Musing on Book and Movie: No Movie is Greater Than The Book

Time for another Musing 🙂
Somehow, it is always related book and movie.

As far as I have seen & read them, all movies adapted from books are either worst than the book or as great as the book, none has surpassed the book.

I wanted to write this since ages ago, but nothing had triggered me to finally write it up…till yesterday when I started rereading Battle Royale. I was actually in the middle of reading The Constant Gardener by John Le Carrè … but when my prize from Hello Japan (Lots of gratitude to Nat of In spring It Is Dawn) finally arrived, I couldn’t concentrate in reading The Constant Gardener, I have wanted to reread Battle Royale since last year. So, I put down The Constant Gardener and reread one of my all time favorite novels. This paperback is different with the one I read before. This one had a foreword by Max Allan Collins. I like this quote a lot:

“Film is an exterior experience: we see the outside of the tale. But a novel takes us inside, where it can play out in the theater of our minds, without budget considerations. Watching film is a passive experience; we sit and the images flash before us. Reading a novel is active and puts the reader in the thick of the action.”

Reading that quote finally set me to write this post 🙂

I am both excessive reader and watcher; I love books and movies equally. However, when it comes to movies based on books…so far, I haven’t seen movie that is better than the novel. Even the movies that are equally as great as the novel can easily be counted…most often, they ruined the book.

I have read that some people think that The Fight Club – the movie is better than the book, I haven’t read nor watched it…so I can’t vote for it or against it. This post is purely based on what I have both read and watched. I’d like you to share your opinion later in the comment. 

Since I am now rereading Battle Royale, I love the Book so much and dislike the movie, therefore I want to start it with movies that disappointed me. Mostly, the disappointment comes out because the movie takes TOO much liberty in changing the story or the actors are not doing a good job in portraying the characters. Here are some examples:

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami is an awesome book…as simple as that. It has depth and thrilling action. When I watched the movie, they altered the reason of the killing game into something as cheesy as the teacher’s revenge and the main character is totally off. Fujiwara Fujiyama has no charisma that Shuya Nanahara has.

The Shining by Stephen King…ow how I love the book. Despite so many people saying that the movie was great (some even dare to say the movie is better than the book…yeah right, give me a break!!), I find the boring as boring as hell. I don’t even want to see it for the second time. The changes were huge and the one who played Wendy is really annoying to look at.

The Lost World by Michael Crichton. I saw the movie before I read the book. I was surprise how the book is so different compared to the movie and I must say that the book is far better than the movie. The characters inside the book are more interesting to explore than the one Stephen Spielberg decided to recreate. There is no silly action of dinosaurs in the middle of civilization. There is one very interesting character that was wiped out in the movie, his name is Levine. Why o why they erased his character? After reading the book (which is also my first English novel and I have read it 4 times), I have no desire to watch the movie again even though it has been rerun so many times in TV.

Death Note by Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi. I have made a special post about the comparison of Manga and the movie here. Writing that post is the reason I received a wonderful gift, Battle Royale.

And then there is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Actually, the movie is similar with the book but it was done in the most boring way possible. I don’t know what is wrong with the movie, all I can remember is that I kept fast-forwarding the movie because of boredom. The book is far from boring.

Now, let’s talk about the ones that are equally great.

I have heard that some Lord of The Rings fans is disappointed with the movie…for reasons I can’t really understand. But for me, The Lord of The Rings –movie is the best book adaptation ever made!!! A Very beautiful movie and true to the book. They changed some of the detail but the changes weren’t too significant and it didn’t change the book. The beauty I have in my mind is there in the screen to see. All the characters are close to my imagination. They deleted some stories, but it was totally understandable due to the duration. If I to make top-5 list of movie from book, TLOTR will be in number 1. There are some additional characters in the upcoming movie of The Hobbit, I hope those additional characters don’t ruin the story…please don’t change the book TOO much Peter Jackson…I beg you!!

Two movies based on SK’s books that are as amazing as the books are Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile. The actors were perfect and the stories were exactly the same. Writing this reminds me that I need to reread green Mile one of these days.

