RIVER OF TEARS: Top 5 movies that make you cry

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It’s time for my monthly top-5. I recently watched one of the most beautiful movies that instantly become my all time favorite movies…that movie inspired me to write this top-5 post and my future Indonesia Banget post.

Without much introduction, this month’s top-5 is movies that make you cry

I know that today is February 14…which means it’s Valentine, but Valentine means nothing to me and I have hard time choosing 5 favorite romance movies…so I just do what I have planned since January or since I fell in love with おくりびと (okuribito).

My list consists of movies that no matter how many times I see it, it can always make me grab some tissues to wipe my eyes.

Here is my list:


#5 Saving Private Ryan

I know that SPR is not a sad and drama kind of movie…it’s purely war movie, but there are some scenes that made me unable to hold back my tears. The the ‘tear-moments’ touch my heart deeply.

The saddest part is when Ryan asked his family that he has lived a good life that will make his captain proud of him.

#4火垂るの墓 (Grave of Fireflies)

Hotaru no Haka is the saddest animation I have ever seen. I have seen it 3 or 4 times and I always cry.

The struggle this siblings have  to face is heartbreaking. It proves that both parties will suffer from war.

The two kids have tried their  best to stay alive. there are so many moments where I couldn’t hold my tears anymore.

#3 The Green Mile

Both book and movie can easily make me  cry. The Green Mile is my number 1 Stephen King’s movie because it deeply touches me.

John is a gentle giant that can easily be loved and when he died,he left a big hole that needed to be filled with tears.

I always cry when John is about to be executed.

#2 おくりびと (okuribito)

The passing of the love ones is the kind of theme that will easily shattered my tears-dam. every time I see the scenes where family members is being prepared to go to the next life, I always cry.

I put a tissue box near me all the time. I have only seen this movie once (back in January) but I  am so sure that this one will be another movie that will always make me cry no matter how many times I see it.

My  review of  this movie is here

#1 Lorenzo’s Oil

If you watched this movie and didn’t cry…I’d say you have a heart made of stone.

I watched it for the 1st back when I was still in junior high. I couldn’t remember how high my tissue pile was. I kept crying most of the time.

The determination of Lorenzo’s parent really got into me. I have watched it again several times and I still cried. I was so touched when Susan Sarandon said that their effort was more for other people’s children than theirs.

Honorable mention: This honorable mention is not for other movies that make me cry but for Dorama (Japanese TV series) that manages to stand up for its title. 1 litre of tears is a  dorama based on true story about a girl who suffers an incurable disease. Her strength is both heartbreaking and an inspiration.

I really need to write about this dorama one day. I once listened to the real recording voice  of Aya saying she wanted to life…listening to her original voice totally shattered  my heart.

As you can see…my top 5 sad movies are  not filled with merely sad stories, those movies are beautiful and well crafted, they are  not the kind of  what I used to called as cheesy sadness

Its your turn now….which ones  are your top-5  sad movie?


  1. um, apa ya..
    sbnrnya saya termasuk yg ‘cengeng’ klo liat adegan nangis.hehe
    tp saat ini cm keinget 3 film..
    1. The Notebook
    2. Radit & Jani (Indonesia)
    3. Sad Movie (Korea)

    btw,itu bnr ada suara aslinya Aya? yampun,merinding!!
    itu dorama bikin mata bengkak!! nangis teruss..

    1. Makasih dah membagi film2 sedih versi Whida 🙂

      Btw, itu 3 film ttg apa? Sering dgr Sad Movie tp ga tau sama sekali ttg apa.

      Gw dgr suara asli Aya bukan di doramanya, tp di youtube…hiks sedih buanget dgrnya T.T

      1. Wah, jadi penasaran sama Okuribito.
        Sad movie itu adalah film Korea yang terdiri dari 4 pasang manusia (ada yang pacaran, ada yang sama mantan pacar, ada anak-ibu, ada secret admirer) yang ceritanya beda-beda tapi bertautan.
        Sad Movie? Awalnya ceria and ringan si… tapi, you know-lah film Korea… 😉 pa lagi melihat judulnya, pasti ada adegan sedihnya.
        Gue si nangis untuk cerita yang anak-ibu ma yang secret admirer. Yang lainnya kurang menyayat hati… ^^
        Tapi kalo soal film cinta yang sediiiiih, gue suka The Age of Innocence-nya Martin Scorcese. Entah kenapa ni film berhasil mengaduk-ngaduk simpati gue ke May (Winona Ryder) dan Olenska (Michelle Pfeifer), dan mau nimpuk si Archer (Daniel Day Lewis). ^^ Ah, dan kemaren gue nangis pas nonton Corpse Bride. 😀 *maklum lagi sensitif sama cerita cinta ga kesampean

        1. Lo HARUS nntn Okuribito!! Indah banget dan sedih. Gw sukaaaa bgt.
          Hehehe judulnya ga asik bgt ya, Sad Movie, jd inget scary movie 😉 Ntar deh gw coba cari2.
          Dulu pernah nntn Age of Innocent tapi dah lama bgt n dah ga inget lg. Film cinta tak sampai sih juaaaraaang bgt bikin gw sedih. Gw suka sedih krn ketabahan hati dan kematian. Kelima film sedih gw atas dasar 2 hal itu

  2. Grave of the Fireflies is a definite tearjerker and absolutely would be in my Top 5 too. I would put The Notebook as my Number 1 sad movie and the others would be “Beaches,” “Boy’s Dont Cry” “Million Dollar Baby” and “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

    1. I am now officially curious with The Notebook as you are the second person who mentioned it.
      Boys don’t cry is sad, I also cry when watching that movie.
      I haven’t seen the other movies yet.

