Monthly Murphy: Retreat VS In Time

I haven’t been doing this movie battle in a while, the last was Shaun of The Dead Vs Zombieland…and Shaun is the winner. I have written several movie battles but those battles are always between movies I have seen. For this month’s Monthly Murphy, I decided to do a preliminary battle of 2 movies by Cillian Movies, I do this because the two movies are scheduled to be released close to each other. Preliminary because I haven’t seen both movie (of course!)

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Retreat will be released on October 7 in UK and October 21 in US (Not sure when in Indonesia…or is it even going to be played here 😦 ). In Time will be released on October 28. 2 movies by Cillian that only have 1 week in between, it would be heaven if I live in US…one Cillian after another all around the theaters. What a nice cinema moment.

Without writing this post, those who often visit my blog know really well which one I prefer more…I am writing this simply to show why one wins over the other.

Round #1: The Plot

Retreat is a psychological thriller about a couple who are trying to fix their marriage by visiting an Island. A man in hazardous suit suddenly shows up and tells them that everyone in great Britain died because of a virus outbreak. Should they believe this man? If he is lying, what is his motive?

From the trailer, we can’t see how it’s going to end. We can’t guess what’s going to happen to that couple and what’s really going on in the mainland. I can imagine that the movie will be very thrilling.

A review by Bloody Disgusting

Don’t watch any trailers, don’t watch any clips, don’t read this review or any others before you see Retreat because it will exhaust the uniquely intense experience that this movie offers. If you’ve already seen the trailer and can’t do the whole “tabula rasa” thing, don’t worry it’s still going to grab you by the throat and leave you breathless when the credits roll. Retreat , is one hell of a start to Carl Tibbetts’ career, and it’s exactly the kind of movie I’ve been waiting to see for a long time….

Retreat has also received good comment in several festivals.

In Time is a futuristic sci-fi where the rich can live forever while the poor can only live in short time. A man suddenly received a fortune and blamed for murder. He kidnapped a rich man’s daughter in his runaway.

Even in that short outline I can see the whole movie in front of my eyes, the trailer confirms everything. When I read the plot outline I know straight away that the man and the kidnapped woman will fall in love and do justice together. SOOO Predictable.

You can see the trailer here

In Time’s plot is the kind of story I always avoid, the kind of story where the rich are treated like God while the poor are a low as an earth worm. What I meant by treated like God does not mean that Rich people are God…but they pretend as if they are much better than the poor. You can see how they can live up to 100 years even forever while the poor can only have around 20 years. I hated this kind of discrimination even more than racial discrimination. As I have said it in my comment to Caroline, I will close the book, turn off the DVD, walk out of the cinema and change the TV Channel if I ever encounter such story.

For this round, Retreat wins by a TKO over In Time

Note. I admit that my feeling toward the plot might change after I see the movies,maybe Retreat isn’t as good as I expected and maybe In Time isn’t as bad as I thought…there is still that possibility.

Round #2: Cillian Murphy

Raymond Leon VS Martin

This round is a bit difficult to conclude.

Cillian as Raymond is a bad ass hunk, he looks so cool in his outfit. His movement and his way of talking is the kind of bad cop I wouldn’t mind to meet. However, Cillian doesn’t use his accent here and he is only a supporting role that won’t have much coverage time.

Cillian as Martin is an ordinary husband. From the trailer, he has nothing special to show us…he even look a bit cowardice. We will know more about him after we watch the movie. I have always wanted to see him playing husband as he is more of a family man than movie star. plus, He has his accent which I love so much.

For this round, in the way Cillian’s look, he as Raymond in In Time wins. In time coverage, Retreat wins because I can see him more than in In Time. In the way he speaks, Retreat wins badly because  I always love his original/British accent than his American accent.

There is also one important fact that one cannot forget, Cillian always do better acting in non-Hollywood blockbuster movies.