On contrary to The Lost Word, Jurassic Park is as amazing as the book. I also watched the movie first then read the book. The book has more scientific detail and more gruesome in some areas…but the movie stay true to the book (minus too much science). Love both book and movie.

The only movie that has major changes compared to the book that I love is Ringu (The Ring- Japanese Version). Maybe because I have loved the movie so much when I finally read the book. It gave a huge surprise of how different the book is. I feel like reading 2 different stories with similar outline. Maybe if I had read the book first then watch the movie, I would feel different. Although judging from The Lost World which I also watched before I read and ended up hating the movie… I might still love the movie despite all the changes.

I want to talk about the okay movies now.

Harry Potter movies are the okay ones, they weren’t terrible but they still couldn’t compete against the book (mind you that I only watched the movies till movie 5). The actors were great but they people behind the movies couldn’t deliver the magical world of Harry potter as great as the book. I also think that The Road, Angels and Demons and The Davinci Code are considered to be okay movies. One that I really like, although I don’t like the book that much, is Perfume. The movie brought out the best from the book and left the boring parts behind.

I couldn’t write all the movies-book s I have watched-read…but I think you got the idea of why I think that there are no movies better than the books.

I sometimes wonder why the people of movie industry decided to change the book, I mean if they had better idea from the beginning…go ahead and make their own story!! There is this movie I voted not to watch…EVER…it is My Sister’s Keeper. The book is amazing because of the ending, but Hollywood thought that the ending is too sad and changed it 180 degrees. Just reading about the change made me sick.

To all movie producers….please don’t take too much liberty in changing the story of a great book!!!

Despite the fact that there are no movies better than the book, I still enjoy watching movies from books because that kind of movies tend to have deeper story the common blockbuster movies. Shutter Island and The Ghost Writer are some movies that I like and both are based on books. I want to read the book one day.

There are some movies based on books that are going to be released next year, I want to find and read the book before the movies are released. Here are the movies/books I am talking about

  • The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. With or without the movie coming out, I will reread the book. But because the movie will come out in December 2012, I better reread it (for the fourth time) before December.
  • Broken by Daniel Clay. My dear Cillian Murphy will be in the movie.
  • At Swim Two Bird by Flann O’Brian. I am not sure I can find this book in Indonesia 😦 Cillian is also going to the movie adaptation
  • Horns by Joe Hill. I read the news about the movie in Hollywood Spy. I have only read one book by him and I like it. I want to read more books by him.

I am going to close the post now. Do share your opinion about movies based on books in the comment. You can always disagree with me 🙂

My friend, T of ScarletSp1der, wrote the same theme of book and movie in Impassioned Cinema, go and take a look guys 🙂


  1. The only argument I have that a movie is better than a book would be that if someone has such a limited imagination that they literally cannot translate words into imagery. In that case a movie or even a coloring book would be far superior. Great post!

    1. I like your opinion Steve!! That’s so true.A person with good imaginary will never say a movie is better than the book.
      Thank you Steve. Hope The Hobbit will be one of the equally great movies.

  2. I’ve never had a book i love turned into a movie, so i’m not sure whether i can really comment on this. I do remember there was supposed to be a Vampire Academy movie, but it seems to have stalled for whatever reason. I was kind of looking forward to it, mainly because it would be the first time something i read was turned into a movie.

    I will say i don’t think i agree with the quote by Collins. It sounds rather arrogant and pretentious to me

    1. Actually, I am not talking only about books I love turned to movie, it’s more about all the books I have read. Take a look at Perfume and The Road, I like those books but they aren’t my favorite…but the movies were done really good, didn’t surpass the book but still true to the book and good choice of actors.

      I hope they do good job on Vampire Academy so you won’t be disappointed.

      Although I love movies as much as books, but I agree with what Collins say. Reading is more active than watching.

  3. So far I have never seen a movie that was better than the book with the exception of one or two short stories but tha is different. If you turn a story of 20 pages into a movie you have to add a lot, if you turn hundreds of paes into a movie you have to cut.
    I also think Lord of the Rings is very true to the book.
    I have seen The Shining but not read the book and have also seen Green Mile. The movie Shutter Island isn’t bad at all compared to the book.

