Saturday Movie Picthes (2)

It’s time for another Saturday Movie Pitches  🙂

I’m just going to copy-paste my opening lines from my previous post.

Last year (Hollywood Fantasy Draft I), on I wanted to link everyone’s movie pitches in my blog because I really enjoy reading their pitches. However, I was so busy at that time and didn’t have time to do it. I think it was also because I waited for all the pitches to be posted and then write my thought on those pitches…that was a wrong strategy!!

This year, I’ll be linking their pitches every Saturday.

To know more about Hollywood Fantasy Draft, please check Anomalous Material.

You can also check my draft for this second Hollywood Fantasy Draft, although I can assure you that you won’t be surprise seeing my choice of actors ;)

My time to share my movie pitch is drawing near, it is set for January 27. I have written the basic idea of my movie but hasn’t developed it, will do it tomorrow (I have nothing to do on Sunday). My pitch will be different from last year. Last year, my movie’s genre is psychological thriller called Sunset Mystery. My last pitch can be seen here. I even made a poster last year, but I probably not going to make a poster now because it will need  a lot of  photoshop works to make Cillian and Danny stood against each other. This  time, my movie will be comedy 🙂

I am going to self-promote myself now….
Please…read my Pitch and give me your honest opinion 🙂

Here goes the pitches:

January 15, 2011
Andrew Kendall
wrote a movie pitch called Moon On A Rainbow Shall

Moonlight makes everything seem romantic, even when it’s not. For three fateful days in the mid-seventies in a lower East Side tenement we play voyeur to the lives of the poor – a patchwork of misfits who under the right light make up an awkward rainbow. But, there’s only so much the moon can romanticize and eventually the desperation of their lives in the apartment is revealed.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

I don’t think this is going to be something I’m going to watch…I probably watch it when there is nothing else  in TV.   Andrew wrote a  nice pitch,i enjoy reading it but that kind of movie is not my kind of movie.

January 16, 2011
of Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob wrote a pitch called Shelter

Based on the novel by Nicholas Jobe (Side-Note: Me!), a blood-soaked girl shows up at a police station requesting to speak with a specific detective—who doesn’t even know who she is—and he must figure out what happened to her and her family. They were supposedly trapped in an old bomb shelter by a demon, but was it really supernatural forces, or was it something more logical hiding behind the curtain? From the director of Cube, Cypher, and Splice comes a claustrophobic, paranoid horror film that will leave you guessing until the very end.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

This is my Favorite pitch SO FAR!! The moment I finished reading it, I want to see it actually turns into a real movie (not just a fantasy one). As I already said before, I love Nick’s cast the best and now he has just made a movie that I think is the best so far. I like how the story makes us wonder whether it is really a demon or not. This kind of movie will glue me to the screen. The ending is also something I will enjoy watching it coz I’m not a big fan of ‘forced’ happy ending.

The most amazing thing about pitch is … it is based on a novel by Nick himself, I wish I can read his book…unfortunately it hasn’t been published yet.

January 17, 2011
Joel Burman of Deny Everything wrote a pitch called The Agent

One of the most prominent prime ministers in Swedish history is Olof Palme. On the 1st of March 1986 he was assassinated while walking home with his wife Lisbet Palme (who survived the attack) after seeing The Mozart Brothers at the cinema. To this day the killer hasn’t been caught and all traces have gone cold. This is the story about what really happened.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

At first, when I read the first few lines and knew that it is about espionage and someone being framed…I lost my interest instantly. On the next day, I had nothing to do and read Joel’s pitch thoroughly and I have to admit that I almost missed a good movie. What makes it good is definitely the ENDING!! Unlike most movies with this kind of theme, Joel killed the main character.

January 18, 2011
Ripley of Four of Them wrote a pitch called Xiolin Showdown

In an adaption of the hit WB cartoon series, which lasted three years and was absurdly awesome, John Woo directs the screenplay written by the show’s creator, Christy Hui. Initially following the training of four young monks, and their quest to gain all the Shen Gong Wu, artifacts with great powers that have been scattered across the globe, and conquer the forces of evil. And junk.

Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

Hmm…I really don’t know what to say. Ripley made a pitch without explaining the story line and I never watch the cartoon series he was referring in his pitch.