So…final decision, Retreat wins by 1 point

Round #3: Actor Beside Cillian

Justin Timberlake Vs Jamie Bell.
Ow my God…I don’t need to explain anything here…I like Jamie Bell a lot and hate Justin Timberlake equally a lot.

This round last only for 1 second as Jamie Bell helps Retreat wins by a TKO.

Round #4: The Actress

Amanda Seyfried Vs Thandie Newton

I don’t see any competition here, Thandie wins over Seyfried in many ways. I still haven’t seen amazing performance by Seyfried and she isn’t that pretty in my eyes. As for Newton, I like her performance in Rock and Rolla and would you disagree with me if I say she has certain gracefulness that Seyfried doesn’t have.

On this last round, Thandie newton helps Retreat to knock out In time in the easiest way possible.


As you can see, Retreat wins by unanimous decision. In Time only has a chance to win in Cillian Murphy round which mean if there is no Cillian Murphy, In Time will be a movie I watch in TV and there is nothing else to watch.

If I was given a chance to see only 1 movie, I’ll choose Retreat without even giving it a second thought…however, sad but true the one that has higher chance to be shown in my country’s cinema is In Time because it is made by Hollywood while retreat is made by UK. *Damn with this arrangement!!*

I hope with all my heart that I can see Retreat in cinema, in the biggest screen possible. As for In Time, I am still in between, I want to see it in Cinema because I can see Cillian’s face in big screen but I also want to see it in DVD because I can fast-forward the scenes I don’t like and only see the scenes where Cillian shows up.

I know, as far as I can see, I am the only one who shows reluctance over In Time…every movie bloggers I know look forward to see it.


  • Cillian’s upcoming movie that is on my top list of most anticipated one has new poster 🙂

  • Misterman will be played in Brooklyn, New York from November 30 to December 21 at St. Ann’s Warehouse. Tickets go on sale September 14.
    I am officially hating all New Yorkers because they can see Misterman while  I can’t 😉


  1. As i said before, i don’t think In Time is trying to promote the rich controlling everything type of world as a good thing, so i don’t really have a problem with it. And i’m not sure why you hate Timberlake, as i remember you saying he’s not a bad actor.

    I also think Seyfried gave a great performance in Chloe…although unfortunately the movie itself was lacking.

    As for me, both seem interesting. Not sure i would put one over the other at this point, but then again i am not someone who would see a movie that i wasn’t interested in just because of a actor or actress…hence why there is one movie Deborah Ann Woll is doing that i don’t plan to see

    1. Hi Julian, I appreciate your opinion but even though the rich controlling the poor is not a good thing in the movie which mean it is something they are going o fix…but all stories with this theme are like that. It’s the process to get to the fixing up the problem is what tiring me.

      Hehehe you’ll be surprised of how many movies I avoid to watch, one is of course the actors I don’t like, second is the trailer…if the trailer doesn’t appeal me or I can easily guess the story, I would then watch it in TV. Take example of Avatar, when I saw the trailer, I had no desire at all to see it because I could predict how the story goes…I finally saw it because my students kept telling me how great the effect was. And they were right, the effect was amazing but the story was so damn predictable that it bored me terribly.

      Hmm…the reason why I don’t like Justin is not in his movie era, it’s in his boyband era. I am going to write actors I don’t find appealing somewhere this month, if you are interested in reading it.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion Julian…it was always fun to read opposite opinion.

  2. I can’t wait to see both films. I know I will enjoy IN TIME more, since I love sf and plus I love the cast, but RETREAT also has wonderful cast and intriguing story.
    And, unlike you, I adore Timberlake, he is such a rare and unique talent, a man with natural charisma born to be great in everything he does.

