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Shaun of the Dead VS Zombieland

After more than 6 months in my computer, I finally decided to watch it…I finally watch Zombieland. All this time I always said maybe next time. I think this delay is because of Shaun of The Dead, Shaun is my 1 out of 2 my most favorite zombie movies. When I first heard of zombieland being a funny zombie movie like Shaun, I short of looking at it half-hearted. I can’t stop being a person that I am, I find it difficult to watch a movie with similar idea when I have finally found the best of that genre, unless I have good feeling about it (like when I watch Inception’s trailer)

So…bear with me because I couldn’t help not to compare these 2 movies.

Shaun of The Dead

The first time I watched this movie is on TV, it was very late, fortunately I wasn’t feeling sleepy at the time, and otherwise I would have missed this crazy zombie movie. It was played an hour before midnight and even so, I laugh as hard as I can while watching it.

SoTD was directed by Edgar Wright with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the leading role. It was released in April 9, 2004 (I watched it 3 years later). According to my favorite author, Stephen King, SoTD is in the scale of 10 in fun-meter and destined to be a cult classic.

The story was about Shaun and his friends who were trying to survive from the Zombies. Shaun and his best friend, eddy, tried to find the best place to hide till the zombie situation is finally over. They tried to take his mother and step father, and his ex-girlfriend along with her friends to a place that they thought very save, the place was their favorite pub.

Sounds simple and not interesting, doesn’t it?

In truth, it’s not that simple and very interesting. It was freaking hilarious and scary at the same time. Even simple things like finding a weapon to kill the zombies were funny. The ending was not 100% happy.

My rating

Read a more thorough review by Dan in Top 10 films


I copy this from wikipedia 🙂
The film is set in a post-apocalyptic America, two months after a mutated strain of mad cow disease turns nearly all humans into zombies. College student “Columbus” (Jesse Eisenberg) is on his way to Columbus, Ohio to see if his parents are still alive. He loses his car in an accident and encounters “Tallahassee” (Woody Harrelson), who is on a quest to find the last Twinkies on Earth. They travel together and when they stop at a grocery store, they meet two sisters, “Wichita” (Emma Stone) and “Little Rock” (Abigail Breslin). The sisters con them into handing over their weapons and steal their vehicle. Later, the two men find another truck loaded with weapons, but when they meet the girls again, the girls attempt once more to steal their truck. Columbus proposes a truce and suggests they travel together.


Read a more thorough review by Dan in Top 10 films

The winner is: Shaun of the Dead without any doubt.

Reasons: (this part contains spoilers)

SoTD is funnier than Zombieland. SoTD’s funniest moment really makes me laugh so loud while the funniest moment in Zombieland only manages to make me laugh (not so loud). There is a moment of boredom somewhere in the middle of Zombieland, it’s when Colombus and Tallahassee meet the girls and the girls hijack their car again and again. When they are in Bill Murray’s house is also a bit boring. Zombieland also lacks of small things that can tickle me. In SoTD, small things like deciding the right disc to hit the zombies, or pretending to be zombies to escape from the zombies are like extra chilly in an already spicy food. The part that I like the most in zombieland is the rules, the rules are very interesting, other than that…meh.

SoTD had better ending than Zombieland. I don’t know what is it with Hollywood and happy ending? Does everything have to be ended with everyone lives happily ever after like in fairy tales?
No one died in Zombieland and a single man managed to wipe out hundreds of zombies. Those are two kinds of endings in post-apocalyptic movies that make me less enthusiastic. In SoTD, the ending is more realistic. Shaun and his girlfriend are the remaining survivors.

SoTD has more feeling than Zombieland. In zombieland, I can only see 2 things…comedy and horror (or suspense). In SoTD, I can see comedy, horror (or suspense) and sadness. When Shaun’s mom died is the saddest moment in SoTD

My opinion is surely different with others. My student likes Zombieland more than Shaun.

How bout you? Which one do you like more?


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21 comments on “Shaun of the Dead VS Zombieland

  1. Caroline
    November 21, 2010

    I watched Shaun of the Dead a while ago and think it is one of the funniest movies ever. I love it! Hard to be better than that, really. I am not surprised this one is not as good.

    • Novroz
      November 22, 2010

      What I like the most is the fact that Shaun is naturally funny, not some stupid parody of many horror movies like scary movie.
      Have you seen Zombieland?

      • Caroline
        November 22, 2010

        No, not yet, might still try it. We watched something like Lesbian Vampirwe Killers that was quite funny too. Vampires instead of zombies. But Shaun is much funnier.

        • Novroz
          November 22, 2010

          What is the title? I want to watch it too if I can find it.

