The Mighty Boosh – Series 2

There’s nothing better to start 2013 than a review of my most favorite comedy series, The Mighty Boosh.

I wrote my review of the first series back in November 2012 (Here). The plan was to write each series continuously…but then I changed my mind because I want to see it again once I have my special edition DVD.


Previously, I watched The Mighty Boosh from torrentz. It’s soooo good to see it again in DVD, the quality is way better than the .avi file. And the extra is so wonderful. I will talk about the extras after talk about series two’s episodes.

What is The Mighty Boosh?

‘I think our show is magical and fantastical. We tell very intricate, weird stories. Vince Noir is quite modern, a bit of an indie kid; Howard Moon is a bit Fifties and eccentric. We tap into youth culture – the Horrors make a guest appearance in this series – and we rely heavily on Julian’s music and my animation.’ He pauses and grins. ‘It’s such a weird shambles of stuff.’

~Noel Fielding

A quick reminder of the main characters in The Mighty Boosh>> Read Series 1 review.

In series 1, Howard Moon and Vince Noir were working as a zoo keeper at the Zooniverse. Based on many interviews, Noel and Julian were out of idea and decided to move the story to a flat belongs to Naboo. Howard hasn’t changed much but Vince has changed a lot in series 2. He has pitch black hair and dresses more like a woman (fortunately, Noel is a beautiful androgyny) and off with the flares and in with the super tight trouser. There are more adventures in series 2 and more surreal than before.

The New Howard and Vince
Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and Vince Noir (Noel Fielding)

When I first saw the whole series (from 1 to 3), I like the first series more than the others…but after second viewing, I find second series more interesting. Series 2 have 6 episodes and I watched each episode twice, first with its original audio and second with the commentary. I REALLY like listening to Noel, Julian and Rich explaining about the episode (although they joked around more than explaining the scene like most professional commentators). Plus, it’s fun listening to them so easily creating new crimps just by talking through the scenes. (Crimp is a song without music)

Anyway…here are the episodes from The Mighty Boosh Series 2

Images from episode 1 to 3 (click it to see it better)

Call of The Yeti.

Howard was taking everyone to a cabin in the wood. Vince, Bollo and Naboo were a bit bored with it but Howard was so excited with their trip. Howard wanted to capture the image of the legendary Yeti. Unfortunately, instead of photographing the yeti, they were all captured by them.

This is the first time they used the projected background.

The Priest and The Beast.

This is the first time Noel (Vince) introduced his famous mirrorball suit, he wears this suit so often and sort of becomes his trademark.

Howard and Vince were trying to find the new sound for their band. Naboo told them that finding a new sound is not that easy, he told them the story of Rudi and Spider (and of course, Rudi and Spider were also played by Julian and Noel) who tried to find the new sound. They had to fight the Betamax monster. The music for this episode is so Santana-ish.

This is my least favorite episode of all Boosh episodes, BUT this is Noel’s favorite episode. The vocalist of The Who made brief appearance in this episode.

The Mirrorball Suit
The Mirrorball Suit


I LOVE NANAGEDDON!! This is one of my favorite episodes. It’s very funny and the song is really rockin’.

Vince suddenly turned into a Goth because of two girls he wanted to impress. He told them he was a warlock. The girls wanted to see him do some black magic. Vince used Naboo’s secret book and accidentally summoned the worst demon, an old woman. They had to find the old woman before she started the Nanageddon.

We finally see Richard Ayoade…yeaaa. He was supposed to be Dixon Bainbridge in series one but couldn’t make it. Here in series two he played Saboo, a shaman. And…Tony Harrison made his first appearance here (Tony is shaman with a bum-head and tentacles)

This is one of my favorite conversations in Nanageddon.

