began peeking through to welcome us and we could see the colourful tents down below.

As the sun kept rising higher…the view became more stunning. It was one of the best sunrise I have ever seen during my hiking days and I would love to see it again one day. the sun was peeking behind Mount Ciremai.

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That beautiful yellowish view was seen even before we reached summit 2. It was to keep walking up because I couldn’t stop starring at the beauty of the scenery. For me, this is why hiking is addictive!!

We moved on reached summit 2 in no time. My favorite picture was when I tried touching the tip of Mount Cikurai 😉

We didn’t spend a lot of time in summit 2 because we had to move on to summit 3. Summit 2 and summit 3 were like 2 hills, so to get to summit 3 we had to descend summit 2 then climbed up to summit 3. It wasn’t a difficult hike, it was enjoyable and the view was amazing.

The view on summit 3 was incredible. Everywhere I turned, I saw the greatness of God’s creation. At that moment all I could say was quoting the a Surah from Quran, Ar-Rahman:40 : “Then which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?” .

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I am so happy I had been to all the mountain seen from Mount Guntur 🙂 Mount Ciremai, Mount Cikurai, Mount Rakutak, Mount papandayan, and Mount Slamet.

We spent a lot of time on summit 3, enjoying the view and lots of selfies.

I have no pride and love toward my government but I TRULY LOVE INDONESIA for her beauty and richness.

Next thing to do was of course back to the tents and start packing. Though it might sound disgusting for many people but I always enjoyed eating together without plates…all food mixed on a long plastic. This kind of eating always made us closer then before.

Going down was sooo much different to going up. When we climbed up, we chose the hardest soil though its steepness was more than 45 degree. When we got down we chose different route where the trek was nothing but small rocks. All we had to do was slide down. It was soooo much fun!!!

I felt down a couple of times but kept on sliding down. It wonders me how come the rocks still exist with so many people going down carrying the rocks

Hiking on Mount Guntur was so memorable and fun. I love the friends I went there with and the view was breathtaking. Would to go there again…and I would love to go with them again.

Tired faces heading home
Tired faces heading home

That’s all from my adventure to Mount Guntur 🙂

I still need to write my hike to the last 5 mountain I visited.

I shared 13 more pictures for Thursday Thirteen 😉


6 thoughts on “Mount Guntur – Day 2

  1. What a beautiful sunrise. Even I think it was worth getting up so early for. Were the little shots of the tent’s too. I mean the dark ones. They look like the lights of a city.

    You always meet such great people on your hikes. 😉

    1. Those are the lights of Garut, the city below the mountain. Garut has 3 mountain that people often visited.

      Yes, I am blessed with that. My hiker friends are always awesome. I really miss them all.

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