Random Hollywood 2

Random Hollywood is truly random 🙂 My 1st Random Hollywood was written in Indonesian language (Bahasa), now…for my second Random Hollywood, I will write it in English. This can not be considered as a review post because I won’t review how the story goes…it is more like an insight – what I think about these movies.

In the past 2 months, I only watched few Hollywood movies (I watched a lot of Japanese TV series and Japanese movies this month) I will write 4 of them in 1 post. It starts from the newest one I watched.

  • Robin Hood

I watched this movie yesterday. I went to theater and was expecting the same story as most Robin Hood movies … Fortunately, they’ve changed the story. I had a lot of fun comparing the differentiation of this movie and other RH movies. They’ve made a new Robin Hood, in some points it reminds be of Gladiator, especially when Robin becomes more adored by people than the king himself. The battle scene on the beach reminds me SO MUCH of saving Private Ryan. I love watching Cate Blanchett, she always acts really well. As for Russel Crow, he shouldn’t play as Englishman anymore!! His accent is not stable, he keeps changing his accent from time to time (It makes me sad to know Crow is more famous than Cillian Murphy whereas Murphy never fails in using American accent). My rating is 2 Stars (it was okay)


The Story: Robin Longstride comes back to London carrying King Richard’s crown. He told King John that he is Robert Loxley. He goes to Nottingham to bring back Loxley’s sword back to his father. Robin has to pretend to be Robert Loxley. When the Lords are planning to overthrow The King, Robin unites them back.


  • Ghost Writer

I like this movie. Movies based on books always have good story. I like listening to Ewan McGregor’s accent. From the beginning till the end, it kept me wondering what is going on in this movie, I like this kind of movie. I like all the twist in this movie. While watching it, I kept thinking that this feels like the kind of story that comes from books…and I was right. A week later, I found the book at Times bookstore. However, I felt a bit disappointed for going to theater to watch this because drama like this is better to be watched at home. My rating is 3 Stars (I like it)


The Story: British Prime Minister named Lang is planning to write a biography. To do that he needs a ghost writer. McGregor becomes his ghost after the previous ghost was killed. He then discovered a secret in Lang’s family.


  • Hachiko

I know Hachiko!! For a Japan freak like me, hachiko’s history is not a new thing. When I heard that Hollywood plans to make a story out of it, I am intrigued…Will Hollywood ruins it like the way they butchered all Japanese Movies through their remakes? Or will they keep it true to the story? Thanks God they do not butcher this story. The way I see it, the movie was beautifully made. It really gives the sense of love and loyalty. Anyone who has pets will relate to this movie and will be touched by it. When the professor died, I didn’t cry at all, but when Hachi died I couldn’t hold my tears. Another 3 stars movie.


The Story: A university professor found a lost puppy, it was an Akita dog, the kind of dog that is known for its loyalty. Hachi loves his owner so much and always waits for him at the station. When the professor died, Hachi still comes to the station waiting for his owner. He waits there for 9 years. He even dies in that station. In Shibuya Station, Japan, you can find Hachiko’s bronze statue sitting in front of the station.


  • Ninja Assassin

Ninja assassin torn my feeling apart!! I felt both hate and love toward this movie. I went to the theater hoping it will be as good as The Matrix but I left the theater feeling disappointed. I’ve written my review of this movie last year in Bahasa because I want to curse this movie in my own tongue. 2 weeks ago I watched the movie again through DVD and it still gives me the felling of Hate and Love.

Love: Because the blood effect is inspired by Japanese Samurai movies but they make it a lot better. All those splattered blood and flying body parts are candy to my eyes. The fighting scenes are also entertaining. Plus I can drool on rain’s body ;p

Hate: This will be a spoiler! The writer needs to change their American Perspective in making movies, which is guns and technology will wipe out traditional art. In the end, this Ninja’s dojo was ambushed by army and tanks and none of the Ninjas are aware of it.

Stupid story #1: In the beginning, it was said that Ninja can smell human body…So, how come at the end they can’t smell gun powder and don’t realize that a group of army carrying heavy artillery is about to ambushed them? Baka!!!

Stupid story #2: Those armies come with tank and other noisy vehicles into a dojo which lies in the middle of a quiet jungle on a mountain. When I was hiking on a mountain, I can hear everything because the mountain is so quite….and how in the hell those ninja can’t hear all those vehicles? For crying out loud, Ninja has better hearing than normal people!! Aho!!!

Stupid Story #3: The writer SHOULD READ a bit about ninja!! Ninja never left their place unguarded, they will put spies in all direction because they want to keep their place secret. Their spies will not be easily spotted by normal eyes, another ninja might spot them. An ambushed by a non-ninja group will never happen!! They will kill that group before it reaches their place or at least they will notice the other ninjas in the dojo of the un-welcomed guest.

It’ll be a better story if they sent a rocket to wipe out the dojo…that will make more sense!!

13 thoughts on “Random Hollywood 2

  1. Saw Robin Hood and thought it was okay too, but not great. And you’re right Crowe’s accent is so bad, but I expected it to be worse. He should just make it easy on himself and leave it as his own Australian accent.

  2. Hi Novroz, wow you watched quite a few movies lately, I haven’t been able since my vacation. But I’m still curious about the Gladiator-ized Robin Hood, so suffice to say he’s the *Outlaw that defied a Kingdom* eh? 🙂 I’ve heard about the accent thing, yeah that could be distracting, I guess Crowe is better with his American accent than his English one. But imagine, he was going to do a Spanish accent a la Antonio Banderas for his role as Maximus, that’d have been horrid!

    Heard good things about Ghost Writer, I’ll check that out on dvd when it comes out.

    1. *Outlaw that defied a Kingdom* << Yup… you can easily said it like this! Well I'm not going to say it's a bad movie…it worth watching but it won't blow you away.

      What?? Spanish accent? auch, he needs to stay in Spain for a year (or more)

      Yes, Ghost Writer is really good, I might watch it again on DVD

  3. I was so enthusiastic about leaving a comment I put ‘Robin Hood’ in the Name field 🙂

    So, accents. I love accents and appreciate them done well by actors. I’m not sure it’s fair but I usually judge a performance based on the accent. I thought Renee Zellweger deserved an Oscar nomination just for her English accent in Bridget Jones, it was flawless. Russell’s wasn’t. He is still charismatic though. That’s why I like him as an actor.

    1. Huaha Lucky you’ve changed it before you post it 😉

      Hear hear!! Renee was great on Bridget Jones…then again she is always great in all her movies.

      Yeah I also think the same way, accent is very important because it’s hard to stay consistent. I’m neutral toward Crow, I don’t hate him nor like him… In my eyes Gerald Butler has more charisma than him.

      1. Much ado about accents… he..he.. that’s why I dedicated a post on the matter (http://wp.me/pxXPC-S6) I agree with Novroz, it does play a big role in making a character believable, but a charismatic performance can — and do — make up for it. It’s GeraRd Butler, Nov, but YES he does have oodles and oodles of charisma, but Crowe is by far the better actor. Hey, I’m calling a spade a spade 🙂

  4. I saw Robin Hood last weekend – It was okay, but I wasn’t hugely impressed by it either. The best thing about it was the cast. The worst thing about it was probably when the two boats parted and Crowe appeared through the water going “raaaaaar”! 🙂 Hopefully the next one will have the same cast in a better quality film.

  5. The worst thing about it was probably when the two boats parted and Crowe appeared through the water going “raaaaaar”! —> huahaha.. that’s true

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