Smile (Sumairu)


This is a movie I simply bought because of Moriyama Mirai. I didn’t know what this movie is about but judging from the cover I could figure out the story right away. This Movie, SMILE, was made by Fuji Television Network at 2007.

Moriyama Mirai played as Sano Shuhei, a Tap dancer with child psychology degree. When his knee injury destroyed his career, he came back to Hokkaido to propose his girlfriend and became an elementary teacher. Shuchan’s girlfriend, Shizuka, was played by Kato Rosa (she played as Mirai’s girlfriend in Yakusha Damashi, so this is the second time they play as lover). Unfortunately Shizuka’s father disapproved with the idea of letting his daughter marrying someone so soon. But Shizuka made her father agree to let her go if Shuchan can make his Ice Hockey team wins a game (tho the deal eventually enhanced to winning state championship).

The team, SMILERS, had never won before, but Shuchan who never played hockey before, saw something in that team. The team wasn’t bad at all, it was only lack of player and strategy. Shuchan added 4 more players into this team and made that team spirit lift up. He used his ability in tapping to couch them. And as any sport movie, there’s this great team with bad attitude couch, the team that they had to defeat, Thunderbird. Smilers finally won the championship because of the power to show a sick girl that miracle do happen. Unfortunately the girl passed away.

Tell you the truth, the story was quite predictable…as all children sport movie, but the fun thing about this movie is the exaggerate scene like manga, I think it was very funny. And I could finally see Mirai dancing (he had learn how to dance since he was 4), tho it was only a tap dance but it’s better than nothing 🙂

What I don’t like about this movie is its lack of focus!! I mean, is the story about the couch or about masaya and rena? It is really unclear and it made the movie less strong compare to other sport movie.

Overall, if I’m not Moriyama Mirai’s biggest fan, I probably won’t buy this movie.

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