The Girl who Leapt Through Time

Toki o Kakeru Shoujo (時 を かける 少女) or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an animation from Japan….or should I say another great animation from Japan.

I don’t know if I ever said this or not, I never can appreciate digital animation as much as drawing animation (I don’t know how to differentiate these two animations). Digital animations are the kind of animation produced by Pixar while Drawing animation is the kind of animation from Studio Ghibli and almost all Japanese animation still use this technique. Zee of Mywordlyobsession had written better sentences to differentiate these two kinds of animations. I have the same feeling as her, for me digital animation lacks of art value and therefore no matter how great people said about Toy story or any other animation alike, I always end up saying those are good animations but never could say those are great animations.

The Girl Who Leapt Through time is made by the animation studio Madhouse and directed by Hasoda Mamoru. It was published in 2006 and will be made into Live Action Movie in 2010…I want to watch it, I hope I can find its DVD next year. After doing a little search, I found out that Toki o Kakeru Shoujo was based upon a novel by Tsutsui Yasutaka. When I read his name, it sounds so familiar…I went through my book review and found my review of one of his books, it was called Hell. I wonder if the JF-Library has this book, I want to read it.

Toki o kakeru shoujo didn’t have good record as massive box office movies, but it received various kind of award including Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. It defeated an animation from Studio ghibli, Gedo Senki (I have this animation and will watch it soon). It has been dubbed into English, but I will never watch the dubbed version because I like watching movie in its original language.

The story is about an ordinary girl named Konno Makoto (Seiyuu: Naka Riisa) who had the worst day of her life. But that day was about to change when she fell down in the science lab. On her way home, she couldn’t stop her bike and was about to be hit by a train, but miraculously she ended up hitting a woman. Out of confusion, she told her aunt about it. She told Makoto that maybe it was a time leap. Makoto tried to prove her auntie’s words and found out how to do the time-leap successfully.

She started using her new ability to change her worst day into the best day of her life. She repeated an hour of karaoke with her best friends, Tsuda Kousuke (Seiyuu: Itakura Mitsutaka) and Mamiya Chiaki (Seiyuu: Ishida Takuya), into 10 hours of karaoke. She kept using her ability to change small things. She soon realizes that what she had changed also changed the life of people around her.  Kousuke refused a girl’s love because Makoto has better score than Kousuke and he needs to study more than going out with girl. Makoto refused to believe that Chiaki likes her and somehow that made Chiaki started liking Yuri.

She was determined to set things back to normal. She found out that her leaping ability was numbered, she couldn’t leap as much as she want. When things is about to be normal again, she ran out of her leaping chances to save her best friend. In the brink of her confusion, time stopped. Someone close to her told her about her leaping ability.

I can’t write more than this because it will give too many spoilers.

There are many funny scenes that make me laugh so hard. My favorite scene is when Makoto tried to go back and changed the conversation between her and Chiaki, at that time, Chiaki was telling her about his feeling. It was freaking hilarious.

The story sounds very simple right? But watching it truly gives warm feeling. I love every moment of this animation. The love story also fit perfectly with the science fiction. Makoto’s character is enjoyable to watch. Chiaki is so easy to love, the kind of caring bad-boy you find in high school. Kousuke is like the wisest of all three. I don’t know if the human version will be as good as the animation or not, but I will watch it nevertheless…unless if the one who makes it is Hollywood, I will think twice to watch it. Hollywood has tendency of ruining good animation, here are some examples: Dragon Ball, Blood the Last Vampire and The Last Airbender.

My rating for this animation is 4 Stars out of 5 (I really like it).  My friend Dhitzunako wrote a great comparison between the 1983 movie to this anime here.



  1. love this movie 🙂 btw aku udah liat trailer film live actionnya dan keliatannya menjanjikan. semoga filmnya bagus 🙂

    btw cobain tonton Summer Wars deh, anime movie-nya Mamoru Hosoda jg. menurutku lebih bagus dr film ini (yg udah bagus) 😀

      1. @Purisuka Summer wars ya…okeh ntar gw cari. Aga susah juga nyarinya…gambarimasu.

        @Zee hope you can see it again and share whta you think of the movie.

