Introduction to Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), Install and The Kirishima Thing

I was planning to publish my review of Bakuman today but my conversation with Jason from Genkinahito’s Blog made me change my mind and finally decided to write something I have been meaning to write since last year (since I saw Rurouni Kenshin – Kyoto Inferno) but never really had a chance to do it… Read More Introduction to Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介), Install and The Kirishima Thing

るろうに剣心 – 伝説の最期編 (Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends)

The long awaited movie (well, not that long, only one month apart but it still feels long) has finally come. I couldn’t watch it last week even though I was dying to see it so I made the best out of it this weekend. I watched the morning one which was perfect decision because the… Read More るろうに剣心 – 伝説の最期編 (Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends)

るろうに剣心 – 京都大火編 (Rurouni Kenshin : Kyoto Inferno)

 Yeaaaa \(^_^)/ …..I am so happy to finally able to see Kenshin in big screen 🙂 and to make it better, two of my most anticipated movies of the year paid off. I just need to wait for another one 😉 When the first movie was released (Rurouni Kenshin – るろうに剣心), every anime lovers in… Read More るろうに剣心 – 京都大火編 (Rurouni Kenshin : Kyoto Inferno)


For this month Monthly Murphy, I am going to review Cillian’s latest movie, Transcendence. Summary from imdb: As Dr. Will Caster works toward his goal of creating an omniscient, sentient machine, a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent him from establishing a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain. Warning: If… Read More Transcendence