Live Viewing Part 2: Final 20th L’Anniversary in Kyocera Stadium, Osaka

L’Arc~en~Ciel 2nd Live Viewing was FREAKING AWESOME!!!

This is the second Live Viewing held in Jakarta, I have written my post of the first Live Viewing in Indonesian Language (Silakan baca disini pandangan mata saya di Live Viewing pertama), tonight, I decided to use English to write my report of the second Live Viewing. I have informed about this live viewing in my previous post about Laruku.

Inside the cinema+in the screen

As you can see in my sticky post and on the right widget, my number one band in the world, the only band I have loved so damn much for the past 11 years is about to come to my country (although I am a bit worried with the situation in Indonesia…Dear God, please don’t let anything happen that can cancel my only chance to see them LIVE). Before their concert, they kindly let us see their concert in Osaka which they broadcasted (Live Screening) in Korea and other countries. When I heard about this second Live Viewing, I was so happy and determined to see it no matter what. This concert has not been released in DVD yet and I don’t know whether they will ever release it or not. Unfortunately, not many seemed to know this fact because this second Live Viewing was not as full book as the first one.

The cinema might not be as crowded as before but the audiences were crazier than before 😉 …and that included me 😉 I couldn’t stop dancing and jumping and singing along all through the show which was about 2,5 hours.

The concert began with Hyde singing acapella to one of their most beautiful and touching songs, FAREWELL. Hyde sang beautifully and I just love the way they rearranged the song. Somewhere in the middle of the song, the rest of the instrument kicked in. L’Arc~en~Ciel didn’t waste any time and straight away sang CARESS OF VENUS, this kind of song list was once played in Shibuya 7 Days. When Caress of Venus started My friend and I couldn’t stay sitting on the chair anymore, we stood up and danced to the song…It was a cheerful song that can always makes me dance. By the way, don’t imagine our dancing as the kind of dancing people do in pop music, it is more like moving our body according to the song, jumping along and waving our hands. For us, watching in the cinema is not the reason to NOT act as if we really were seeing them Live.

Tetchan, Hyde, Yukihiro and Ken didn’t give us any time to relax when they started playing GOOD LUCK MY WAY, it was impossible not to jump along to the song. Good Luck is a fun fun fun song. They slowed it down a little by playing HEAVEN’S DRIVE. I was still standing and singing along. I finally had time to sit down again when Hyde began talking and saying hello to people in other countries. After that, they sang FLOWER, DRINK IT DOWN and DUNE. As usual, Hyde let the audience to sing the chorus of Dune (To all people who are going to come to the concert: PLEASE MEMORIZE THE LYRIC!! We don’t want to disappoint them by not knowing the lyric when Hyde let us to sing).

The lyric is:

Tsuki ni terasare, me o tojite, sotto karamaru
Katachi o kaete kuzure yuku, nemuri ga sasou
Tsuki ni terasare, me o tojite, sotto karamaru
Katachi o kaete kuzure yuku, futari wa suna ni naru

The next song was a delight for me because I haven’t heard that song being sung Live in ages, GARASUDAMA was the kind of song that could challenge Hyde’s ability to sing. He had to start very low and in the middle became so high. I love this song. Garasudama was followed with FORBIDDEN LOVER. Ken was then left alone to play his solo as the intro to begin MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM, a very beautiful song with beautiful lyric. Just like Dune, Hyde let us sing the part ‘yume o egakute’ over and over again while he followed us by singing the rest of the lyric.

They went to back stage for a while and the intro to one of the songs I expected to experience in the coming concert in Jakarta began to swallow the stadium. While the audience (both in the screen and in the cinema) were shouting ‘hey…hey…hey’ following the beat, Yukihiro, Ken and Tetsuya came up with indoor vehicles and spraying white frost toward the audience. They drove to the stage. Hyde was nowhere to be seen…suddenly he showed up sitting on a chair carried by 6 men. They began singing REVELATION….oooowww how I love the atmosphere of this song!! They audiences shouted throughout the whole song, the shouting were either ‘hey’ or ‘revelation’

Revelation was followed continuously with high spirited songs. SEVENTH HEAVEN made dance vigorously and some people in the cinema even circled around during the song. They made a human-train.  DRIVER’S HIGH made people jump every time the chorus started. STAY AWAY as always was a song that had to be listened while clapping along with the significant claps for the song. And then Hyde shouted ‘Are you fucking ready?’, it was the beginning of READY STEADY GO. They didn’t give us chance to breathe and sit. Those were songs that had to be followed with dancing, clapping, jumping, and singing along. I love it!!! I didn’t even feel like I was inside a cinema. Yukihiro closed the first part of the concert with his incredibly fast drum solo. He is my favorite member and his solo always fun to watch. His speed is amazing.

