The Last Saturday Movie Pitches


I’m just going to copy-paste my opening lines from my previous post.

Last year (Hollywood Fantasy Draft I), on I wanted to link everyone’s movie pitches in my blog because I really enjoy reading their pitches. However, I was so busy at that time and didn’t have time to do it. I think it was also because I waited for all the pitches to be posted and then write my thought on those pitches…that was a wrong strategy!!

This year, I’ll be linking their pitches every Saturday.

To know more about Hollywood Fantasy Draft, please check Anomalous Material.

You can also check my draft for this second Hollywood Fantasy Draft, although I can assure you that you won’t be surprise seeing my choice of actors ;)

I will cover 2 weeks of pitches because my computer broke down last week.

January 29, 2011
ScarletSp1der (hehe I didn’t know his real name yet) of ScarletSp1der wrote a pitch called An Eye For An eye.

Directed by Ridley Scott, An Eye for An Eye features the Saunders family. Specifically Earl Saunders, deeply rooted in the NYC world of the criminally-minded, seeks a type of redemption from his estranged daughter as he fights to keep all that he’s attained safe, specifically his family. But victory in fights come only after hardships.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material and ScarleSp1der

It was quite along read, SS had put all the details needed to make people imagine his movie clearly. It looks like a movie  I would watch in DVD or TV (sorry SS), the casts are not appealing much for me.

January 31,2011
Marc of Go, See, Talk! wrote a pitch called Broken Ties

(Part Backdraft, part The Italian Job, part Rocknrolla, part Confidence) Set in a fictitious but major metropolitan city, a powerful father (Connery) tires to put pressure on his son and ultimately his grandsons. Holding previously sealed evidence of past wrongdoings over their heads, he has them commit multiple high value art heists to maintain and grow his underground art theft/smuggling operations. With his web of influence so vast, there’s nothing he doesn’t have control over and his crimes go both unknown and unpunished. Only those closest to him have the ability to stand up to him.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material or Go, See, Talk!

He has great casts playing in his movie. He said,in his blog, that this is a remake of French movie called  Liés par le sang (Bound By Blood). Everyone who  knows me well, know how much I avoid remakes. It was really fun reading his pitch and sounds like a great heist movie…but finding out that this is a remake, I rather watch the original.

February 4, 2011
CS of Big Thoughts From a Small Mind wrote a pitch called A Grand Don’t Come For Free

Directed by Steve McQueen, and loosely adapted from both the A Grand Don’t Come For Free concept album and the Everything is Borrowed album by the British artist known as The Streets, A Grand Don’t Come For Free is a look at the life of one twenty-something year-old living in Birmingham UK.  Trying his best to navigate life, friends, and love, Mike soon learns that losing a grand is the best thing that could have ever happen to him.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

His movie concept is awesome…making a movie based on an album was unthinkable (at least, for me). I really like the concept,although I have to admit that the movie is not the kind I will watch in both cinema and DVD, I will watch it in TV.

February 7, 2011
Richard of Celluloid Zombies wrote a pitch called Echoes

Brothers Jim and Harry Corely live together on their farm in Tennessee, and have done since the disappearance of their wives, while out together, five years ago. They are somewhat reclusive, relying heavily on each other. Times are hard on the two brothers. Crops are failing and money is tight.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

His director and casts alone will already make me want to see the movie. Echoes is the kind of mystery I would watch (or  I would read if it is a book).  I could figure out the perpetrator easily it was still fun to read it. But What still confuse me is, why are the women leaving the men?

February 9, 2011
Julian of For The Right Balance of Classy and Dirty wrote a pitch called Redemption of a Sociopath

The government is testing a new surgical procedure that can alter the brain of a sociopath so it can feel guilt like a normal person, giving it a minor sci-fi element. This will be a character-focused film focusing on one of these test subjects. It is mostly a drama, with romance and thriller aspects mixed in.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material and his introduction in his blog.

When I read the title,I was expecting to read a full thriller story, unfortunately…it’s not! It is just like what Julian said, more into drama.

….and the best movie pitch is…. SHELTER by Nick.

It has been a great month reading the participant’s pitches, this post of mine is not about criticizing those pitches but more about how I feel if  such movies were made. I am doubtful that my own pitches is better than theirs. It has been such great months (January to February) :)

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  1. Thanks for the pingback. I plan on majorly overhauling my pitch at some point, and it will probably end up being more of a thriller since i plan to have Dawn appear earlier, although it will most likely still end up being most a character-driven drama

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