Hell by Yasutaka Tsutsui was another book that I picked simply based on the cover…and like I said before, the chances of it turning into a good book are fifty-fifty.

Tsutsui was trying to write about Hell using his own imagination. It wasn’t a place fill with fire and torture like most people had been taught in their religion. Tsutsui’s version of Hell was a place so similar with our place on earth…but…people no longer has the feeling of desire, anger or any kind of feeling anymore and they can also read into other people’s mind. Because they have no feeling of anger anymore, reading someone’s mind seemed not important anymore.

In this book, Tsutsui was writing about the life of many people, those people were connected to one another in a way they don’t even realize. The way I see it, the center character was Nobuteru, he had 2 childhood best friends, Takeshi and Yuzo. The story of people who went to Hell started from Takeshi and Yuzo. Some of Takeshi’s acquaintances died because of plane crash, froze to death, and an elevator accident. Yuzo and his men died in a terrible way. Everyone met somewhere in Hell.

The most interesting part of this book is what happened during the plan crash, there was a person who was shouting his dogs’ names over and over again and he was so concern about them, who will take good care of them as much as he used to. I find this interesting because if I see death in front of me, I am going to think the same thing as that man ‘Who will take good care of my Kame and Kroten (my pet turtles) as much as my care for them?

The book is not boring but I can’t say that it is interesting. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either…and I managed to finish it, well maybe it’s because the book is only consist of 190 pages. Maybe it’s because Tsutsui’s Hell is a boring place but I like the way he creates characters that related to one another. Every character has their own personality and their story is quite fun to read…mostly their story on earth, but when they come to Hell, their story becomes a bit boring.

Tho I find this book as an okay book, that doesn’t mean I won’t read another book by Yasutaka Tsutsui. I think he is a good characters builder and I’d love to read his other book and maybe it will be better than Hell. Overall, I can only give this book 2 stars out of 5 (it was okay).

Teaser from this book >> here

Starting today, I am going to write bit information of the author (especially authors that are new to me). I am merely copying from the inside flap/back cover

Yasutaka Tsutsui is particularly known for his science fiction. His short story O-tasuke won him the recognition and respect of Rampo Edogawa (the father of Japanese mystery writing). During the 1970s Tsutsui began experimenting in a variety of styles, from slapstick and black humour to various kinds of metafiction. Winner of various award, including the Izumi Kyoka Priza, Kawabata Prize and Yomiuri Literary Prize, he has been decorated as a Chevalier des Art et des Letters by the French Government.


This review is my second book for new author challenge 2010 and 2010 support your Local Library reading challenge

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