To-Read Books

I love reading!!! I fell something is missing if I do not read something when I am on the road…it is as important as music for me. I always use bus or angkot to go wherever I want to go, that’s why I need something to cheer me up inside that freakin boring public transportation…Book and Music are my favorite companion. Today I want to talk about pile of book needed to be read.

Since 4 months ago, I decide to stop reading anything but my Nihongo no Hon, I have to prepare my self for my up and coming noryoku shiken. The last book I read before I commit my self to study was Christine.

Without realizing it, I have many books to read!!! The 1st 2 books were bought before my Novel-fasting months, and then I bought 3 more books about 2 months ago. But the pile didn’t stop there, Wulan was so generous to add my pile of books by giving me 2 more books as my birthday present (thank you so much). And 2 days ago, I went to Book-Fair and bought 3 more books…so…now I have 10 books in my to-read-list…and all of them have to wait till my shiken is over, early December.

I needed to figure out which book will be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. This is how I’m going to read them.

1st will be Edensor by Andrea Hirata coz I don’t want to end up in situation where Maryamah Karpov is finally released and I still haven’t read Edensor.

2nd will be Needful Things by the great Stephen King. If there is no Edensor, I can assure you that Stephen King will be the 1st.

3rd will be The Heredity of Taste by the famous Natsume Souseki. An old Japanese literature.

4th will be The Dead Room by Robert Ellis. After reading literature, I need to refresh my head with mystery.

5th will be Dark House, a compilation compiled by Gary Crew. It’s a collection of 12 horror story.

6th will be Congo by Michael Crichton. After all the killing in those previous 2 books, I need to clear my head with science.

7th will be another serious reading by Natsume Souseki, The 210th Day.

8th will be something else from my favorite writter Stephen King, The Regulators.

9th and 10th are non-fiction books; the 9th book is Songs From a Bamboo Village by Goldstein Shinoda. It is a collection of Tanka, Japanese Poem, and its explanation. And the 10th book will be Supernatural and Mysterious Japan by Catrien Ross, it’s a book about hauted place and belief in Japan.

Those are the list of how I’m going to read my pile of books…but it might change if feel like changing it…and there is also a possibility that I want to read books by my other favorite writer, Haruki Murakami, somewhere in between.

It’s not a 100% fix list…but it’ll stand for now.

“You have to love books, coz you will find a new world beyond your imagination inside a book”


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