          • Caroline
            November 23, 2010

            I checke it is really Lesbian Vampire Killers. But it is not as good as Shaun, just funny and a bit silly.

          • Novroz
            November 23, 2010

            Thanks, i will try to find it. It’s hard to beat Shaun but still nice to see funny movie even though it can’t beat Shaun

  2. Avian
    November 21, 2010

    aaaaaaduhhhh missssss hahaha
    jujur sebenernya opini saya sama kayak opini miss, tapi gatau kenapa saya lebih suka Zombieland daripada SotD, walau kalo saya kasih nilai, SotD lebih tinggi, tapi karena kesubjektifan saya, Zombieland jadi most favourite hehehe

    SotD is funnier, jelas itu miss hahaha
    SotD lebih ngocol daripada Zombieland, sedangkan Zombieland cuma satu part yg pas nonton bikin saya ngakak, yaitu pas dia jatoh dari motor pas udah gaya segitu kerennya, hahahaha
    kalo dari segi ending, saya berpikir kalo Zombieland ini emang udah direncanain sama sutradaranya karena setelah kelar syuting aja si Woody Harrelson nya meluk semua pemain dan ngomong ke sutradaranya “saya gak pernah minta dibikinin sekuel dalam film yg pernah saya maenin, tapi jujur saya ingin film ini dibuat sekuelnya.”, ya jadi endingnya udah digituin takut2 si sutradara si siapa saya lupa namanya hehehe
    tapi soal best ending ya tetep SotD, Edgar Wright selalu bikin tebakan setiap orang yg nonton filmnya salah! baik itu SotD atau pun Hot Fuzz! dia pinter banget turning around the main plot, sehingga ngehasilin ending yg gak disangka2. hail Edgar! hahaha
    kalo cerita yaaaaaa emang udah beda miss jadi kalo ini sih jadi subjektif, tapi saya tetep suka endingnya…………….. Shaun Of The Dead hahahaha
    saya hampir menitikkan air mata di bagian si Ed nya yg ngerokok bareng si Shaun nya itu. ya ampun nyentuh banget itu hahaha
    pokoknya the best ya Shaun Of The Dead secara overall, tapi favorit saya tetep Zombieland. aduh gimana ya jelasinnya hahahaha miss ngerti saya kan haha

    saya mau sedikit nambahin ah, tapi saya subjektif ya miss:

    bagian paling lucu SotD: banyak sih jujur hahaha, tapi saya paling ngakak pas bagian yg di depan Winchester Pub, kan yg laen lagi bingung mau masuk ke dalem, eh si Ed nerima telpon dengan nyante gitu hahaha terus yg pas ibunya belom ngapa2in eh dibilang ekspresinya bagus (agak mikir jg nih lawaknya hehe) terus jg bagian si Ed sm Shaun pertama kali ngelemparin Mary sama zombie yg gendut di backyard itu bego banget sumpah hahaha sama yg ini juga……. (gak abis2 deh hahahaha)
    bagian paling lucu Zombieland: pas si Columbus jatoh dari motor dengan begonya haha, sama pas si Bill Murray nya udah mau mati eh sempet keselek hahaha

    bagian paling sedih SotD: pas Shaun sm Ed ngobrol terakhir kali di kolong pub, asli nyentuh banget
    bagian paling sedih Zombieland: pas Tallahassee cerita soal Buck, pertama dia bilang itu puppy, eh padahal itu anaknya, dan puppy itu istilah dia karena bapaknya mungkin kayak anjing wakakakak

    yg bikin SotD beda dari Zombieland (atau mungkin film zombie lain): (jelas) cara sceneshot nya Edgar yg emang khas nya dia, persahabatan yg erat banget terlihat menonjol, (ciri khas bbrp British film jg) lokasinya sedikit (bbrp tempat doang) tapi ceritanya padat
    yg bikin Zombieland beda: (jelasssssss) rules nya yg setiap lagi disinggung pasti nongol di layar hahaha, pemakaian nama orang pake nama kota

    best scene SotD: sama kyk miss kayaknya, pas gebuk pemilik pub diiringi lagu Don’t Stop Me Now hahaha
    best scene Zombieland: pas Tallahassee nembak2in zombie sambil naek wahana haha

    worst scene SotD: pas siapa namanya cowoknya si Liz, si Bill ya? pas di amati terkoyak zombie, itu agak aneh ya pas perutnya bisa kekoyak segitu gampangnya hehehe sama pas ibunya ditembak,efeknya agak keliatan gitu cuma ya gak buruk2 banget sih hehehe
    worst scene Zombieland: pas Tallahassee nembakin banyak zombie dengan berlindung di satu stand, agak gak masuk akal aja zombienya bisa mati semua gitu tapi standnya gak begitu rusak, juga pasti ada zombie yg ketabrak wahana gitu efeknya keliatan, dan fun nya jd ngurang hehehe

    overall tetep Shaun of the Dead is the best recommended movie! tapi subjektifnya, Zombieland tetep favorit saya

    dan saya beruntung dicekokin film SotD sama miss karena emang extremely awesome hehehe