    1. *high five* I guess all readers think the same. There were great movies that stay true to the book and those movies did really well, but some scriptwriters thought they were better than the author of the book and decided to changed the story…that was the downfall of movie adaptation, in my opinion. It’s okay to cut the story to fit in the 2 hours duration…but don’t change a lot.

      Talking about short story,have you seen Memento? It was a great movie.

      The Shining totally off the book, even SK is disappointed (someone told me about this after I felt disappointed with the movie). Green Mile is really accurate and the actors really made the characters alive.

  4. Excellent post, Novroz. And you’ve given some great examples to ponder. You’ve certainly tickled my curiosity with regard to some source novels, too. I’m so with you as to the dichotomy of Michael Crichton’s ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘The Lost World’. I so much enjoyed the film adaptation of the former and loathed the latter (it’s still amazing to me it’s the same filmmaker doing both) for a long time.

    With that said, I generally agree with you about the book and movie . However (you had to know there was one of these ;-)), I do believe there are instances where an adaptation does graduate ahead of the source material. My example would be ‘Three Days of the Condor’ (1975), based on James Grady’s ‘Six Days of the Condor’. I give the author credit for coming up with a good and original idea, but the Lorenzo Semple Jr. and David Rayfiel screenplay, along with Sydney Pollack’s direction, brought it up as one of the best thrillers from that century that I can watch again and again. I cannot say for Grady’s debut novel.

    Both mediums have their strengths. You’ve elicited very fine ones for the written material. Yet cinema, with all of its visual acuity and art, can still accomplish things so magically efficient as compared to books. Like when a scene, one without dialogue, where a look by actor in character (framed and choreographed just so) is caught by the audience and brings such monumental meaning that it defies the split-second of time it took to deliver it. My example here would be Sergeant Jack Vincennes’ death scene in ‘L.A. Confidential’.

    I’m not arguing one is better than the other, I enjoy both immensely. Each can carry something very special to the reader or the viewer. Well done, Novroz.

    1. Thank you Mike 🙂
      I have read somewhere than Michael Crichton felt disappointed with Spielberg for changing it. Crichton didn’t even want to write a sequel to Jurassic Park but Spielberg ask him to do it and then when the book came out he changed the script. Crichton hated it.

      So…there is a movie better than the book. I am curious. I am also curious with Fight Club, but Brad Pitt put me down….I know I shouldn’t judge a movie by the actor, but I can’t help it.

      I agree that both mediums have their strength when they were done really good. When I read Lord of the Rings,I have all this beautiful image in my head and I was mesmerized on how well Peter Jackson translated the world into movie…that kind of movie is something I will treasure forever. Unfortunately, movies that translated the book well aren’t that much.

      I too enjoy both immensely, I will never start saying reading book is better than watching movies or the other way around…both are fun activities. The post is only to highlight how movie adaptation has never surpass the book…in my experience. Good to know you have found one that is better than the

      Thank you for sharing your insight, Mike 🙂

  5. thanks for the mention 🙂
    I always get excited when a movie adaptation of a book is announced, because it connects two of the focuses in my life – books and films. Currently I’m disgusted by the number of YA books which are getting films, since I think modern YA genre is horrid, deeply immoral and irresponsible written by talentless wannabe writers.
    I do adore epic and historical books getting to the big screen.

    1. You’re welcome Dezz 🙂 you are one of my source for upcoming movies, you’re a great spy!!

      Me too!! even though I haven’t read the book, movies adaptation always made me curious. I will try to read the book before the movie but if I couldn’t, at least I can still enjoy its deep story in movie.

      Yeah, there are too many YA genre lately. There is always something new every time I visited my frequent book store…they always have this gaudy cover.I never read them, not interested at all.

      Movies based on epic and historical books are awesome,if done properly.
      Thank you for sharing your thought Dezz 🙂

  6. It’s a given that movie adaptations can’t be as good as the books they originate from. Reading a story is much different from watching it because you are actively using your imagination to create this fictional world. I’ve read the Harry Potter saga the past few months and no doubt, the books are better than the films but nonetheless, I like the silver screen adaptations as a whole.