  2. @pussreboots: the first movie of Toki O Kakeru Shojo IS live-action. 🙂 It is a 1983 film. This anime ver. is a spin-off from the original. And the latest live-action is a sequel from the 83 movie
    @novroz: gue br aja mo review ni anime :p tp mang bgsan anime-nya daripada versi 83-nya. Dan adegan chiaki-makoto di sepeda emang kocak. ^^

      1. Me too. If you’ve found it, let me know. I also want to see its 1997 movie, maybe it is a lot more better than the 1983 movie. But, I can’t find it on net. Poor me. Let us pray that the 2010 sequel is a fun yet warm movie too (habis ekspresi suaranya Riisa Naka keren pas jadi Makoto).
        Yoossshaaah! ^^

  3. Oh I’ve been wanting to watch this for a long time. On the other hand I’ve watched Gedo Senki. Not very good. It’s not by Miyazaki or Takahata after all.

    ps: I wonder if it’s possible to make your feed to full feed rather than partial. It would help a lot for people who read blogs with feed reader!

      1. Oh yay! Thanks! That will help a lot! I’ve been meaning to tell you about it but kept forgetting 🙂

        I use google reader to read blogs and only jump out to visit the actual blog when I want to comment. It’s far too slow otherwise.

  4. Waah saya jg nonton animasi jepang yg kyk gini miss, selain studio ghibli, coba nonton karyanya Makoto Shinkai juga deh miss, saya suka banget karya2 dia, scene2 landscapenya keren banget gambarnya trus plotnya jg gk kalah sama studio ghibli hehe..

    1. Saya sih mau aja nntn semua anime 2 jam (bukan series) tapi masalahnya. nemuin susah bgt. Ini aja untung2an ada teman yg punya. Kalo macam Pixar n Disney sih enak ada dimana2…yg Jepang ini susah bgt 😦

      1. Makoto shinkai!!! Saya suka yang She and her Cat.. sumpah… walo banyakan “Still Image” tapi editingnya keren banget… Cuma 4-5 menit, tapi membekas banget…

        Jin Roh juga bagus (ceritanya oleh Mamoru Oshii, orang di balik Blood the Last Vampire, Ghost in the Shell).

          1. Saya biasanya nemu di ratu plaza miss hehe, ada lumayan banyak pilihannya (yg anime movie gitu), filmnya ghibli lengkap malah.. 😀

  5. I love this film! I saw it in its original language at a Japanese festival (in County Limerick!) a few years ago and then one of my sisters bought the English language version for me as a present! I agree – It’s a lovely warm story, with emotion and humour too – It’s visually stunning too, but that goes without saying 🙂

    Also, I haven’t been able to reply to your tweet today, as my Twitter account has been hacked with that virus-y thing that’s in the news headlines! 😦 That Irish pub looks interesting – I’m curious to find out where in Ireland he is from. Or maybe he is British. If he is Irish, there’s a strong possiblity I would either know him or know someone that he knows – That’s the way Ireland works!

    1. Glad to know that you like it too 🙂 How’s the English version? Which one is better?
      Since the 1st day I start enjoying movies, I always find language as something fascinating, therefore no matter how unfamiliar the language is I still enjoy it more than dubbed version.

      Yeah I saw, your twits turned into weird codes. I hope you can use it again once all this virus thing is over. The host (from the show) told us that he is Irish, he married an Indonesian woman, lived in Ireland and England for few years and then decided to come to Indonesia.
      Hmmm….Ireland is that small heh!! everyone knows everyone. That reminds me of how surprised I was when Olive told me that she was in the same class with Cillian.

      1. Yep, you’re always guaranteed of having some connection to someone in some way! When I first moved up to Dublin, within about two days I saw people that used to live in Cork. Likewise with Limerick, within a couple of days I saw a few people that I recognised. Dublin is the least likely place for that to happen, as it’s a little bigger, but as above, it does happen from time to time. Cork is very much like that – Walk around the city centre for long enough and you see about 10 people that you recognise, know or are related to.haha.

  6. Hey, I saw this animation but I hesitated; I didn’t download in the end as I wasn’t sure if it’s any good or if it’s worth the time. Now that I read your review, I want to watch it! Can’t wait for it to finish download and watch it soon! 😉

    Thanks for the review!

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