    1. I also love sci-fi especially those I couldn’t guess like The Matrix and Inception or an epic sci-fi like Starwars. But if I have to choose between thriller and sci-fi, I think thriller is the winner (of course if the thriller has great/unpredictable ending).
      Hehe as I already said, so far I am still the only one who don’t find In Time appealing…but that’s okay I enjoy being different 😉

      Ah…sorry for not adoring your favorite actor, Dezz. When it comes to adoring someone, it really relies on personal taste. You know how much I love Cillian and yet I often find people who dislike him. But that’s okay we can’t force people to like or dislike something/someone.

  3. As I stated on AM, I like the sci-fi concept of In Time, I just don’t like the leads (Timberlake and Seyfried). Retreat sounds very intriguing. To be honest, I didn’t even hear about it until now.

    1. Yup I have read your post Cas … tho it’s hard to keep up with AM now, you guys are too active, so many posts to catch up 😉

      So far, I am the only one who have problem with In Time’s plot…maybe it’ll turn up to be good after I see it.

      Hehe…glad to have an ally toward the leads 😉

      Not surprising you don’t know about Retreat, it’s not the kind of movie that will turn into blockbuster or the kind that people aware of. I too might miss the fact there is a movie called Retreat if Cillian isn’t the lead.

    2. I’m w/ Castor about In Time. Timberlake is just not convincing in a lead role, I can only stomach him in cameos. I wish they just made Cillian the lead guy, I mean seriously!!

      At the same time, the plot for Retreat is not my cup of tea. But I do like Thandie. Ah the dilemma… but surely you’ll watch both of them, right Nov? 🙂

      1. I doubt any Hollywood producer/director want to cast Cillian as the lead in a big budget movie…sad but true, he is so underated there. Poor guy…but I don’t think he minds tho. At least he will play Deniro and Sigourney soon, so looking forward to it.

        I am not going to comment on Timberlake, I am happy to meet new ally all the time 😉

        I thought you don’t like Horror, who would have thought you also don’t like Thriller. Come on Ruth, it’s a fun genre!!

        Hehehe as I said before, I will watch ANYTHING with Cillian in it even though I don’t like the plot and the leads.

        1. Oh, I like thrillers, just not gory ones, this one somehow sounds terrifying. But I’ll wait for the trailer (is it out yet?) and the reviews first, I might give it a chance as I like the lead actors. In Time however, not sure if I would even rent it.

          1. I think this one is Phychological thriller, meaning not a gory one. It hasn’t been in theater yet, only in festivals.
            I insert a review by Bloody Disgusting up there in the post along with the link if you are interested.

  4. “I can fast-forward the scenes I don’t like and only see the scenes where Cillian shows up.” .. Do you Really do that?
    I think they both look interesting. I’ll explain why I think the plot for InTime is very different. I think a lot of movies that do this, do it because they are trying to put social injustice down, and to show that bad people and rich people are many times the same person. Always the poor man wins and the rich man gets punished in the end. At least I always hope so.

    I wish you could watch your favorite one on the big screen.

    1. Maybe you haven’t realized that I am stopper (is this even a term?), I mean when I don’t like a story be it in movie or book, I tend to stop it and move on to the next story. I have countless books and movies that I stopped in the middle because the story is too boring or not into my liking. The best part about movie (compare to book) is I can fast-forward it to see how it ends, maybe the ending is good.

      One of Cillian’s movie that I fast-forwarded is The Girl With a Pearl Earring, the movie was incredibly boring, even the appearance of my other fav actor apart from Cillian couldn’t save the movie from being so boring. I ended up fast-forwarding the movie all the time. The first 30 minutes felt like 3 hours, I couldn’t take it anymore but I want to see Cillian’s performance…hence the fast-forwarding.

      I know In Time’s plot means well…but I guess I have seen too many of this kind of injustice being filmed in soap opera makes me a bit tired of it. I am glad you find In Time’s plot interesting and maybe you’ll end up watching it on October, would love to know what you think after seeing it.

      Thank you for the wish, Sara 🙂
      I wish you wish can come true.

