Based on True Story: Everest; The Emperor’s Cook; In The Heart of The Sea; Legend; Angker

Finally…my first viewing review in 2016 and after a long hiatus. If anyone wondered where I had been, you can read about it here>> Reasons For My Long Hiatus.

My hiatus was only on blogging, I still continued my other hobbies which are watching and hiking. I actually watched a lot of movies and TV Series BUT I will limit my first review only to Movies and TV Series based on True Story. This time I will write my review similar to the way Andina @ Inspired Ground writes her review. Unfortunately I can’t leave comments at her blog since she is using Disqus. I always had problems with that thing.

Moving on…Here are the Movies and TV Series based on True Story that I watched for the past three months:

Everest (2015)

everestI love hiking since college. When I found out about this movie, it immediately became my anticipated movie. I didn’t care who are the cast what matter to me was only the fact that it was about hiking in Mount Everest and it was based on true story.

Fortunately, the movie fulfilled the anticipation I had on it. I really like the movie for so many reasons. It didn’t have so much unnecessary drama. It only shared about there journey and the obstacles they had to face reach the summit. It also shared the preparation and how difficult it was to hike the highest mountain on earth. It felt so real and so closed to the heart. Everest showed how a true story about adventure should be made, to the point without extra drama and felt so close to those who enjoyed such adventure.

There is something interesting I about watching this movie, a colleague of mine who doesn’t like hiking watched the movie with her boyfriend who loves hiking, after watching it she said “Never hike again!” to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, I watched this with my boyfriend (which has become my husband now) and since we both love hiking, he said “When can we go there?” to me. Nice to know how the movie gave different perspective to people ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rating: 4,5 stars

Emperor’s Cook – ๅคฉ็š‡ใฎๆ–™็†็•ช (Tennล no Ryลriban) (2015)

1-150501143125This Japenese TV Series is based on the story of Akiyama Tokuzo who became the Emperor’s Cook at the age of 26. He was considered a failure in the family as he always quit whatever he had started…until one day he fell in love with western style food. He finally found his passion.

Honestly, I watched this because of Satoh Takeru, one of my favorite Japanese young actors. He won best actor for his role as Akiyama Tokuzo. Although I found some of his acting techniques a bit too much but I was quite happy to see that he could show a change of emotion from a 16 year old boy to and adult dealing with the working environment.

The series really set a good example of how you can always pursue your dream if you really want to. Akiyama’s determination to become a cook is really inspiring. However, I felt a bit disappointed with the last couple of episodes because it felt so much like a propaganda to clear the name of Emperor Hirohito’s name. I have nothing against him but I kinda wish the story stayed clear from propaganda. But, overall it was a good series.

Rating: 4 stars

Collection of Trailers

In The Heart of The Sea (2015)

In The Heart of the sea

Just like Emperor’s Cook, I watched this movie because it has my favorite actor…well my MOST favorite actor to be exact, he is (of course) Cillian Murphy. Although he is not the leading role but as always his performance steals the show. I didn’t say Chris Hemsworth is bad, actually I like him better here than in Thor but Cillian and Brendan Gleeson are theย  ones with st roger acting performances.

To be honest, despite the fact that I put this movie in my most anticipated movies of 2015 (the Cillian factor) but when I saw the trailer I was a bit disappointed…it looked like the kind of movie I don’t like, where the animals are doing stupid things (like Anaconda…snake DOES NOT eat over and over again, it eats once a week). Fortunately, though a bit exaggerated the movie still makes sense. I really like it because it gives the sense of survival rather than the smart whale itself. The survival part of the movie is the reason why I give high rating to this movie. I always enjoy good survival movie.

As an animal lover, it did annoyed me a bit when they killed the whales but then again it happened so long ago so I could still live with it.

Rating: 4 stars

Legend (2015)

LegendTom hardy is the only reason why I watched this movie. Not quite a huge fan yet but I know how great his acting is.

This movie has high rating in Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB but somehow for me it’s not that high. The story was interesting and the acting was stunning but maybe I got tired with gangster stuff (especially after watching Peaky Blinders) so I was a bit bored with it. Remember…this is just me. Maybe I can appreciate it more if I am more into gangsters movies. But overall, it’s an enjoyable movie and recommended to anyone who enjoys good acting.

Rating: 3 stars

Angker (2014)

AngkerI never heard of this movie before, my friend lent me the DVD and to my surprise, I like it. Angker is Haunted in English.

A family just moved in to a house which turned out to be haunted. It was haunted because a powerful Dukun Santet (shaman witchcraft) was murdered there. Her spirit haunted the house and wouldn’t let anyone lived in it. The wife had to face the spirit to protect her children.

It was quite good because it had no exaggerated surprise scenes. The spirit appears in normal way…it was quite scary though it didn’t make the viewers jump up. The flow of the story was also nice and easy to follow. I recommend this to all horror lovers

Rating: 3 stars

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