RIVER OF TEARS: Top 5 movies that make you cry

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It’s time for my monthly top-5. I recently watched one of the most beautiful movies that instantly become my all time favorite movies…that movie inspired me to write this top-5 post and my future Indonesia Banget post.

Without much introduction, this month’s top-5 is movies that make you cry

I know that today is February 14…which means it’s Valentine, but Valentine means nothing to me and I have hard time choosing 5 favorite romance movies…so I just do what I have planned since January or since I fell in love with おくりびと (okuribito).

My list consists of movies that no matter how many times I see it, it can always make me grab some tissues to wipe my eyes.

Here is my list:


#5 Saving Private Ryan

I know that SPR is not a sad and drama kind of movie…it’s purely war movie, but there are some scenes that made me unable to hold back my tears. The the ‘tear-moments’ touch my heart deeply.

The saddest part is when Ryan asked his family that he has lived a good life that will make his captain proud of him.

#4火垂るの墓 (Grave of Fireflies)

Hotaru no Haka is the saddest animation I have ever seen. I have seen it 3 or 4 times and I always cry.

The struggle this siblings have  to face is heartbreaking. It proves that both parties will suffer from war.

The two kids have tried their  best to stay alive. there are so many moments where I couldn’t hold my tears anymore.

#3 The Green Mile

Both book and movie can easily make me  cry. The Green Mile is my number 1 Stephen King’s movie because it deeply touches me.

John is a gentle giant that can easily be loved and when he died,he left a big hole that needed to be filled with tears.

I always cry when John is about to be executed.

#2 おくりびと (okuribito)

The passing of the love ones is the kind of theme that will easily shattered my tears-dam. every time I see the scenes where family members is being prepared to go to the next life, I always cry.

I put a tissue box near me all the time. I have only seen this movie once (back in January) but I  am so sure that this one will be another movie that will always make me cry no matter how many times I see it.

My  review of  this movie is here

#1 Lorenzo’s Oil

If you watched this movie and didn’t cry…I’d say you have a heart made of stone.

I watched it for the 1st back when I was still in junior high. I couldn’t remember how high my tissue pile was. I kept crying most of the time.

The determination of Lorenzo’s parent really got into me. I have watched it again several times and I still cried. I was so touched when Susan Sarandon said that their effort was more for other people’s children than theirs.

Honorable mention: This honorable mention is not for other movies that make me cry but for Dorama (Japanese TV series) that manages to stand up for its title. 1 litre of tears is a  dorama based on true story about a girl who suffers an incurable disease. Her strength is both heartbreaking and an inspiration.

I really need to write about this dorama one day. I once listened to the real recording voice  of Aya saying she wanted to life…listening to her original voice totally shattered  my heart.

As you can see…my top 5 sad movies are  not filled with merely sad stories, those movies are beautiful and well crafted, they are  not the kind of  what I used to called as cheesy sadness

Its your turn now….which ones  are your top-5  sad movie?

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