      Thank you for sharing Olive

  3. Great idea for a post. Grave of the Fireflies is really sad but it didn’t make it into my Top 5.
    I have to think, I guess these five but not in that order:
    King Arthur
    Lord of the Rings
    Gorillas in the Mist
    Dont’ Worry, I’m Fine (the one I just reviewed)
    The Secret Life of Bees

    1. Thank you for sharing your list, Caroline.
      Which King Arthur are you talking about? there so many stories about king Arthur an somehow I can’t easily connect to which movie someone is referring too.
      The Lord Of The Rings makes you cry? I try to remember in which part I cried…I don’t think there are so many sad part.
      Don’t worry, I’m Fine does sound so sad. I only read it from your review but I can imagine how sad the movie is.

        1. Hmm…I haven’t seen that one yet. I would remember if I have seen it because Clive Owen is in it.
          Ah…that is indeed a sad part. When Theoden is killed is also sad

    1. I forgot to mention above that I went out of the cinema with red eyes after watching Saving Private Ryan…It was quite embarrasing, so I went to toilet straight away to wash my face.
      You should try watching it Cas, Lorenzo’s Oil is based on true story…Both main actors are brilliant

  4. 1 Litre of Tears, indeed.
    There is another dorama inspired by a song, I guess, nada sou sou (灘そうそう). That one also made me cried almost the whole of the dorama.
    The Notebook, yes.
    I think I watched Lorenzo’s Oil once, on TV, late show, and too sleepy to “enjoy” the movie. But ya… I think it is quite a touchy movie.
    What’s the other two, then? Hm… I’m not sure. I’m not a big fan of movie, though, so I don’t have much references.

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your list Diah, hehe I got that poster of ichi riteru no namida from your blog 😉
      Didn’t know you have a WP blog as well.
      Another referance on The Notebook…I really have to watch it one day.

  5. When I read the title of this post, I instantly laughed. How ironic is that???
    I can explain, though! It’s because I’m such an easy target when it comes to sad / touching scenes in movies, that I know it’s going to be tough for me to pin it down to just five. And you didn’t give any criteria either! I mean, scenes that make me cry can be sad, touching, or even both!!! *pointing fingers, not wanting to admit I’m such a crier 😛

    So…here we go. Hopefully I did them justice.

    5. August Rush

    This movie is such an inspiration. The last 15 minutes, when the adorable Freddie gave the performance of his life, was arguably one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever seen! The score was so dead on, and the scenes were put together in such a beautiful way that i got goosebumps and tears were everywhere: eyes, cheeks, nose! I urged a lot of friends to watch this film, and none gave me bad reviews. Remember the HL session? 😉

    4. The Notebook.

    Basically all movie adaptions made based on Nicholas Sparks’s novels make me cry like a baby 🙂
    But when it comes to the one that got me the most, it’s a tie between this one and A Walk to Remember. However, based on the surprising twist in the end, The Notebook won hands down. The love Noah has for Allie is really heart wrenching, if that’s even a word to describe it. If you have heard the twist of this movie before you watch it, I don’t think it would give the same effect. So it would be best to just stay away from all the reviews of this movie if you really want to test it for yourself 🙂

    3. Patch Adams

    I LOVE this movie!!! It’s probably one of the first movies I’ve ever remembered watching as a kid. Robin William gave a performance of a lifetime here, in my opinion. This movie contains so many touching scenes, and some sad ones as well, that it made my eyes went all dry in the end for having cried too darn much!

    2. Finding Neverland

    Another stellar performance from Freddie Highmore! This kid is a treasure!!!! His performance in this movie, at a very, VERY young age, is unbelievable!!! The part where he went ballistic at the small stage he had set when he found out about his mother’s condition was so damn sad, you’d die of choking if you try to hold back tears! And the last 20-15 minutes is the saddest throughout the movie! Surely Freddie deserved to get an Oscar nomination for this masterpiece, along side Depp!

    OK. Last but definitely NOT least. The movie that made me cry like a new born baby is……………


    Just kidding!

    Here’s the real one:

    1. Toys Story 3

    I know, i know. It’s getting pretty boring because I pretty much mentioned this movie in ALL your top 5, but I can’t help it! 😀 I don’t think I should elaborate on why this is my number 1 pick, since I’ve pretty much shown how much I’m obsessed with this film on your top 5 movie of 2010.