    1. So true Cas…so true!!Our imagination often differ with the movie maker imagination. In Harry Potter case, I think the movies are quite decent.They aren’t terrible but they aren’t great either.
      I hope I can be more objective in seeing movie adaptation but it’s so difficult to do such thing, especially toward books I love.

  7. I think the film of “Stand by Me” is even better than Stephen King’s original novella, and I enjoyed the novella. That may just reinforce the point that it’s much easier to adpat short works of fiction into movies.

    1. I don’t remember ‘Stand By me’ that much.I watched it long time ago before I read the book.But the book is really good. I need to watch the movie again before I start saying it’s not as good or it’s equally great or even better.
      Thank you for stopping by ans sharing your thought Tim 🙂

  8. nice post! emang sih, banyak film yg ternyata gak sebagus novelnya. tapi film2 yg saya suka banyak yg merupakan adaptasi novel (meskipun saya gak baca novelnya), tapi gak tau tuh kalo saya baca novelnya lebih dulu.
    kalo dari contoh film di atas, beberapa ada yg belum saya baca bukunya tapi saya suka filmnya (Battle Royale, The Shining, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, The Shawsank Redemption)
    Buat Ringu, saya suka baik film ataupun bukunya, biarpun dua2nya punya banyak perbedaan.
    Kalo My Sister’s Keeper, saya lebih suka bukunya daripada filmnya, tapi lebih suka ending filmnya daripada ending bukunya (buat yg ini kayaknya saya setuju sama keputusan filmmakernya buat ngubah endingnya).Harry Potter jauh lebih suka bukunya, tapi filmnya menurut aku lumayan.

    di luar list di atas, film2 adaptasi novel yg menurut saya sama bagusnya sama novelnya: Coraline, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (lainnya gak tau, gak begitu banyak baca buku yg diangkat ke film sih)
    film adaptasi novel yg menurut saya mengecewakan: Norwegian Wood, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Princess Diaries, Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet
    film2 adaptasi novel yg belum baca novelnya tapi suka banget filmnya: Confessions/Kokuhaku, Stand by Me, The Help, Pride and Prejudice, Flipped, Jane Eyre (versi 2011), Fight Club, dan lainnya lupa lagi. kalo ada kesempatan, pengen banget baca versi novel dari film2 itu. tapi kadang ada untungnya kalo nonton filmnya lebih dulu dari bukunya, jadi gak kebebanin sama ekspetasi *eh btw maap ya komennya kepanjangan :D*

    1. Makasih Priska 🙂
      Iya saya juga suka sama banyak film yang asalnya dari novel walaupun belumpernah baca novelnya. Salah satu film favorit sepanjang masa saya, Breakfast on Pluto juga asalnya dari buku. Menurut saya sih,Battle Royale & the Shining,bukunya jauh lebih bagus. Priskaharus baca Battle Royale…KEREN ABIS!! saya ;agi baca ulang aja ttpmasih terkagum2 sama ceritanya.

      Wah saya sih ga suka film yang tiba2 berubah jadi happy ending…jadi sy lebih suka bukunya. Malah itu buku jadi bagus gara2 ending yang ga terduga itu. Hehehe dari dulu suka cerita (baik buku maupun maupun film ) yang ga ketebak. Harry menurut saya juga lumayan makanya ga saya masukin dlm filmyang mengecewakan 😉

      Harusnya saya bikin list kayak Priska ya…film2 yang saya suka tapi belum baca bukunya, sejauh ini: Shutter Island,The Ghost Writer, Breakfast on Pluto, Brokeback Mountain, dan banyak lagi yang tiba2 saya lupa 😉

      Makasih dah berbagi Priska…ga masalah komennya kepanjanga,malah saya senang bgt 🙂

  9. I haven’t seen too many movies that were better than the book. The only one that pops into my head is Silence of the Lambs. I enjoyed the movie, but I didn’t like the book at all.

    1. Ah!! I forgot about Silence of The Lamb!! I am on the opposite side to you, I like both book and movie.If I remembered about it when writing this post, Silence of the Lamb would be in the Equally great category. That’s my opinion, I appreciate how you feel about it.Thank you for sharing it TBM.

  10. What a fantastic Musing!!

    I must admit i am not the best person to talk on this subject. I do not read half as much as I should. And since my girls have started to read their own bed time stories even the Roal;d Dahl books have gone.