    • Novroz
      November 22, 2010

      Hahaha anak yg aneh…lebih bagus Shaun tp lebih suka Zombieland … haha aga ga jelas ;p

      Bagian sedihnya zombieland ga begitu sedih kalo menurut saya, ntah kenapa sy lempeng aja n cuma bilang ‘oh anaknya toh!’ Tapi kalo shaun, pas Eddy mau jd zombie n mau nembak ibunya tuh benar2 bikin sy berkaca2.

      Iya, di zombieland rulesnya paling oke, cara tulisan2nya muncul juga kocak dan itu bagian termenarik dr zombieland.

      Sy lupa bagian mana zombieland yg bikin sy ngakak (pdhl br kemaren nntnnya), kalo Shaun sih kebanyakan kl mau ditulis semua, yg Don’t Stop Me Now, yg lempar2 disc, yg mikirin ngejemput ibunya n ngebunuh Phil, yg mau dibunuh zombie malah difoto ama Ed, dll…hehe terlalu banyak.

      Ah…jd pengen nntn Shaun lg jadinya.

      berhubung tulisan Avian panjang banget, dah kayak post-an blog juga, jadi saya edit2 dikit dengan nge-block ya, jadi org lain pun bisa enak bacanya (isi sama sekali ga diubah)

  3. deady
    November 22, 2010

    jelas Shaun of The Dead lah
    bagian yang paling lucu tuh saat
    “Here’s The Plan” diulang-ulang mulu

    • Novroz
      November 22, 2010

      Iya itu bagian yg kocak abis, awalnya kirain dah beneran taunya br rencana doang…dah gitu rencana yg sama sekali ga melindungi, dasar si Shaun

  4. Robert Lee
    November 23, 2010

    I heard you were writing about zombies! I had to stop by and check it out! Terrific points. I completely agree with Shaun being the better film. Shaun had a sly wit that zombieland can’t even come close to. Also, you could tell that SOTD had a real respect for the zombie classics that had come before. To compare Eisenberg with Pegg is a rough comparison. Pegg delivered a great multi-layered, yet still hysterical performance. While Eisenberg was the same character that he is in every other of his films, only this time in a zombie film. This was a terrific read!

    • Novroz
      November 23, 2010

      Thank you for adding more point Robert 🙂
      Zombieland is the 1st time I see Eisenberg, so I have no opinion on him. As for Pegg, I admit that he is a great actor.
      Thank you for reading this, Robert.

  5. rtm
    November 24, 2010

    I haven’t seen Zombieland so I can’t say… but my hubby saw it and loved it. I probably would still like Shaun more ’cause I love Pegg/Frost and British humor… but then again Zombieland’s got Bill Murray! Hmmm, tough call.

    • Novroz
      November 24, 2010

      Bill Murray only appears for few minutes. i think you would still choose Shaun over Zombieland 😉

      • rtm
        November 27, 2010

        He..he.. I think you’re right, Nov. Pegg/Frost all the way! 🙂

  6. purisuka
    November 27, 2010

    wah bingung, saya suka dua-duanya, dua-duanya punya kelebihan masing-masing, dan dua-duanya bikin saya ngakak terus. tapi karena saya lebih dulu nonton zombieland daripada shaun, mungkin lebih condong ke zombieland 😀

    • Novroz
      November 28, 2010

      hehe efek dr liat duluan ya 😉

  7. Go,See,Talk (@GoSeeTalk)
    August 6, 2012

    Haha, me too. SHaun takes the cake any day of the week…still it’s a great match-up and Zombieland does have so many great moments to love.

    • Novroz
      August 6, 2012

      *high five* there’s no competition at all for me, Shaun wins easily over Zombieland.
      Zombieland is funny but not hilarious at all, IMO.

  8. nicholasjobe
    August 6, 2012

    I actually just re-watched Zombieland the other night. I think it’s hilarious and fantastically made. However, that being said, Shaun is one of my all-time favorite movies… so it wins hands-down.

    • Novroz
      August 6, 2012

      Glad to hear you like Zombieland more than I did. I haven’t seen it again but have seen Shaun countless time and never get bored.

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