Newsflash on L’Arc~en~Ciel: Fast Ticketing, New Album and Live Viewing

I know its a bit late to share these information but I am still going to share it anyway 😉

About Ticketing

As I have shared in my previous post about me getting the ticket, the race to get the ticket was quite intense.This is just a brief info of what I have read through out internet and from my friend. I usually don’t give care about ticketing, but this one is special….it’s L’Arc~en~Ciel’s concert in Jakarta!! I want to know how it goes.

There were 4 quotas of ticket selling.

During the pre-sale (January 27, 2012), they were sold online in

The VIP Tickets were sold out in an hour.
Premium Tickets were sold out in less than a day
Regular Tickets were still available till the next day

During public sale (January 28, 2012), they were sold online and offline at Raja Karcis:

What I knew from my friends who were trying to buy the tickets:
Online: VIP Tickets were sold-out in 5 minutes, the premium followed not long after that.
Offline: It took longer time because people have to queue up, but VIP also sold out the moment the tickets were ready to be sold. The ticketing opened at 9, my friend got there at 7 and already in waiting list number 63.
From what I gathered in the net, VIP was all out and premium was rare that day.

People said that at Panorama (another offline ticket) , some premiums were still available.

Second batch sale at

Now this is the amazing one!!
Apart from regular tickets, the other two tickets were sold out in 15 seconds!!!
The site claimed that there were 1500 people on their site at the same time fighting for the ticket.

Peter Harjani from Marygops Studio was very surprised at the enthusiasm of Indonesian Cielers. He said that he didn’t expect it to be like that because Indonesia is currently in K-Pop (Korean pop) fever. He was amazed with how loyal the Cielers are.
Someone replied him (and I completely agree) by saying “fever is a kind of illness, what we feel is a life time commitment.”

I read a twit from Raja Karcis last night, they are going to sale the overdue tickets today. Good luck to those who haven’t got the ticket \(^^)/

New Album….yeaaaa ~(*.*~) (~*.*)~

I will review this album once my order has arrived….I am waiting impatiently for this. I have downloaded the songs because I can’t be patient but will not review it until I have the album on my hand.

Here are the things I will get from my limited edition…quite expensive but who cares!!

Release date: 08/February/2012
Disc: 3 [2CD+DVD]
Edition: First Press Limited Edition (Special Jacket, picture CDs)

[Disc 1]
02. X X X
03. Bye Bye
06. shade of season
08. wild flower
10. NEXUS 4
11. 未来世界 (mirai sekai)

[Disc 2]
01. 夏の憂鬱 (natsu no yuutsu)[SEA IN BLOOD 2007]
02. 花葬 平成十七年 (kasou)
04. Round and Round 2005
05. Dune 2008
06. I Wish 2007
07. Promised land 2005
08. HONEY 2007
09. Feeling Fine 2007
10. ROUTE 666 -2010-
11. milky way 2004
12. metropolis 2011

[Disc 3: DVD]
Best Hit LEC

I have shared some of their singles in here, but 3 videos have been deleted by youtube 😦

Ow My God!!! Another Live Viewing!!!!

I am not going to say much, just read this 😉

Horaaaaaayyyyy….Jakarta gets 2 days!!! We also get the most day in the previous Live Viewing. I can’t wait to see it…a nice prelude to the real concert (*.*).

I hope I get the ticket, in the previous Live Viewing…the tickets were sold out in 8 hours and that’s why they added 1 more day for Jakarta because a lot of people wanted to see it.

I will close this post with their signature on Music Station (I got it for Larc en ciel Indonesia FB Group)


  1. WOW..The sale at is truly amazing. Well at least now Peter Harjani knows how we truly love and very loyal to LARUKU. So when LARUKU have another tour, hopefully he will bring LARUKU again. ^^ btw, where did u read the comment from Peter Harjani?

    Ah, the live viewing. I’ve been eyeing the post ever since I found it on net. Trying to figure out when can we buy the tickets and where. This time I’m really going to go and get the ticket!!! I don’t want to miss it again!!

    1. Hear hear to that!!!

      I wish that the upcoming concert is not the first and the last concert at the same time, I hope they will be back another year. And I will always be there as they have number 1 in my heart for the past 11 years.

      The comment by Peter is from, I want to link it to the original news but I can’t find it anymore.

      On the last Live Viewing, the tickets are being sold a week and a half before the H day. So, keep an eye around that time.
      Too bad you missed that one, I saw it twice and I have downloaded and seen the concert 😉
      For the next live viewing, I haven’t seen it…so I must fight for the ticket.

      1. OMG!! really sorry for the late reply!! I’ve been busy with internship that I missed ur reply..

        AMEN to that!! I’ll cry a river if this concert is their last. AND I’ll DEFINITELY have to come to their next concert here. No matter what the cost is!!

        About the live viewing, I already know when and where, but still no clues about the time. I really hope there will be more infos so my friend and I can go there before or after college. Since the day is when we have to come for class. So SAD!!

        1. Good luck with your internship 🙂

          No matter how many times they come…I will always be there!! I don’t care if they only sing the same songs all over again. By the way,make sure you memorize Dune, Anata and Killing Me as Hyde often lets the audience sing that songs nowadays.

          The ticket box for Live Viewing will open on March 2, 2012. You can go to Epicentrum or buy it through Larc~en~Ciel Indonesia (a facebook group for Indonesian cielers). If you come…let’s meet 🙂
          I am going there on March 31….I can’t wait to sing and dance again while watching the Live Viewing.

          have you read this? >> this is my review of the first Live Viewing.

  2. do you get the ticket? …. i am sure you got it …

    i can’t wait for this ne watch them live in our country, even i have to watch them first in Thailand … so i am chasing the butterfly ….. *excited*

    1. Of course I got the ticket 😉
      I got the VIP ones, how bout you??
      ow…how lucky you are!! you are going to see them twice…I envy you!!

      Yeah…Butterfly is taking TOO long to get here…I can’t wait to get my hand on it.

      Nice to see you here again Noi 🙂

      1. i am also on the VIP ….

        at the first time i am not sure if they gonna come to our country, nah that’s why i bought the ticket for Bangkok, but then when i found out L’arc is gonna come here OMG how can i missed that?

        it’s a history ne, and we should be part of it ….

        about my BUTTERFLY mine is still at the post office, the officer called me today, maybe i’ll get it tomorrow …

        1. My friend and I have this feeling that they will come here when we heard that they are going to come to Singapore.

          It is indeed a history in the making 🙂
          I can’t wait for the day to come….still 76 days to go.

          Lucky you!! I am still at lost, not sure when My CD will arrive

  3. “fever is a kind of illness, what we feel is a life time commitment”
    I totally agree with it. How can he compare Laruku with Kpop? I feel so sad because now Vietnamese hear too much Kpop and rarely listen to J-music let alone Jrock or Laruku. So I think if I want to see them live I have to save money to go to another country (cry)
    And I read that you got Vip ticket despite of much struggling between fan. Congratulations! And I wonder that will we have a chance to touch them if we sit on Vip???

    1. hahaha comparing laruku to KPop is like comparing a king to a slave 😉

      Same here, so many people (especially teenagers) like KPop, but fortunately laruku fans are so loyal.

      ow I didn’t get the ticket in difficult way, I got presale privilege. Not many people know about presale. There is no seating order, VIP gets earlier entry so we can stand close to the stage.

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