    I tend to get all my escapism from Film, and am pretty happy with that. I doubt it would ever be the case that a film surpasses a book, the film would need to be 4-5 hours long at least to get half of the information supplied from a book.

    Great job my old friend


    1. Thank you Scott…nice to see you stopping by again 🙂

      Apparently, I have read some comments,both in this post and in twitter saying that there are some movies that are better than the book.I haven’t found that kind of movie yet.
      Film can cut the story to fit in the hour…what I don’t like is when they start changing it for no reason at all. That’s the part I mind the most.
      Thank you for sharing your thought Scott

  11. I think for the most part you are so correct. There is one movie I read and then I read the book, and it just disappointed me. It was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I liked the book enough to read the author’s next book, but to me it wasn’t as cohesive as the movie. But I agree with you. Books allow so much more imagination and thus are so much better than movies. But I LOVE movies too! Great post! 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing that movie Katie. I haven’t heard a book/movie by that title. The title is really interesting.It really makes me wonder of what kind of movie can be better than the book. I am doing a mental note to check both books and movies that everyone has told be as something better than the book. I want to judge them by myself.

      Me too!!! I love movies!! 🙂

  12. Interesting musings, Nov, I totally agree that it’s VERY rare that a movie is as good as the book, let alone being better than the book. I haven’t read the LOTR books but I’m not surprised that you think PJ did an excellent job adapting the books into a trilogy. I think that is still the one to beat.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. I have been musing about this for years and thinking about writing it for months. It always intrigued me whenever I read comment saying that a certain movie is better than the book…the reason is simple, I never found one. Even from the book I am not keen of. But I admit there are some as great as the book.

      LOTR is definitly the best. PJ cut many parts of the book and changed some details, but those things don’t change the essence of the story. Thank you for sharing your thought Ruth.

      1. Oh another movie I think MIGHT be as good as the book is BBC’s North and South, based on a novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. I read a bunch of reviews that say so as I haven’t got around to reading it. I might do that as I’ve got a Kindle for Christmas. Btw, if you haven’t seen the miniseries, I highly recommend it, it stars Richard Armitage (Thorin in The Hobbit) as the protagonist Mr. Thorton [swoon…]

        1. Ow…I envy you!! I want a kindle too but they don’t sell kindle here 😦

          Hahaha your other eye candy 😉 the problem with miniseries is it’s difficult to find,but I’ll see what I can do.Hope I can find it.

  13. I like to read the book then watch the movie. Reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl series on the book was great but It was too gory on the big screen. Now Daniel Craig and a Hollywood version on the book is out on top of the Swedish version. Arghh.. Hollywood, give me a break! I thought Slumdog Millionaire was much better than the book and it took the liberty to totally revamp the movie from the book but maintain the concept of the 10 questions relating to a life story.

    What about a great movie which is adapted from a lousy book? 🙂

    Reading a book then watch the movie, and watching the movie and read the book, provides two different experiences. Both experience to be savour. Nice post!

    1. I haven’t read the book yet, but I am really curious about it. Will read it one of these days.
      Ah!!! tell me about it!! Hollywood and its remakes, the kind I always avoid to watch.

      I haven’t both read and watched Slumdog, so I can’t comment much on that one.

      As for the question…the answer is quite easy…I have never seen a great movie from lousy book. Not because that kind of movie doesn’t exist but because I am a quitter when it comes to book, when I found a lousy or boring book, I quit reading it instantly…so I never knew if there was great movie from lousy book out there 😉

      I love your last sentence…totally agree with it 🙂
      Thank You Jo

    1. Thank you T.

      I like your post a lot…it gives another perspective to book vs movie. I am linking it here.

      As for the question…I prefer to read the book first then watch the movie…that’s why I want to find Broken, At Swim Two Bird, and Horns before the movies come out. But…finding a book is difficult, so sometimes I ended up watching the movie before reading it.

      1. thank you for the link!

        I asked the question because sometimes I think it’s best to watch it first and avoid any disappointment AND then discover all of the wonderful treasures of the book!

