Saturday Movie Pitches (3)

I’m just going to copy-paste my opening lines from my previous post.

Last year (Hollywood Fantasy Draft I), on I wanted to link everyone’s movie pitches in my blog because I really enjoy reading their pitches. However, I was so busy at that time and didn’t have time to do it. I think it was also because I waited for all the pitches to be posted and then write my thought on those pitches…that was a wrong strategy!!

This year, I’ll be linking their pitches every Saturday.

To know more about Hollywood Fantasy Draft, please check Anomalous Material.

You can also check my draft for this second Hollywood Fantasy Draft, although I can assure you that you won’t be surprise seeing my choice of actors ;)

I have started my weekly post called Called Saturday Movie Pitches since 3 weeks ago. In the 1st Week, I like Nicholas’ Tormented Souls the most. In the 2nd week, Shelter by Nick Jobe is my favorite. Thank you Nick for sending me your novel 🙂 Will read it after my Murakami book. Which one will be my favorite of this week?

This week, out of 7 participant, only 4 pitched their movie….or should I say 3 because Castor turned his pitch into a kind of game 😉

My pitch was published this week 🙂 … the title is In The Jungle.

    Here goes the pitches :

    January 22, 2011
    Rich of Wide Screen World wrote a pitch called Midnight Train to Georgia

    She loved a good man whose dreams are crushed by a harsh world, but even though he seems defeated, she won’t give up on him, because he needs her… even if he doesn’t realize it himself. Midnight Train to Georgia is a bittersweet tale of a love with the power to restore lost faith, inspired by the classic hit song of the same name by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

    Read his pitch in Anomalous Material

    I can say much about this. Just not my kind of movie.

    January 23, 2011
    Clarabela of Just Chick Flicks wrote a pitch called Cat On a Tin Roof

    Based on Tennessee Williams’ original play, this version of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” is not the sanitized version of the 1958 movie. The Pollitts are a wealthy family, lead by Big Daddy who rules his company and his family with an iron fist. When death is at the doorstep, lies and secrets come to light and threaten to tear the family apart.

    This remake is a tense emotional drama that deeply examines the relationship between Brick and Skipper and its impact on Brick’s marriage to Maggie, the rest of the family and his relationship with his father. Also by transporting the family from the South to 1960′s Philadelphia high society puts Big Daddy in the position of being an outsider with the old money millionaires.

    Like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Who Is Afraid of Virginia Wolfe, the pairing of Hollywood’s hot couple Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johanson will be a big box office draw, as well as cause lots of on-screen tension due to their real life martial situation.

    Read her pitch in Anomalous Material

    I like reading her pitch but the story is not the kind I would watch in cinema but I will probably watch it in DVD.

    January 24, 2011
    Sebastian of Films From The Supermassive Black Hole wrote Psychosis

    From the Director of District 9 comes a new vision of the future. People with the ability to control the minds of others are used to further the goals of the government, spearheaded by a nefarious corporation. When one of these “hacks”, Cal, escapes, he is taken in by an underground group, comprised of other “hacks”, and begins to plan his revenge.

    Read his pitch in Anomalous Material and here is his introduction

    This is my favorite of this week. Before reading his pitch, I already will make sure to watch his movie because he has Sharlto Copley in his cast. After I read his pitch, I LOVE IT! His pitch is the only pitch in this week that excited methe most (beside my own pitch,of course). Howevre, I kinda hope that one of the main actors died.

    January 25, 2011
    Castor of Anomalous Material (the host of Hollywood Fantasy Draft) made a kind of game for his pitch. He called it Troll 3D

    That’s right… We are making this movie on the fly! Everyone makes this movie come to life! Make it as hilarious, trashy and unexpected as you can! Post as many as five (5) sentences in the comments and they will be added to this movie pitch.

    The Rules:

    • Characters keep the actors names for less confusing read
    • You can add as many as 5 sentences at a time
    • Be creative!!
    • Uh… Do not kill off everyone right away!

    Follow his game in Anomalous Material

    January 27, 2011
    Novroz of Polychrome Interest wrote a pitch called In The Jungle.This is my pitch 😉

    We have seen Tom Hanks trying to survive in a remote island, we have seen Ryan Reynolds trying to be unburied, and we have also seen James Franco trying to escape from the mountain…now, prepare yourself to see the survival of an odd pair of Father and Son hilariously trying to make their way inside the jungle

    Read  my pitch in Polychrome Interest or Anomalous Material.

    Okay…I think my movie will be great!!! hahaha, this sounds so arrogant! But I really do want to see this pitch turns into a movie…it’ll be great to see Cillian teaming up with DeVito. And to see Cillian acting  as a narcissist man is priceless.


    I wonder why the other participants missed their pitch-date…hmmm…

    Next week’s participats are:

    1. Saturday, January 29: Richard
    2. Sunday, January 30: Rob
    3. Monday, January 31: Marc
    4. Tuesday, February 1: Andy
    5. Wednesday, February 2: CS
    6. Thursday, February 3: John P.
    7. Friday, February 4: Red

    8 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Pitches (3)

    1. Your pitch was a lot of fun to read! this Saturday pitch idea is super great! I love it! Like i wrote to you on A.M. my pitch was turned in on time, but the publishing of it delayed by a day. I hope you enjoy it when you get a chance.

    2. I see this attracted a lot of participants. Will there be a winner and what will he/she win? I would probably do a stalker movie, not a war movie. I had a nightmare last week and Sean Bean was in it. I think this is the first time I dreamed of a celebrity in ten years (the last was Keanu Reeves). Both dreams where not romantic at all but this one was really weird. He was in the background, preparing some conspiracy …

      1. It has 20something participants. Castor said he will do a kind of award show, the best of something. There is no prize tho.
        This HFD is more like a fun event. Book bloggers have many fun activities such as book challenge, readalong and meme…but movie bloggers don’t have that many fun (at least for me), till I found Anomalous Material with its Hollywood Fantasy Draft. Prize really not important, I only love the minggling part.

        Hahaha I think you’ve watched TOO many movies. I wonder how does it feel to have a romatic dream with any of my favorite actors 😉

          1. What are you going to organize? *curious*
            Your movie blog is allaboutwarmovies right? or you have another one?
            I found a weekly movie meme once but I didn’t follow it because it was in blogspot. Blogspot is too heavy and too difficult for mobilephone.

            1. Yes, it would be the allaboutwarmovies. I have the odd movie review on the book blog but it still is mainly a book blog. I’m not sure what to organize yet just feel like doing something. Why not post a weekly “favourite movie quotes”?

            2. That’s a good idea 🙂
              If the weekly quotes in Tuesday, I would mix it with my teaser Tuesday 🙂
              Movie quotes is my first English teacher

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