GLoCALL 2008 – Nov 9

Today’s workshop started at 9 AM, but I came 15 minutes later. It was started with a Plenary Session by Phillip Hubbarb. He was explaining about Intergrating Learner Training into CALL Classrooms and Materials. I didn’t really pay much attention because the class is a bit boring, but I do enjoy listening to the way he speaks, I always like listening to native speakers. He gave these links ( or for us to know more about what he was talking about.


The 1st Concurrent Session that I choose was Voices From The Classroom: Students’ Perception of The Teaching of Writing Using Video in Distance Education by Frances Sibanu. She was talking about her experience teaching in remote area. It was in SoE, Nusa Tenggara. She was using video or movie to make them eager to learn English. Video is easily available, comfortable, view to a real life, flexible subtitling, broaden horizon and facilitate felling. Basically, everything she said have been done by us. I like the way she delivered her class, it was fun and easy to understand.


Next Concurrent Session is by Kitao Kenji (a professor from Doshisha University) He was talking about Making Cloze Excercises Easily and Studying Effectively Online. Cloze stands for Blank Question. We can download his and Kamiya (his friend) program of making easy Cloze in here . Their program is great and easy to process, it was actually a good class…too bad Kitao-san’s eyes are so poor, he kept on making mistakes in clicking files that he needed to show us. Some people even left his class because they are getting bored in waiting for him to finish his presentation.


The last Concurrent Session (the last for me because I have to go to JI-Expo after this class, actually there were still 3 more sessions) talked about Digital Story Telling and ePortfolios for Language Teaching and Learning by Debra Hoven. She is a professor in Athabasa University, Canada. Her class was very interesting. She started by telling us the story of her life using pictures. At that time, she was indirectly showing us how to do digital story telling which is about telling story media to support the story. The story it self can be about anything, such as biography, folk tales, daily activities and many more. She had proven that digital learning can motivated learners better than old-school learning. She also explained that in order to make the lesson more into students-centered learning, we have to let them bring something to us rather than giving something to them. We can see her presentation in here and we can also visit one interesting site called




Within 2 days…in my case, it becomes 1 and half days…we had learnt so much to increase our ability to make learning process interesting for both students and teachers. So many things can be applied in school…too bad SMAN 28 won’t be the placed for us to apply our new knowledge…all we can say is “28, it’s your lost!!”



2 thoughts on “GLoCALL 2008 – Nov 9

  1. It was great to meet you at the GloCALL Conference!! I’ve only just arrived back in Australia and hoping to get my blog up and running publicly soon 🙂

    I love yours!!! What a great website!!

    All the best for your teaching and learning 🙂 Hope to catch up with you soon!

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