This is the third series of Laskar Pelangi tetralogy. For this book, I decided to write its review in EnglishWhy? Because the setting was not in Indonesia, the book was about Andrea and Arai’s journey in Europe.

In the previous book, Sang Pemimpi, Andrea and Arai got the scholarship they had been dreaming of… they were going to study at Sorbonne in France.

Andrea wrote Edensor in a different way compare to Laskar Pelangi and Sang Pemimpi. The book was written in separated mosaics…at first it felt like separated but in the end we will learn that all those mosaics were connected in a certain way. But it still had the sense of comedy and irony like the previous books. Edensor showed us that Andrea has the ability to write in different style without losing his redline.

The first nine chapters were about Andrea’s childhood and the people that meant a lot to him. The way their parents kept on changing his name was very funny. Indonesian values the meaning of a name so much. It also happened to my brother, his name was Jefri and he was sick all the time and then my father changed it into Riki…he was no longer a sick boy, he turned into a naughty boy!!

The next 20 chapters were about College. How they tried to get to Sorbonne and ended up experiencing the bitter taste of North Sea minus temperature. Andre met interesting classmates. Great people from Britain, USA, Germany and Dutch. He described himself as the pathetic four which included MVRC Manooj from India, Pablo Arian Gonzales from Guadalajara and Ninochka Stronovsky from Georgia. The way Andrea wrote about his friends was interesting and funny…it showed how people were shaped by their country.

The next 14 chapters were about Andrea and Arai’s journey across Europe and Africa. They saw the good and the bad sides of Europe. They tasted the joy and bitterness of backpacking. Some of the story were very funny, some were inspiring and some distressful. Andrea also found the link of his childhood memory. The journey was not only about living their dream but also about finding the love of his life, A Ling. He tried to find everyone with that name…so beautiful. The funniest part of the journey was when they performed their act in Verona…it was so hilarious and I was laughing so loud. The most inspiring was when they met the great Imam from Afghanistan and how Allah showed them the meaning of ‘God knew but God waits

The last chapters were about how Andrea tried to finish his thesis. He moved to London because his professor moved to Sheffield Hallam Unversity in UK. And he found ENDENSOR in UK.

His story was so amazing!! Who would have thought that 2 simple men from a village in Indonesian Island could explore Europe and Africa simply based on guts and dreams…makes you want to dream too, doesn’t it?

I wonder what he writes in Maryamah Karpov, the last of the tetralogy…but it had to wait for a while.


Rating : 4 Stars (I really like it)


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