My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult is a book that I bought based on my instinct (I have done this a lot with movies and dorama). I simply read the synopsis on the back cover and fell in love instantly. But I can say that I get more than what I bargain for.

First I need to say that I HATE Picoult’s way of writing. Her idea of making an ‘I’ emphasize for each of the characters is making me loose the essence of being one of the characters. I mean, every time I read a book I always put myself in one of them, not always the ‘I’ character of the book, but by making the ‘I’ as a single character makes me easier to get involve with any of the character. When Picoult write ‘I’ for everyone, it’s simply shattered all the imagination.

But….fortunately, Picoult had written one hell of a story.

She twisted our heart and our feeling. She makes us believe in miracle and devastating at the same time. She gives hope and despair in an amazing moment. In general…My Sister’s Keeper took my breath away.

My Sister’s Keeper is about a family, The Fitzgeralds, who tried to keep their family intact. Brian and Sara have 3 children, Jesse is the oldest son, Kate is the middle girl who suffered APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukimia), and Anna who is born to be her sister’s donor. Anna has donated a lot to Kate (so many medical term that I can’t remember anymore) but when she is asked to give her kidney to Kate, she files a lawsuit for the right of her body.

She comes to Campbell Alexander, an attorney who will help her pro-bono case. Within period of her lawsuit to the hearing, a lot happens. There are problems with the abandon child, Jesse. A side story that entangles Campbell’s past with the Guardian ad Litem Julia Romano. Everything comes one after another.

In the end, things don’t go the way we imagine it to be. What you expect when you started reading the book is not what you’ll get. How you feel to certain character will be altered as the story goes. The end might sucks to some people, but for me it was a great ending… it was both sucks and unimaginable and yet powerful and unforgettable.

Rating : 4 stars (I really like it)

[It has the right to 5 stars but the way she emphasize on ‘I’ for every characters reduce it to 4]



  1. Wow. Your description alone makes me want to go pick it up and look. How intriguing.

    Novroz’s Answer
    Thx 🙂
    you won’t regret reading it

  2. miss suka yang akhirnya tragis” gitu ya??ahh saya kalau baca yang sedih” seringnya malah ikutan sedih miss, jadi ga konsen blajar (haha lebay)..

    Novroz’s Answer
    Sebenarnya bukan masalah tragisnya…tapi ga ketebaknya!! males kan kalo baca sesuatu akhirnya dah ketebak dr awal baca.

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