Indonesia-Japan Expo was held as a celebration of 50 years relationship between Indonesia and Japan. It was held from Nov 1 to Nov 9, 2008, but I only came on Nov 9 which is the closing day. As expected, it was full with visitors. This expo took place in Kemayoran, where PRJ usually held…it is very far from my house…but it won’t stop me from coming (^_^)v




There were 4 halls available for many kind of events. The technology, Industry and economy exhibition took place in Hall A and B. There was Robot competition in Hall C, unfortunately I was unable to see it. Nihon no Matsuri was held in Hall D, when I came at 3 PM this Hall was jammed with people so I couldn’t see whatever happened inside. I, Miska and her husband were spending time by seeing the exhibition halls. Miska’s husband was really interested in taking many pictures with the cosplayers. Fortunately I got good shot on one of the cosplayers too, it was L…I really love this picture.


Cosplay L
Cosplay L (Click the picture to make it bigger)


There was Obake House…people were queuing in front of it, and because I was too lazy to queue, I passed the opportunity to see Nihon no Obake. There was also long line of people queuing in front on Shinkasen 3D, so I passed that too…I hate Queuing. Somewhere at 4 PM, something interesting happened, I heard someone singing My Heart Draws a Dream (Laruku), I ran as fast as I could and saw Raison D’etre up on the stage. I stay in front of that stage for the 1st time since I came to the Expo. They sang MHDaD, Entah (their own song), Niji and Jiyuu e no Shoutai…Nothing but Larc en ciel’s song can make me excited, especially when it was sung with good skill.


Somewhere at 5PM, Nina arrived and Miska went home…so I and Nina stayed till the end of day. Both of us are so fortunate to see the second show of Hono-O-Daiko (too Bad the pictures and the videos taken by my Cell phone were in good Quality, so I have to seacrh a better picture by browsing it in internet). Hono-O-Daiko which came from Ishikawa Prefecture consists of 3 women, Jige Akemi, Kinoshita Chieko, and Yamada Mizue. The group was formed in 1986. They are consistently performing powerful, high spirit and solemn performance without losing its rhythm and harmony. Hono means Fiery, it reflects their fiery performance. Their name is well-known throughout the world…we are so fortunate to see them that night. Those 3 women played amazingly as if it was a group of dozen people. Yadama san ga daisuki, kanojo was hontou ni Kakkoi, kirei janai da.




After that, we saw The Amazing Kanto matsuri. It is a festival which held every August 3-6 in Akita Prefecture. Kanto is a stake with a lot of chochin (paper lantern). A big Kanto consist of 46 chochin, 12 meters in height and 50 kg in weight. Kanto which represents rice grain were carried by many people as a pray for good harvest. It looked amazing at night, you can see it in the picture.




After Kanto Matsuri, came the event we have been waiting for..Bon Odori. Unfortunately, they didn’t prepare it as well as we expected it to be…maybe because the Japanese never expected that we, Indonesian, know so much about Bon Odori. They kept on playing the same song over and over again…hontou ni tsumaranai. People started to leave the area. Fortunately something good finally happened, they played all five songs of Bon Odori.


And I didn’t forget to take pictures of my self (^_^)v



Overall, yesterday was a great and amazing day. Today, all my bones and head ache like hell but I have no regret at all. In fact it gives me good excuse to skip Ngawas ;p.


  1. kinou wa sugoku tanoshikatta yo ne! Ato de wa shinuhodo tsukareteru dakedo, hahaha…

    honoo daiko saikou datta!

    btw Nov, kemaren tu gw dtgnya jam 6 loh, bukan jam 5! wong udah lewat magrib gitu koq XD

  2. Oh, I see you googled the pic of the Honoo Daiko ladies. I would’ve had taken their pictures myself that time, but too bad my phone battery was acting up so I couldn’t use the camera >_<

    And I spotted her first, you know! Waaay before we came to the matsuri. Although I had thought that she was a guy at first ^^; Damn! She’s too kakkoii for being a female. Mottainai~ XD

  3. gapapalah…salah2 dikit jamnya ;p

    hai…ano sanjin onnatachi wa hontou ni saiko da!!

    yeah you should change your cell phone to a better one ;p

    Yup she is such a handsome woman!!!

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