Vince: “These are Goth girls, yeah. They don’t like jokes. They don’t even smile. Do some dark stuffs, freak them up a bit.”
Howard: “I went to a graveyard today. Got naked. Did a shit on a tombstone”

uploaded by babycowproductions

Images from episode 4 to 6 (click the image to see it better)

Fountain of Youth

Julian Barratt once again showed his sexy legs 😉 and I love Noel’s outfit! He designed it himself, he also designed Julian’s shoes.

Howard was a bit depressed because people always assumed that he is Vince’s father. Howard wanted to look younger. They found an amulet in Naboo’s room. The amulet brought them to Planet Xooberon, Naboo’s planet. They wanted to find the Fountain of Youth. It wasn’t an easy task, they had to deal with the blue-men, the sand-storm and the hitcher.

I love the soup crimp in this episode…it has a very catchy lyric: here.

The Legend of Old Gregg

The famous Old Gregg!! One of Boosh characters who has stolen many heart of Boosh fans.

Howard and Vince left the town because many people were upset with their performance. They went to a place called Black Lake. A fisherman told them to go fishing in the lake. They had an argument and Vince left Howard alone…and he met the only person who loved him, the Old Gregg…a half man half fish who had mangina (a man version of vagina). It always makes me laugh when Old Gregg is showing his mangina .

The songs, Love Game and Sea Funk, are so catchy.

uploaded by babycowproductions

The Nightmare of Milky Joe

The most hilarious episode in the series. I can stop laughing because it’s too weird but hilarious at the same time.

I read in one interview, they were inspired by Tom Hank’s Cast away. Howard and Vince were leaving to US but they used boat instead of plane. The boat sank and they were stranded in a small island. The insanity of the story began when Howard created Milky Joe from a coconut shell. The story went uncontrollably insane after that…I love it!


The Boosh Gang
The Boosh Gang (Rich Fulcher, Mike Fielding, Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Dave Brown)

One thing you should know about The Mighty Boosh (in case you never seen it), Mighty Boosh is a family show, literally 😉 . Noel’s father and Mike’s girlfriend appeared in The Priest and The Beast. Julian’s father, Noel’s mother and nephew in Nanageddon, Julian’s nephew in Fountain of Youth. Their other cameos were their friends.

Now, off to the extra 🙂 …I love the extra for series 2 more than series 1. They give more extra here.

The extras are:

  • The Pilot which I have shared before> here.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes, some of them are quite good and it’s a shame they cut it out of the series. My favorite is when Vince kept calling Howard just to ask silly questions.
  • Boosh Publicity, we get to see Noel and Julian running around promoting series two in many TV shows. I love seeing the two of them together…they are amazingly close.
  • Making of Series 2. (see the image below) This is my favorite part of the extra. Julian and Noel, and everyone else involved in the boosh, are explaining the process of creating series 2. I love seeing the hassle behind this amazing series. How they come with a certain song. Apparently, they created Nanageddon music in such a short time (a big applause to both of them coz I really love that song). I love seeing Ju and Noel looking so comfortable with each other…ah the love between them is just too beautiful to look at.
  • Sweet (a short film) …this is one funny short film!! The ending really makes me laugh. It’s a bit porn but it’s also funny. Here’s the youtube link if you want to check it out> here.
  • Boosh Music. This is a collection of all the songs in the series.
I adore the love between these two men
I adore the love between these two men

If you haven’t seen The Mighty Boosh…you are missing one of the best series ever made on TV!! I really mean it!!

Next review> The Mighty Boosh Live.

24 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Audrey says:

    They sure go in for the weird costumes, and I don’t just mean the mirror ball suit. Love the old lady costumes. Kind of a zombie apocalypse thing, the way they get chased.

    1. Novroz says:

      For those weird costumes…blame it on Noel 😉
      He has unusual way of seeing things. He draws all the costumes. When my post on Noel as a painter finally published (still a long way to go because I am during my Boosh post in order), you can see that his art is a bit odd….or you can search it first through google 😉

      The old lady costumes…they used that in their live tour, some men enjoy wearing women’s dress 😉

      1. Alice Audrey says:

        They are remarkably realistic as old ladies.