The band left for almost more than 10 minutes. The audience started shouting ‘Ankore!! Ankore!!’ (Encore). It was out time to sit and drink and prepare our energy for the next songs. They showed several photo slide from their past before they sang their next song.

My favorite photo in the slide

Then Laruku An Shieru gave us another delightful surprise by singing one of my favorite songs, ANEMONE…the song was rarely sung. A beautiful love song with difficult tone to sing. Not many people knew the song but I was in my own world at that time, I was singing the song contently, I am a terrible singer but who care? All I want to do was singing along to that beautiful song.

Their latest single (at that time) soon followed Anemone. We were shouting at our heart content when the intro to XXX began….gyaaaa!!!! fangirling attack!!! We couldn’t stop screaming every time Hyde moved his body in that voluptuous way. I shouted ‘stop it already!!!’ my heart was not strong enough to see that excessive sexiness 😉 Hyde doesn’t need to open his clothes to be incredibly sexy, all he has to do is shake that hip of his….gyaaaa *nose-bleed*

After that fan-girl service kind of song, Laruku sang the first other newest single, CHASE. The one song that I find difficult to like…it took a lot of listening for me to finally click to the song. The concert was near to ken’s birthday. He sang happy birthday to himself….Ken is always the funniest in the band 🙂 He also mentioned (out of nowhere) that he had grabbed Hyde’s private thing and it felt soft like marshmallow…hahaha hentai na koto demo hontou ni omoshiroi 😉

The happy Christmas song, HURRY XMAS followed Ken’s absurd talk. Then the happiest song by Laruku, LINK made us jump to our feet again and started jumping and clapping along the song again. It was another impossible song to listen without dancing and jumping. I never grow tired of this song even though I have used it for my mobile phone ring tone for several years. It was time for Hyde to say his final words. He mostly talked about the fact the have stayed together for 20 years, thank you to the fans and to the orchestra that had helped the concert. L’Arc~en~Ciel closed the concert with NIJI, the first song I translated…lovely lyric bout hope and expectation. Tetchan was the last one who stayed on the stage, he began his ritual of throwing banana to the fans.

How I wished the concert never end…but that wish will never come true 😉

This second live viewing is so awesome!!! I love every minute of it. I hope there will be another Live Viewing in the future…I will come to all live viewing in Jakarta even though the ticket price was 4 to 5 times the normal cinema price.

Once it was all over…all I want to say is ‘gogatsu hayaku kimasu!!!’ (Hurry come May!!!) I want to see the concert in Jakarta real bad!!! I will still think all this happiness as a dream before the final day finally comes…it is 31 days to the big day that will be my first dream that ever come true.

Detail of the event:

Matter: Final 20th L’Anniversary in Kyocera Stadium, Osaka
Place: XXI Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jak-Sel
Time: 24 & 31 Maret 2012
Ticket: Rp 100.000
Supported by: Maverick DC & XXI Epicentrum

I didn’t record even a bit of the concert because I have never seen the concert yet (it hasn’t been released in DVD) so I am all eyes and eras for the concert, recording will only make my attention astray. Here, I share you the video I made from the FIRST live viewing



Laruku had just finished their concert in Madison Square Garden in March 25, 2012. This concert will be released as DVD. I found a news reporting their live in

One word: Wow.

Actually, not even a word. But an expression. One that I wore on my face throughout Japanese rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel‘s two-hour-long show Sunday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This was a giant rock spectacle: Pyrotechnics galore. More glow sticks in one venue than all of Miami’s Ultra Music Dance Fest. Legions of devout fans dressed, like the band, in the craziest of outfits (like 12-inch high platform shoes and a plaid suit). A frontman who looked and moved suspiciously like a Japanese Axl Rose. The most immersive visual show I’ve ever seen, ever. And between the four band members, not a word of English in their vocabulary.

Continue reading>> here

Here is a glimpse of the concert


  1. I WATCHED THE LIVE VIEWING on 31st!!! It was FANTASTIC!! I made a new discovery that I have a ‘freakingly’ loud scream *should I be embarrassed?*. I dragged my sis to accompany me and she can’t help but shake her head as I act like a crazy fangirl. I didn’t even realized I kinda punched her when I swing my glowstick..*onee-chan gomen.
    Anyway, I also went with a friend who celebrated her b’day on the same day. We were glad we can celebrate it by watching this Live Viewing with all the horrible riots happening. I almost canceled it. *phews*
    L’Arc~en~Ciel is WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I will definitely go to the next LV after this one. =D

    1. EHHH??? Hontou??? Where was your seat? I was at seat A4. My friends and I scream so loud everytime they showed Hyde in close up. I did extra screaming for Yuki too as he is my favorite. Huahahaha nothing to be ashamed of with screaming like a teenager in Laruku concert, even though the concert was only in cinema 😉

      So…your sister didn’t enjoy it at all?

