2 Great Events

2 great events took place this week, it made me confuse. I wanted to be in 2 places at the same time…but unfortunately it will never happened.


HL held a great event called GLoCALL (Globalization and Localization Computer Assisted Language Learning). It was a workshop for local language teachers to increase their knowledge in teaching by using computer and internet media. There were many speakers from around the world. As a teacher, I find this event very interesting, there were so many knowledge from so many professional teachers. It was held from November 7 till November 9, 2008.


At the same week, there was an event held to celebrate the 50 years relationship of Indonesia and Japan, it was called JI-Expo. It was held from November 1 till November 9, 2008. As far as I can remember, the closing day is always the best…so I needed to be there!!


Out of confusion, I chose to attend both of them.


  1. duh g kebaca harinya
    sama miss saya juga dateng hari minggu,
    tapi datengnya pagi2 1jam seblum tiket counternya di buka
    yg ngantri udah panjang, padahal belom dijuat tiketnya

  2. sampe sana jam setengah 9 miss
    artikel yg itu belum dibaca kemaren

    miss sekarang yg mampir ke blog miss orgnya tinggal yg itu2 aja
    pada sibuk ya anak 28, ampe g sempet mampir kesini 😛

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