Books in 2014

If there is one thing I regret from 2014, it’s the lack of time I had to read.

I love reading, I always love it as much as watching movies. But every since I live in the school dorm, I have less and less time to read. I like reading while I am riding public transportation and now I rarely use public transportation and therefore it reduces my reading time 😦

People make new year’s resolution…for me, my resolution is to read more!!

I hope in 2015 I can read more books than what I read in 2014.

Anyway, here are the books I read in 2014:

Stephen King’s :

Review and Rating:

English Books:

Review and Rating:




Review and Rating



I didn’t read any Indonesia book last year 😦

For this early 2015, I had finished o 10 volume manga, it was a great manga. Will review it soon.

Hope you all had a better reading year than me 😉



  1. I love cycle of the werewolf! I got a copy last year and read it, I loved the comic book aspect with the amazing illustrations. I also love the movie–it’s one of my favorite 80s horror movies, slightly cheesy but overall effective in being scary & entertaining and SO 1980s! What a cool surprise to see you read it too!

    1. I haven’t watched the movie yet..I do planning to watch all movies based on King’s books.
      I love Stephen King … so I’ll read everything he has ever written 😉

      1. Well I can’t wait until you see it! I use to be on youtube you might be able to view it there, I hope you’ll do a post on it after you see it! =)

        PS have you seen Cillian Murphy’s show Peaky Blinders yet?

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