        1. Ah…but if I watch it first,it ruins my imagination 😉
          I like keeping my mind active when I am reading. My mind is creating the image of the character better before watching it. That”s the challenge of watching a movie based on book, I can be disappointed or thrilled by it.

  14. Why many directors tend to change the story? Maybe because they want to give a surprise? *lame excuse I know.
    I must say that I love LOTR movies better than the books, just a bit though… Maybe it is because I watch them first. 🙂

    1. Hahaha…yeah,lame excuse!! But I kinda like the ending in The Mist,it does give surprise to people who have read the book…I good twist I may say.

      Aha!!! that depends on which book did you read Dhitz? the translation or the the original? I don’t know how the translation goes but the original has beautiful language that feels like music. I love the flow of word that Tolkien had chosen to describe the story. Reading the beauty of the language never make me tired. I plan to read it again soon.
      I also watch the movie first, well only The Fellowship of The Rings, I read the book after that first movie before the next two movies were released.

      thank you for sharing Dhitz 🙂

  15. Great post Novia, really enjoyed reading it. Once again your passion for your subject comes across strongly. It is a very tricky area this for filmmakers. A wrong step either way and the film can end up making a mockery of the story. A perfect example of this would be The Lost World. I haven’t read the book, but I guy from work has and he told me about it. He thinks the movie is ridiculous and i have to agree. I guess Spielberg just couldn’t resist doing his own version of Godzilla. Really disappointing from one of my favourite directors. I think your bang on with your ‘good’ adaptation selections. Shawshank and The Green Mile are as near perfect as I think it is possible for a movie to get, though I haven’t read the books. One adaptation I am very excited about (and a also a little nervous) is The Hobbit. It is one of my all time favourite books. Along with the Narnia stories and the Lord of The Rings it is right up there as one of the most enjoyable stories I’ve ever read. I just hope Jackson is faithful to it. I’m sure he will be. I think he has earned the trust of any Tolkien fan. Though you never can tell. It will be fascinating to see what he does with it. A bit worried about the 3D aswell, hope it is done well. It is my most anticipated film of 2012, though I know I’m not alone in that 🙂 Thanks for this Novia, really good read.

    1. The Lost World is totally off the mark. The book is so much better than the movie, Spielberg totally changed it to his liking. I guess a lot of people agree that Lost World is a terrible movie.
      Same here Ronan 🙂 I am so excited with the upcoming The Hobbit but also a bit worried, Peter Jackson is going to add some parts….I just hope he won’t overdo it. From my experience, too much changes ruin a good story.
      Thank you for reading Ronan.

  16. Hello Novia, Sorry to be coming to this post so late on; I’ve just stumbled across it. I wrote the novel Broken and wondered if you’d read it yet and whether you enjoyed it or not? If not, the film’s not out until early next year so there’s still time! I’ve seen the film twice now and love it; such a strange feeling to see something you’re so close to interpreted by other people in such a different medium, but, for me, it was strange in a very good way – I can’t wait to see it again. I actually avoided reading the script or seeing anything other than the trailer until I could sit down in a cinema and see it in its finished form as the director and producers really wanted it to be. A great experience, and something I feel very lucky to have been through. I hope you feel as positive if you ever do read the novel/see the film.

    As for other comments in your post, I loved My Sister’s Keeper for the ending as well (I mean, it’s a great book, but the ending lifted it to another level, I thought) and I sat down to watch the film not really expecting very much – but really enjoyed it. Maybe one rainy Sunday you should give it a go (though it’s still not a patch on the novel). Also, re whether there’s ever been a film that’s better than the book, I got hold of a copy of Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg because I loved the film version (Angel Heart starring Mickey Rourke) so much, but it just didn’t live up to the film for me. I guess there’s always one exception to prove a rule!

    Take care,


    1. Oh…Hi Daniel…or should I call you Mr. Clay 🙂
      I recognize your name the minute I saw the comment…but didn’t expect it is really you. No apologize needed, all bloggers are always happy when their old post is being read/commented.

      I have been looking for your book since I knew that my favorite actor is going to play in the movie version but I couldn’t find it anywhere. My country, Indonesia, has limited book collection. Lucky I live in Jakarta where there are still many imported book stores but the collection is not as much as other countries like Singapore. To make matter worse, I don’t have credit card so I can’t order it from book depository. But I am still looking for it…I am sure I can find it somewhere one day. As for the movie, I know I will watch it…it’s easier to find movie than book.