      I met my friend’s friends afterward, they saw Larc at Bangkok….whuaaaa they said it was amazing and they still feel like it was all a dream. I cant wait for May 2nd to come.

      Did you know that we are planning to sing MIRAI SEKAI for laruku during the concert?

      1. sorry for the late reply
        HONTOU!! I was at C 31 to 33 I think. Me too!! My friend and I can’t stop screaming too. Hyde is such a tease. My friend already know my love for yukkie so everytime yukkie is showed up I would squealed like crazy and she will say “La, it’s yukkie! yukkie!!”. TRUE!! As a fan I shouldn’t be embarrassed. I’ll definitely scream my loudest in the next LV to come!!

        My sister is…she never really did like anything that could make her so into it, except WaT, but it was years ago. Her genre is more instrumental. To say that she didn’t enjoy isn’t exactly right, coz her expression during LV and her reports to our parents are TOTALLY different. One thing for sure, she is definitely impressed by LARC’s concert. She gave 4 thumbs up for all the lightning and stages details and many more. She even told me that she might want to come to the concert, but I can never tell whether she is serious or not.

        Speaking of BKK, I saw a girl wearing the shirt from there. I envy them so much. I too can’t wait for it!! I still don’t believe that the concert is less than a month now!! I don’t feel ready at all.

        Yes I know, we’re going to sing at the end right.. And didn’t someone said they want to sing Anata too?? I haven’t even memorized it yet. @_@. As a new Cieler, memorizing all their lyrics in time for the concert is quite a tough challenge.

        1. Ah we are so far apart, from one end to another 😉
          I wasnt only screaming, I jumped and danced along…so did the other LV I attended. I went twice to the 1st LV, the second was even crazier. I was in 3rd row from the screen, it was impossible for me to jump and dance, my friend and I moved to exit alley so that we could jump and dance and sing.

          Hehehe I have only memorized 3 songs in my life and that was because I was translating the songs…the rest are because I listen to them everyday…and I still havent remembered them all 😉

          1. Yess..from one end to the other. Way to far.
            Ahh I wish I can dance and jump along too. I regret being too shy to do it now. T.T
            I didn’t get to watch the first LV coz by the time I know about it, the tickets already sold out. So sad. close to the screen. Yes, it will be hard to go crazy if you’re on the front. Many people only sit too on 31st right. Only row A and B can act crazily.

            I only remember bits and pieces for few songs since my playlist is all Laruku now. I shuffled it and played it all day long. Thankfully my sis never get annoyed of me playing the same songs everyday. =D

          2. Yes…most people stayed still…I really couldn’t understand why. Whenever I watched their concert DVD, I always sing along and dance a bit. When no one at home I even jump along to some songs…It is impossible for me not to move my body while listening to their songs. I know this sounds crazy but their songs really have such effect on me.

            You know2 Yuki no Ashiato, right? the first time I heard it, my eyes were watery, when I saw it in DVD, I actually shed tears. Their music is not just to be listened to me, their songs really touches my heart.

            Hahaha…my case is worst, 11 years of listening to them so often, my father, my mother (rest her soul) and my brothers had enough of it. I think they are pretty bored now but they can’t do anything about it 😉

          3. I think most people just didn’t want to disturb the others behind them. Ahh the concerts. I’m gonna be honest here, but it’s going to be a long story. At first when I heard LARC is coming I was so excited coz I know they are a very big band and AT LAST!! a Japanese band is coming. I have to admit hearing my friends talking about K-Pop every single day can be quite annoying. So, when I heard about it, I immediately listen to their songs which I actually have a few in my laptop. BUT, eventho I find their songs so enjoyable, I didn’t feel anything else, UNTIL, I began searching utube for their lives. it was like OMG! I can still remember I suddenly cried while watching their live which has like a pirate theme. hyde was singing My Heart Draws A Dream. And also Anata from Paris Live. It was really an eye opening for me. And form then on, I became who I am today. My friends told me that I changed since I love them. hehe. this is indeed very long. I’ll stop here.

            Yuki no Ashiato defintely became one of my fav. If I just want to listen to certain songs, it will always be picked. It’s just plain beautiful. No words. Full stop.

            Well, my mom and dad do get tired of me talking LARUKU every day. I even kinda get into a fight with them because of LARC. I remember I cried one night coz of it. So sad. Well my sis is more tolerant coz she is the closest to me. We even sometimes do a “black market” thing among each other. Well if I have my own room and TV, I would put the volume up and dance all day into the night, but since I’m sharing it with my sis and grandma, and sometimes bro, I can at least thank my sis for letting me hear LARC all day long. =D..*damn I do love my sis.