        1. Novroz says:

          Haha Julian is one unusual old lady, he has mustache 😉

          1. Alice Audrey says:

            LOL!. And yet it just comes off as charming.

  2. ruth says:

    You really are obsessed aren’t you? 😀 Well glad the dvd is getting such a good use, he..he..

    1. Novroz says:

      Ow Ruth…I would never bother you if I do not LOVE the boosh.
      I never buy DVD of something I only LIKE…always something I LOVE.
      So far in my life, only 3 series that I love sooo much, The X Files, Sherlock and now The Mighth Boosh. This series is so brilliant…just like the other two I mention earlier.

  3. TBM says:

    It must be fun to work on a show like this. I imagine they have oodles of fun all day, but still work hard.

    1. Novroz says:

      I imagine the same too…especially after seeing the making.
      They said we never hire real actors…only friends and musicians.

      They worked hard but still had fun by gathering people they know well.

  4. Androgoth says:

    You have good tastes Miss. Novia
    and I think that you will be watching
    these dvd’s over and over again 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend 🙂

    Hey and of course
    your wonderful turtles too 🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. Novroz says:

      aaaw..Thank you Andro 🙂
      I do think that ANYone who likes The Boosh has good taste in comedy 😉

      Have a wonderful weekend to you too Andro :hug:

      1. Androgoth says:

        You are very sweet my lovely and good friend 🙂
        There are so many nutty British comedies to watch
        but you have picked out some beauties 🙂

        Maybe some Carry On
        films will be to your liking also? 🙂

        Andro xxx

        1. Novroz says:

          Carry On? I will note it down and see if I can find it 🙂
          Thank you Andro

          1. Androgoth says:

            You are very welcome, I think that you would like the series called ‘Bottom’ and ‘One Foot in the Grave’ both are very funny comedies 🙂 🙂

            Have a lovely time today 🙂

            Andro xxx

          2. Novroz says:

            Noted it down 🙂
            Thank you Andro

  5. Binky says:

    I finally watched an episode (the kangaroo one) on Youtube. It was pretty funny. Though I must protest their depiction of marsupials!

    I found out that the local library has their DVDs, so I reserved #1.

    1. Novroz says:

      Yaiii glad you said that 🙂 and thank you for giving it a try.
      Hahaha don’t protest much on their depiction of animals…they sure don’t sound like the real animals. They like making joke on animal rather than real people. You need to remember that they are after all surrealist comedian.

      Hope you’ll like the rest of them

      1. Binky says:

        Yes, I know. I just had to defend that poor kangaroo! (Which I guess was a guy in a kangaroo suit.)

        1. Novroz says:

          It WAS a guy in kangaroo suit…the animals are always suit or puppets.
          Noel loves animals, he won’t hurt a real animal

  6. Caroline says:

    It’s great to be able to watch a favourite series on DVD. The picture is so much better and – yes – the extras. But when they are just out they are often very expensive.
    I try to watch less series this year and read more.
    As to the fun factor – I think anything you do with your heart really in it, should be fun.

    1. Novroz says:

      Hear hear!! Now i wish I have all my Favorite Cillian’s movies in DVD along with all Boosh DVDs (I still have 2 Boosh DVDs to collect). The extra is a bliss…love every minute of it…like I said in the post, I love seeing those two men clinging on each other unashamed to show the world that they have strong chemistry and love each other.

      I think i will still watch a lot of series than movies in 2013, as for reading it’s still the same…reading in public transportation 😉 . talking about reading, I really want to buy The Mighty Book of Booh and Noel’s The scrambling of The Madcap Shambleton.

  7. Genki Jason says:

    The Nightmare of Milky Joe is my favourite episode from series 2. It’s so crazy and surreal! The others are a little too creepy!

    1. Novroz says:

      It’s also my favorite 🙂 it’s insane and always makes me laugh.
      I also like the others tho…creepiness has never been my problem before. I think series 3 is creepier

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