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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I have been meaning to read this sequel of The Shining ever since the book was released but I have been busy. I have finished the book a month ago … Continue reading

July 1, 2015 · 6 Comments

Ring by Suzuki Koji

 “Those who have viewed these images are fated to die at this exact hour one week from now. If you do not wish to die, you must follow these instructions … Continue reading

April 12, 2014 · 20 Comments

Wonders of Life: Exploring the Most Extraordinary Phenomenon in the Universe by Prof. Brian Cox

“In a sense, this is all there is to the Universe! If no energy is ‘flowing’ – a colloquialism by which we mean ‘being transformed from one form to another’ … Continue reading

March 28, 2014 · 23 Comments

Cycle of The Werewolf by Stephen King

The dating doesn’t make sense but the power of storytelling by the great Stephen King makes everything acceptable. Cycle of the werewolf is unlike other King’s book, not in the … Continue reading

February 26, 2014 · 16 Comments

The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

Edward Prendick is shipwrecked in the Pacific. Rescued by Doctor Moreau’s assistant he is taken to the doctor’s island home where he discovers the doctor has been experimenting on the … Continue reading

February 6, 2014 · 12 Comments

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory is opening at last! But only five lucky children will be allowed inside. And the winners are: Augustus Gloop, an enormously fat boy whose hobby … Continue reading

August 24, 2013 · 19 Comments

Flash In The Pan – Book 1

TAKE A QUICK TRIP WITH THIRTEEN AUTHORS THROUGH FIFTEEN TOPICS IN LESS THAN 150 WORDS AT A TIME Few weeks ago, I won a giveaway contest held by Redmund Pro. … Continue reading

July 13, 2013 · 17 Comments

The Cookies of Life by J.T Waliyadi

First of all, Thank you to Waliyadi for sending me the book to read and to review (despite the fact I have told you, I will write my review honestly) … Continue reading

June 15, 2013 · 18 Comments

11/22/63 by Stephen King

What will you do if you find a gate that can take you back to 1953? Will you take a chance to rewrite  history and make yourself a hero? Or … Continue reading

June 11, 2013 · 28 Comments

Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh, Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

It started as a student exercise, the knife under the drape, the model’s pose chalked in place. But before Agatha Troy—artist and instructor—returns to the class, the pose has been … Continue reading

May 30, 2013 · 14 Comments

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

I have seen so many review of this book, many said it was good and few said it wasn’t that good.  I am curious with this book since a couple of years … Continue reading

April 2, 2013 · 19 Comments

Usurper of The Sun by Housuke Nojiri

From Goodreads: The mysterious Builders have brought humanity to the edge of extinction; can they be reasoned with, or must they be destroyed? Aki Shiraishi is a high school student … Continue reading

March 24, 2013 · 18 Comments

The War of The World by H.G. Wells

About 2 months ago, I bought a new phone and I was so happy that I could download a free ebook app with some free books. The first book I … Continue reading

February 23, 2013 · 23 Comments

Broken by Daniel Clay

‘Skunk, Skunk. Wake Up, beautiful darling.’ Archie, my father, holds my hands as he says this. I sense his words rather than hear them. I also sense his life. …… … Continue reading

February 6, 2013 · 24 Comments


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