January 19, 2011
Ruth of FlixChatter wrote a pitch called Last Voyage of The Valentina

Based on the novel by Santa Montefiore (yup, that’s the author’s real name!), Last Voyage of The Valentina is a romance mystery taking place between war-torn Italy at the end of WWII and aristocratic London in the early 1970s. The story switches back and forth between Italy and London in the span of about 25 years. The story begins with a brutal murder at an Italian palazzo in 1945. Twenty years later, this unsolved crime touches the live of the story’s protagonist, Alexa (changed from Alba in the book), a hedonistic but unhappy woman who lives on a houseboat on the Thames named after her mother, Valentina. Propelled by her discovery of a portrait of the mother she never knew, Alexa is determination to find out the truth, which takes her back to Incantellaria, an unexpected jewel hidden within the red cliffs and caves of the Amalfi coast where her parents first met. Themes of love, obsession, decadence and betrayal peppered the drama as she delves deeper into her forbidden past. With the ‘alluring woman of mystery’ that is her mother at the center of it all, the revelation might just be the key of finding happiness in her own future.

Read her pitch in FlixChatter or Anomalous Material

Ruth’s pitch is very interesting. I can imagine Charlize as beautiful woman that is loved by many men as she is very beautiful. The past and present kind of story always makes me curious…always makes me wondering what scene can put the 2 different time together. Would love to read the book too because it’s not 100% romance book (the genre I never read). I believe cinematography will also be spectacular.

January 20, 2011
Clara hasn’t written her pitch yet 😦

January 21, 2011
Candice Frederick of Reel Talk wrote a pitch called Ulterior Motives

Ulterior Motives is the unceremonious weaving of a series of imperfect crimes and misdemeanors, love and loss. Dark, funny at times, and randomly romantic— Ulterior Motives is told mostly in flashbacks from each character’s point of view.

Read her pitch in Anomalous Material

The cast alone will make me want to see it as I am a big fan of Tom Hank and also RDJ is one of my eye candies. I love mystery too and it has a lot of potential to be a good movie. However, I find her pitch lack of character’s personality because she didn’t write each character’s personality. The again, my first pitch was terrible … so she doesn’t have to listen to me 😉

I could easily say that this week’s pitches were better than last week’s as last week’s was full of love stories. This weeks is full of mystery. I really enjoy reading those pitches. Hopefully, my movie will be the only comedy…or at least the first comedy….and I should remind you again that it will be posted in January 27, 2011 at 00.01 Indonesian time 😉

The one that I like the most and will definitely see it the moment it is being filmed is Nick’s The Shelter. And I give a lot of credits for Joel’s The Agent and Ruth’s Last Voyage of the Valentina.

Looking forward to read more great pitches next week. Here is the list:

  1. Saturday, January 22: Rich
  2. Sunday, January 23: Julian
  3. Monday, January 24: Castor
  4. Tuesday, January 25: Sebastian
  5. Wednesday, January 26: Marya
  6. Thursday, January 27: Novroz (ME!!)
  7. Friday, January 28: ScarlettSp1der

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Caroline says:

    I’ll be curious to read the pitch. I wasn’t aware that it would be a comedy, maybe you didn’t say. Now the actors make sense. Do I have to read all the others to be able to “judge” yours? No, right? I actually think to write a good comedy or make a good comedy movie is very difficult. Basically I think people agree on what is sad, they agree less on what is scary and often disagree on what is funny.

    1. Novroz says:

      No, you don’t have too 🙂 tho you can still read them for fun. Some are really fun to read.

      Since it is only a pitch, there will be no dialogue, but I might squezze some lines to make people easier to picturize the characters.

      So true! people told me that movies such as Naked Gun are funny and when I watched it, I didn’t laugh at all because I didn’t (and still) like that kind of parody.

  2. Monex says:

    The director of Spider-Man movie fame along with Disney took interest in Epstein and Jacobson s superhero pitch called The Transplants. Script sat down with the dynamic duo to hear how they went from pitch to script in a single bound..SCRIPT What gave you the idea for the script?

  3. Joel Burman says:

    I am glad you liked my surprise ending. A lot of people have said the same thing. Those endings are rare nowadays!

    1. Novroz says:

      Some people hate sad ending but I like it because it is more realistic

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