It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – May

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. This event is hosted by Sheila of Book Journey.

I decided to do regular post for this  meme but not as a weekly meme, this will be a monthly meme. I want to keep my track on what I have been reading in a month and the possibility of what I will read next month.

Starting from this month, I will  be using new button for this  monthly meme…of course, showing my lovely turtle 😉

I am glad to say that I have could finish reading ALL the book I have chosen to read this month. Last month, I had 2 books I couldn’t finish (see it here in April edition of It’s Monday!

Right now, I am reading 47 Ronin Story by John Allyn.

My reason for borrowing this book from the library is very simple…it’s because the book will soon be adapted into  movie with Hiroyuki Sanada and Keanu Reeves in the cast assemble. Hiroyuki Sanada is one of my favorite actors from Japan and Keanu, even though not a great actor, but he has been my eye candy since 1996.

I have reached page 32 and I am enjoying it so far. I haven’t reached Keanu’s character  yet but I have read Hiroyuki’s character which is so suitable  to be played by the awesome Sanada-san.

Here are the books I have read and reviewed this month:

Isshun Boushi (一寸法師) – A Small Japanese Warrior

This is a children book written in Japanese. I have been trying to read more Japanese children  book or Manga to increase my Japanese.

This fairy tale from Japan  is really famous.It is about a man who was only 3 centimeters tall but able to defeat a big demon to protect his master’s daughter.

I included the drawing from the book because those drawings are really cute. Read my review here.

1984 – Book that has inspired Matthew Bellamy in writing his songs

I read this book simply because it inspired Matthew Bellamy,the singer of my favorite band, MUSE.

I have read mixed review on the book, fortunately I like the book a lot. It  reminds me of Battle Royale by Koushun Takami.

Read my review here.

The Sea and Poison – My First Readalong

The story is about vivisection being performed on war prisoners.But the vivisection process it self wasn’t written in graphic detail, it is more into the characters of each doctor and nurse that got involved in the process.

Although it is a depressing book,but I really like the way Endo wrote about the characters. Reading this book has given my trust on Endo once again. I have  failed to finish his collection of short story  before.

Read my review here.

The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale – a wonderful fantasy book that hasn’t been published yet

This is my third book  by Nicholas Jobe. I love the variety of his  books. He has written a very thrilling horror book, my most favorite of all his books. A  heist/serial killer thriller multi-genre book and now, he has written a great YA adult fantasy (please don’t compare it with Twilight!!).

The story is about descendants of  fairy tales’ characters who tried to prevent the Book of  Tale being used by the wrong side.

To know more about this book, read my review here.

Here are the books I am planning to read next:

Looking forward to know what are reading,have read  and will read 🙂


  1. You read such a variety of book, Novroz, that is really nice to see. Some people stick to one genre, but you read it all. I think it’s great that you can read Japanese children’s books. Hope you find another nice one soon!

    1. I do have favorite genre but I try to read as many genre as I could (Romance is exceptional, still unable to read that genre).
      Japanese Children book is really fun…not as difficult as novels, I don’t have to scratch my head while reading it. I want to try reading at least 1manga/children book in Japanese. I am glad JF Library has so many children book,hope I can find another interesting one.

  2. I loved 1984 too. Oh, and I agree about Keanu. Not a great actor but definitely great eye candy. The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale sounds like an interesting read. I went through a phase of reading books with a fairy tale spin.

    1. He is still a great eye candy even though his age is getting older 😉
      The Most Wonderful Fairy Tale is the best fantasy book I have read in the past 2 years, I really enjoy it.

  3. it will be quite interesting and unusual seeing Keanu in RONIN film. But it could be interesting.

    I’m currently reading and translating second book in the TRUE BLOOD saga. And I don’t like it 🙂

    1. Keanu has Asian face,he will be perfect as a samurai…I just hope he won’t try doing Japanese accent. I’ll be drooling over 2 men in that movie…Of Keanu and Hiroyuki. Hiroyuki is not as handsome as Keanu but he has strong charisma.

      Now I understand why Monday is boring for you 😉 I will stay away from your job as I am known as a quitter, meaning I tend to quit reading books I don’t like.

    1. I hope you enjoy 1984 when you finally have time to read it…but I won’t be surprise if you don’t like it.

      Have a wonderful week to you too, Sheila

  4. You are sure reading quite an interesting selection! I need to get more into Japanese literature as I love all that is Japanese! Great selection(s)!

    1. Thank you, Alisson.
      Japanese Literature is very interesting. Hope you can read more Japanese books soon.

      Just like you, I also love things Japanese.

  5. What a good idea to read children’s books in a language you’re trying to improve. My German from school is really rusty and I tried picking up an adult novel to try and refresh my brain but I got nowhere. Maybe I should look for kids books 🙂

    1. You remind me of my German practice, I started learning German 2 years ago but haven’t continue learning it again 😦

      yup, adult book has so many difficult words, it’s easier to learn from simpler book like children book or graphic novel

  6. You’ve read about a book a week! I saw on twitter that you were doing your 1st readalong but I missed it was a book by Shusako Endo. Now I wish I had participated too!

    Wishing you lots of comforting reads for next month.

    1. Ow…I didn’t realize that! you’re right, it seem like one book one week, but it’s not. The children book only take one day to read it.

      aah..too bad you didn’t join it. not many people join the readalong, the word vivisection made them avoid the book.

      Thank you Gnoe, hope you have nice reading month as well.

  7. I agree the “vivisection” must have scared people as even some who took part every month didn’t “show up”, yeah well… It’s worth reading thouh and there is nothing graphic in the book.
    47 Ronin Story sounds interesting.

    1. as a Stephen King’s fan, you know I wouldn’t mind a bit graphic at all…but I am glad the vivisection isn’t graphic. It would somehow ruins it.

      so far I enjoy the 47 Ronin. It is written by a westerner but it still stay true to the code of a Samurai. I wish I have shared its teaser today, but today is special for my favorite NBA team

  8. I am curious about the newest 47 Ronin film adaptation — with a westerner joining some of Japan’s biggest film stars. The story has been done in plays and movies many times in Japan. It got a mention in John Frankenheimer’s 1998 Ronin film (a fave of mine). I’d like to read John Allyn’s novel. I’ve read (in audiobook) this month:
    The Long Fall
    Junkyard Dogs
    The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl book 3)
    The First Rule

    I’m on to Thomas Perry’s THE INFORMANT (third book in The Butcher’s Boy series), currently.

    I finished John Kenneth Muir’s The Unseen Force – The Films of Sam Raimi, and am reading Lance Henriksen’s biography, Not Bad for a Human right now.

    Thanks, Novroz.

    1. I hope it won’t turn out to be something sucks…I was half expecting the book to be bad so that when the movie is out I won’t be disappointed…but so far, the book is great. Hiroyuki Sanada can pull off Oishi character easily. I still haven’t found Kai yet (in IMDB, Keanu was supposed to play as him).

      I have heard so much about Artemis Fowl…but haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet.

      Is that the same The Informant played by Matt Damon?

      Thank you for sharing your book-list, Michael

      1. The Artemis Fowl series is really, really enjoyable — many have theorized it as the next Harry Potter for film adaptation. And no, this INFORMANT is unrelated to that Matt Damon film. Thanks, Novroz.

    1. I have reviewed it before this post, you can click on the link above. I really like the book even though it’s a depresing book…but it isn’t something I would like to reread

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