Mavericks Vs Heats – History Repeated

The 2011 NBA Finals will start tomorrow. We will see the battle between Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heats once again. They met in 2006 NBA Finals. At that time, Heats defeated Mavericks…this year, I really  really hope things will go the other way around.

Although the title said Mavericks Vs Heats, I am not going to talk about Heats at all…as I hardly know anything about this team apart from the fact that they have defeated my other favorite team.

There are 2 teams that I love the most in NBA, they are Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks. Reason for loving Chicago Bulls is very simple, they were the team that made me amazed with basketball, and they were the team that opened my eyes to the amazingness of NBA. I love them since 1991, I support them despite their ups and downs.

And  then…Dallas Mavericks came along. I love Bulls as a team, don’t care much whose playing in it.  But for Mavericks, the reason is Herr Dirk Nowitzki, if he left Mavericks I stopped supporting Mavs…as simple as that. He has been my favorite player for the past decade. I love everything that he does on the court…such great basketball player. In 2006, they had a chance to win the championship…I was so thrill seeing them in the finals. Unfortunately their dream (as well as mine) was shattered by Miami Heats, or by Shaq and Wade to be exact. and I hate them for that.

Now…in 2011, they meet again with different players. All I remember from Heats was Wade. From Mavericks were Nowitzki and Terry. But I can see that people are expected a fierce battle between James and Nowitzki.

Let’s take at look at Mavs journey in the play off.

I was so fortunate to be able to see most of their latest game (apart from whether JakTV shows it or not, time difference makes it hard to watch all of the games). Mavs defeated Trailblazers (4-2), amazingly swept the Lakers, and crushing the hope of Thunders (4-1).

I saw all the games against Thunders…whoa o whoa, Nowitzki was scary!! He and the rest of the team were able to turn things around. I love the ball movement and the patience between the players.  Mavs sure have grown much wiser than 2006.


I really hope the maturity of the whole players in Mavericks can lead to victory, Herr Nowitzki and Mr. Kidd deserves the rings more than anyone in Heats.

Here is the schedule for the finals:

I hope the game won’t last more than 5 games because  I could only see several games. May 31 and Jun 2, I teach in the afternoon therefore I can see the game in the morning. Jun 5 is still in questions. Jun 7 won’t be able to watch full game. Jun 9 will definitely see it. Jun 12 will see half of it and June 14 will be another free day.

Good luck to all of you and give us all your best.  From Indonesia, I’ll be cheering  up for you guys.

Dallas Mavericks are:

11           Jose Barea    G
3              Rodrigue Beaubois    G
13           Corey Brewer    F
4             Caron Butler       F
35           Brian Cardinal    F
6              Tyson Chandler    C
33           Brendan Haywood     C
20           Dominique Jones      G
2              Jason Kidd – C    G
28           Ian Mahinmi       C
0              Shawn Marion   F
41           Dirk Nowitzki – C      F
92           DeShawn Stevenson     G
16           Peja Stojakovic   F
31           Jason Terry         G

 HEAD COACH : Rick Carlisle

 ASSISTANT COACH(ES): Terry Stotts, Dwane Casey, Darrell Armstrong, Monte Mathis


  1. The Lakers don’t have a 0% chance of winning it’s the exact opposite the mavs have a 100% chance of winning being at home leading 3-0 and no i do not think the Lakers suck i mean they did win championships back 2 back just that the mavs r the best team in basketball history and can’t blame the Lakers 4 getting swept by the best team in basketball history

  2. Everybody say that everyone is either a Mavs bandwagon fan or a Heat bandwagon fan. Man It’s the Finals, you pick your team and go with it and support it. What are you supposed to just sit there and be like “Miami had a good play there” or “Jason Terry got a 4pt play”, come on now everyone becomes a badnwagon fan in the Finals unless it’s your team in the lets just support in which team you are supporting with.thanks for sharing this post!

  3. I know those 2 comments above are here to promote their site (in other word, a spam)…but I approve it anyway because they are CHEERING on my fav team 🙂

  4. Ahah I’m always surprised to see you are a fan of the NBA! I hate the Mavericks but I will side with them simply because I dislike the Heat more 😉

    • I have been a fan for 20years Cast (can I just call you Cast…Castor is too long).

      You hate Mavs?? why? do tell me, I won’t bite you 😉
      I have read about someone who said he didn’t like Mavs because of Marc Cuban.

      The Game is about to start…I feel excited and hoping they will be as solid as when they played againts Thunders

    • I rarely post about sport unless I really really like the team. I have been Mavs fan for years…and to see them once again in finals really make my heart want to jump.

      I will write the Finals summary…IF and only IF Dallas wins the series…but if they lose…I won’t waste my time writing about the finals 😉

      Yeaaa….let’s go mavs!!! 😀

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