      Thank you for sharing your feeling on the movie…I sometimes wonder about the author’s feeling when his/her book is being made into movie. Is the movie satisfying or not. As both book and movie lover, I often end up feeling disappointed with movie adaptation.

      My Sister’s Keeper is great because of the ending…but as you said maybe in one rainy Sunday (in other word, when my local TV station plays it) I will watch the movie 😉

      Falling Angel…I will see if I can get my hand on the movie. Sometimes when we watch the movie before reading the book, the book might not surpass the movie…although things could go differently if we did it the other way around.

      Thank you sooo much for stopping by and even take your time to read the comments and say my real name (Novia) instead of my nick name…that’s really kind of you.

      I wish you luck with your future books…and maybe you can stop by again when I finally read Broken and review it 🙂

      1. Hi Novia,

        Thanks for the good wishes. I haven’t time to leave a proper reply at the moment but I’ll stop by again later and do so; in the mean-time, if you want to e-mail me your address I’ll sort out getting a paperback of Broken to you.

        Best wishes,

        Daniel (not Mr Clay!)

        1. Hi Daniel,

          Thank you so much for the offer, I will email you later (I am still working now, only manage to reply this). I edited your comment a bit, I noted down your email address and erased it from your comment because it might cause spam to your email.

          Thank you again Daniel 🙂

          1. Hi Novia,

            Belated happy birthday and it’s been nice swapping e-mails with you – I’m looking forward to seeing your questions for the Q&A we’re going to be doing over the next few weeks. It’s great that you’re a huge Cillian fan – from what I’ve heard, he was up for being involved in the film from the very beginning and he’s just been nominated for a British Independent Film Award (BIFA) as best supporting actor; the film’s got nine nominations overall, which is fantastic – I’m really pleased for everyone involved.

            I think, the same as everyone else here, the question of whether a film is ever better than the book it’s based on is a really good one – it’s always so disappointing to read a great book and then see an adaptation that doesn’t work for you (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – Hollywood definitely butchered that one). I don’t think there’s much better, though, than loving a book and the film of it equally – I think One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is great like that, as is No Country For Old Men, and they’re both novels I only read because I’d loved the films so much; I probably wouldn’t have checked them out if I hadn’t really liked the films; the same goes for Fight Club, too – a great debut novel made into a great film. I also love it when I can’t decide which I prefer; the film or the book. I read Peter Benchley’s Jaws when I was really young because you had to be fifteen to see the film and then once I’d read it I just had to read it over and over again – when I saw the film I was a bit disappointed with some of the storylines they’d cut out but still blown away by how it looked on screen and the fantastic music – plus the end in the film is more dramatic and, to me, makes more sense. Here’s a funny thing, though – someone wrote a novel based on the movie Jaws 2 (Frank Searle, I think – no, Hank Searles, I just looked it up) and it’s a really, really good read, with loads of plot elements in it that weren’t in the movie. That must be a first – a novel that’s better than the film it was based on!

            Anyway, I’ll wait to hear from you with the Q&As plus sort out getting a copy of Broken out to Jakarta for you. Take care,


          2. Hi Daniel,
            Thank you, your email came at a perfect time! I also enjoy swapping mails with you. I am planning to do 2 sets of Questions (if you don’t mind)…first about the book being made into movie (which include some questions on my favorite actor) and another set after I read your book where the questions are going to be related to your book.

            I have One Flew Over but still haven’t read it yet. I also haven’t seen the movie (or maybe I had but couldn’t remember it anymore)…I am eager to compare that one too. Right now, my main focus is The Hobbit…how I wish the movie will also be as good as the book (like The Lord of The Rings). Many has said good thing about Fight Club but in different opinion, some said the movie is better some said the same thing as you, equally great.

            I haven’t read much novelization…in fact I have only read 1 novelization, it was The X Files and I quite like it…the books are as enjoyable as the series.

            I am also looking forward to send my questions and read your answers 🙂

            Have a nice weekend Daniel,


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