          4. Thank you for being honest and sharing your story 🙂
            Hope you will love them as much as I do for as long as you can possible do. I straight away clicked to them the minute I listened to Finale…ow how I wish they will that historical song.

            If they sing あなた in the Jakarta concert…I will definitely cry!!

  2. Ahaha you are such a big fan and I’m happy you will get to see them live in a month! It’s really cool that you got to see their Osaka concert at your local movie theater to warm up for the real thing 😀

    1. YES I AM!!! for me, there is NO other band greater than they are. I love them sooooo much 🙂

      A Month…cant believe it’s next month…after 11 years!!! finally they will sing in front of me….I want to cry T.T

      I Hope in the future, they will show more laruku concert in theather 🙂

      Thank you Cas

  3. Novroz, how happy you are! If I were there I definitely scream out loud. It must be a moment of life time >< And I wonder what's the live viewing? Is this warm-up activity for fan?

    1. yup it was a great moment…the concert was not in DVD yet. I was having a blast as if in the real concert not inside a cinema/theater.

      Live Viewing Japan is a kind of company who provide live concert in cinema…but not like a movie, the date to watch it is very limited. Jakarta was trusted to do Laruku’s LV twice. The first one was on December, they were showing 20th anniversary concert in Ajimoto Stadium.
      The enthusiasm was crazy and I guess that was to see are we worthy enough to be visited by them. Not long after that first LV, laruku annouced that they will come to Jakarta 🙂

      With that success, they give us another LV which I saw last night

    1. Ha! I guess it only happens in Japan 😉

      I dont know about other Japanese musician, whether they are also doing it or not…but what I know of my favorite band, they do this live viewing in may countries/cities, even to big countries like US, UK, and France…not only in Asia.

      I hope they will do this more often because it gives more pleasure than watching their concert DVD in a 21 inches TV screen 😉

      1. I live a sheltered existence. The town I’m in has a population count less than 100,000. It’s not surprising I haven’t experienced many cool things.

        This post came in handy for me today when I was in the mood to do some youtube hopping of L’Arc~en~Ciel clips.

        1. I hope you could enjoy their songs 🙂
          Youtube comes very handy.

          I live in Indonesia…so many cool things didn’t arrive here too 😉

          1. I have! Very much. Them and Vamp, which I discovered on Youtube while going straight from one video to the next. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even begun to be able to access any of this.

          2. I am soooooooo happy to hear that 🙂
            It brighten my heart whenever someone starts listening to them after reading my post on them.

  4. Hahaha!! You are sooooo crazy with love for this band, Novia!! 🙂

    It must have been nice practice for the big concert coming up for you next month. I’m ticked to hear you and your friends enjoyed it so much together…. that always makes things like that even better when you can share them with others who are also fans.

    1. Ow Miyuki…I Love love love love this band so much. I have never felt the same way to other band no matter how well-known, how well-praised, how cute they are… Larc en Ciel is the only band I love with all my heart.

      I can’t wait for May 2nd to come…I bet my addiction toward the band will multiply by 100times by then 😉
      The new friends I met in this Live Viewing who had seen them in Bangkok told me how spaced out they were afterward…it was like a dream, the memory lingers on for weeks. I want to feel that sensation so bad.

  5. I could imagine knowing that they will soon be in front of you, in real, made you love this even more. You already saw yourself there. 🙂 I hope nothing will prevent them from coming, I don’t know about anything that is going on in your country right now.

    1. I always saw myself there whenever I saw their concert DVD….well at least I hope I was there. My dream will come true soon (I hope and I pray for it to happen everyday) 🙂
      I know it sounds weird, but the closer it gets the worrier I become…I sure hope I was worrying for nothing.

  6. Amen to that. I intend to keep my love going and deeper for them. =D. Ah FInale. Is it true that it’s an ost for the movie Ring? That horror movie? I hate horror..==”

    Me too!!! I think Anata is a fix song for the WT. So, just be ready to hear it and brings lots of tissue papers I think. =D

    1. Yaaaiiii \(^_^)/ …it’s an easy thing to do to keep loving them!

      Yup, it’s the soundtrack of Ring 0, it wasn’t that scary…it has some love story to it.

      1. Yes. No matter what, I want to keep my LOVE for them burning through all my life.

        Hmm..I din’t follow the movie. I once watch it, one is the Japanese ver and the other is the western one I think. One thing for sure, I just hate them. I can’t stand the tension if something is going to pop up. ==” Worst nightmare.

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