  5. His character in “In Time” seems very interesting. I have no problem with the plot, I have a problem with Justin Timberlake, I cannot take him seriously as an actor, he should have continued with his music career, and if Cillian weren’t in this film I’m not sure if I would watch it. I believe Retreat has potential and as you said he’s a leading role so we’ll be seeing a lot of him, a lot, and that makes me happy.

    1. Hi Alejandra.. nice to see another Cillian fans.
      Wow…I didn’t know I have more company who has reluctance in seeing Justin, I am happy to know that 🙂

      Same with you, I don’t think I will watch the movie if Cillian is not in it. His character looks like a cool annoying person.
      Haha that’s right! even if Retreat turns out to be a bad movie, we are still happy because we can see him all through the movie.

  6. I was interested to read how you rate the actresses. I do totally agree with you.
    I think however both movies offer a few elements that sound quite good but the leads of In Time are not to my liking.

    1. I have only seen Seyfried in mamamia and somehow her presence is way less interesting than Streep. The old lady totally overshadowed her. When I saw Newton in Rock and Rolla, her presence was so strong. Newton is not that beautiful but very attractive.

      I don’t see any element of surprise in ‘In Time’, I can read all the plot in the trailer…I do hope I was wrong after I see it.
      Hehehe always to see another person who dislike the lead of In Time 🙂

  7. Nov, baru aja nonton In Time.Filmnya mah, plotnya cuma segitu, padahal opening mpe ketemu ibunya di jalan cukup bagus. abis itu, blah!
    tapi ada satu org yg menarik perhatian gue… n kayaknya gue pernah liat tu orang… ternyata itu Cillian! hahaha, aduh syg bgt perannya dangkal, pdhl aktingnya bagus! :cinta: Ga ganteng tapi memorable mukanya.

    1. Dear Dhitz….silakan baca diatas kenapa daku memindahkan komenmu kemari 🙂
      Dari awal juga gw dah ga minat untuk nonton In Time…kalo ga ada Cillian, boro2gw lirik tuh film. Ini aja masih ragu antara nntn di bioskop atau di DVD.

      Sebelum gw nntn Retreat & In Time,Retreat dah menang telak….gw baru aja selesai nntn Retreat (kebetulan bgt lo selesai nntn In Timegw selesai nntn Retreat) dan RETREAT totally rocked!!! It really paid the anticipation. Keren bgt dan tak terduga. Minggu depan gw publish deh reviewnya. Sekarang tinggalnntn In time *sigh*.

      Btw…ga nganteng?? gw baru liat foto2nya pake jaket hitam aja dah ngiler apalagi liat langsung dilayar gede….whuaaaah melting deh.
      Soal acting sih dah ga perlu diragukan lagi…dia terlalu underarated jadi ga banyak yang nyadar kalo dia keren bgt aktingnya

      1. mungkin lebih tepatnya gue bilang: ga bishonen. tapi widiiih… tu orang bikin gue cuma nunggu2 dy muncul aja. *gyaaa… nonton di dvd aja… sesek gue liat cillian di’kasih’ peran gitu. T.T. Td gue coba nany temen gue, itu cillian kan, wah mreka ga kenal. syg sekali.

        1. Hahaha kalo mau liat dia bishounen mah di Breakfast on Pluto;)
          Niatnya sih setelah di layar gede baru di DVD dengan di fast-forward disana sini hehe.
          Iya emang 😦 banyak bgt org Indo yang ga kenal Cillian…tapi biasanya mereka tau kalo dikasih tau peran2nya di film blockbuster.

          Hmmm…sebenarnya Cillian bukan ‘dikasih’ peran begitu…dia selalu milih peran loh, ga peduli diabakal jadi tenar atau ga karena perannya itu,yang penting buat dia adalah peran yang belum pernah dia lakuin. waktu Inception aja, dia dikasih kebebasan buat milih peran sama Nolan…dah dia pilih jadi anak orang kaya karena belum pernah jd org Kaya raya amit2.

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