    But…just so you’ll remember, here it goes (>___<) :

    I fell like I grew up with these toys and the human characters, Andy. For those who haven't seen the first two, I don't think they would get such a huge impact like those who have followed this gang's journey from the very beginning. And the fact that it took years to finally come to this very point gave an extra reason of how much this movie had touched the fans' heart. It personally gave me some kind of closure and a gentle nudge as a reminder that in life, sooner or later, ready or not, you grow up. You have to leave some treasures behind. And that 'letting go' got me. Badly.

    Well, there you go. It's honestly the movies that I can remember at the moment, so it's no surprise if I left some great ones behind unintentionally 🙂

    1. Don’t worry about grammar 😉

      Ah…August Rush…so many memories from that movie. I think all those memories come from class of 2008 rather than from the movie itself haha.

      Agree on Patch Adams!! That was an amazing movie, sad and inspirational.

      Eh? you’ve seen finding neverland? I couldn’t find it.

      Hehehe…still haven’t seen toy story 3 yet…maybe I should buy the DVD somehow since it is recommended by so many people.

      Thank you for your enthusiasm Lan 🙂

      1. OH CRAP! I forgot to write the honorable mentions!!!

        Is it ok if I add them now???

        – I AM SAM (most definitely!!!!)
        – UP
        – Hachiko

        Hope you don’t mind me practically filling up your comment space 😛

        1. Huhaha you really are filling up so much space! But that’s okay 🙂

          I will also edit my post a little and put honorable mention for movies for movies such as Hachiko, etc.

  6. Ooooh, great idea for a list, Nov. Well I’m a crier so a lot of movies make me cry 🙂 But the ones I can think of right now are P.S. I love you, Wall-E, Toy Story 3, Sense & Sensibility and Schindler’s List. They practically had me bawling, not just having tears in my eyes.

    1. Thank you for sharing your list Ruth. PS.I love you is both sad and happy, it was nice to be loved like that.
      Wall E is sad? in which part?
      Another Toy Story3 😉 I’ll try watching it somewhere next month.

    1. I REALLY want to see pursuit of Happiness but it always got delayed..I know I will cry watching that movie, that kind of struggle always touch my heart. I know it’s different but I sense a ‘Life Is Beautiful’ feeling in Pursuit of Happiness.
      Thank you for sharing your list SS.

        1. Not comparing them…I have the feeling that both are beautiful,deep and sad. Both are about father and son struggling to get through the worst part of their life. And I know I will love Pursuit too if I ever got a chance to see it.

  7. Lmyn byk sbenernya film2 yg sering en ampir olwes biqin gw nangis typ ntn..tmasuk tuh drama 1litre of tears..
    1. Hachiko (versi yg manapun)
    2. Heart paw (film anjing juga neh)
    3. Lorenzo’s Oil
    4. Grandpa’s Love (film jebot mandarin, yg maen Jimmy Lim)
    5. kye ga bisa gw tentuin tuk yg atu ni..bingung nentuin..mungkin Fly me to Polaris, I am Sam, Okuribito juga..trus byk film ttg animal yg olwes biqin gw nangis.. :p

    1. Ah iya film binatang juga suka bikin gw nangis…Hachiko menyentuh bgt. Pernah nntn I am Legend? yg bikin gw nangis malah pas anjingnya mati.
      Ah gw lupa sama I am Sam! iya itu juga bikin gw nangis mulu sepanjang film. Emang hubungan keluarga paling gampang bikin tersentuh.

      Arigatou Wid udah berbagi listnya 🙂

  8. Hmm.. I have to dig my movie memory for this..
    okay this is my list:

    5. LOTR: the return of the king –> “Master Frodo…remember Shire..!”
    4. The Green Mile –> I cried a river when the giant man cried like a child
    3. Okuribito –> the last scene is the most touching scene. It sums up all feelings the man had.
    2. My Sassy Girl (Korea) –> it’s a comedy-romantic-drama K-movie I love the most. the story is a bit predictable, but its sad moments really got me. uhuhuhu…
    1. The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants 1 –> you can say this is somewhat called a chick-flick movie. I dont care, I love it 🙂 it’s about friendship, family and love. I have watched it many many times, but when it goes to the scene that Carmen spoke to his Dad on the phone, and She was bursting out about her true feelings to her Dad, I ALWAYS cry.. ALWAYS. It’s like.. I really understand her feeling T_T

    Now I wanna cry.

    1. Yeaa…high five on The Green Mile and Okuribito.
      Eh? My sassy girl? Which part is the sad part?
      I haven’t watched the sisterhood but believe you,movies about friendship always deep and easy to make me cry.
      Thank you for always giving me your list Yan 🙂

      1. My sassy girl –> you’ve watched it, too? not the dorama, the movie?
        if you did, yeah i knew you kinda wonder in which part of it that is sad, but for me the sad part when the woman shouted her feelings out at the top of a hill which, of course, couldn’t be heard by the man on the other hill. then, after that, when they both really separated by the train although they didn’t want it happen. uhuhu. Umm… pretty cheesy, eh? ehehe..

        it’s always been a pleasure, Nov. to share my list 🙂

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