Breakfast On Pluto

Indonesian version << here (soon)

If you live in my country, mark my word when I say British Movie is not as famous as Hollywood movie…then again when you think about it, Hollywood is controlling the world. I’ve come across quite a lot of good British movies lately…maybe because I’ve paid more attention toward that country then I ever before. It’s a shame that British Movies are overshadowed by Hollywood Movies.

I recently fell in love with Cillian Murphy and started looking for his movies, the newest movie (new in term of I just found it not new in term of release date) I watched was Breakfast on Pluto …. I love this movie. I love it so much I decided to write about it in 2 languages, my own native language, Bahasa (Indonesian Language) and English, so that I can promote this movie to everyone in my country and abroad.

Breakfast on Pluto can also be called as Chapters of my Life by Patrick ‘Kitten’ Braden

The story is about the life of a boy or should I say a girl named Patrick Braden, he was left in front of a certain doorstep, which happened to be the house of a Priest. He was then raised by a foster mother. As he grew older, his attitude was no longer of a boy, hw had transformed into a girl…a girl who was trapped in a boy’s body. His foster mammy had tried to make a boy out of her only to realize that that there was nothing she could do.

(From this moment on I will use she instead of he…because Patrick is more Patricia as he got older)

Patrick had 3 childhood friends, a retarded boy named Lawrence , a semi-black girl named Charlie and a white boy named Irwin…what a combination 😉 . Her friends accepted Patrick for who she is. She turned into a cynical person, especially toward her foster mother and her school. I love and laugh every time she made everyone angry at her. She once wrote a short story how a Priest’s ‘little brother’ who can not control it self had made her mother conceived her…she was hauled into the headmaster’s room. That was the 1st time he asked people to start calling him ‘Kitten’. And then when her teachers asked the students to write changes in their body and feeling because they had turned into teenagers, she made her teachers (who are also priests because she was studying in catholic school) furious because her question was ‘where can I find a good surgery for sex change’ … hahaha I was laughing hard when watching this.

Kitten decided to leave Ireland and went to London to find her mother. On her way, she met with some men. She fell in love with a musician named Bobby, and he loved her back, but it didn’t last. Then she met a magician who was deeply in love with her. She got arrested and somehow made the policemen care about her (but they didn’t love her like the men before them).

The last chapter of her life was filled with love and care from people around her. I love the part when she said “because you know the strangest thing is I went looking for her and I found you

Kitten’s journey of life is a great journey, the same minute I finished watching it I wanted to watch it again. What’s so great about this movie is not only the story but also the cast, Cillian Murphy was brilliant!! I wonder who defeats him in Golden Globe Award. He, as Kitten, is more a woman than I’ve ever become. His way of becoming a woman is so flawless, it doesn’t look like he is faking it…it’s like he really is a transvestite.

I admit that I can’t stop laughing seeing his girly attitude but I don’t feel annoyed by it. He is 180 degree from Jackson Rippner in Red Eye…it was like watching 2 different people. Before watching BoP, I watched Batman begins…and…you can put Scarecrow next to Kitten and see 2 different people.

I am sure that everyone who watches BoP would fall in love with Kitten’ character, a character who is so lively and sometimes cynical, a character who is so lovable. The only annoying thing about her is her voice…hahaha you know the voice of a man who wants to sound like a woman.

Another thing that makes me love this movie is that there is no sexual intercourse scene…I have nothing against gay, but I just don’t like seeing a movie with man and man intercourse…they may love each other just don’t show that ‘private moment’!!.

In conclusion, Breakfast in Pluto is a  movie (I rarely give this rate for drama)

This movie is based upon a book by Patcrick Mc Cabe, he and the director wrote the screenplay together. It was directed by Neil Jordan. The cast are Cillian Murphy, Stephen Rea, Brendan Gleeson, and Liam Neeson.

Caroline of All About War Movies  has written a great review on this movie from a different perceptive.

Cillian Murphy Special


  1. semakin penasaran dan harus nonton sepertinya! pengen dgr suara bancinya (lho?),haha..becanda saya! xp

    good job,dear. 🙂

  2. Ahahahahaaa….gara2 ntn Red Eye gw jadi suka Cillian en lo langsung ngeracuni gw tuk cari neh film…
    Bis DL kmaren2 itu langsung gw tonton…en langsung gw tonton 2x dlm shari itu…qeren!!!
    Akting Cillian okeh juga ja karakter transgender, ga keliatan kaku en berlebihan…en tentu…gw sukaaaa bgt gaya bicaranya d nih film!!! Tobh, ga salah mang lo getol mrekomendasikan neh film!

    1. Bertambah lg yg suka Breakfast on Pluto 🙂 berarti misi gw berhasil hahaha.

      Ge ja dah nntn 4x ;p Kayaknya nih film ga kan gw hapus dr kompu walopun dah gw bakar ke dvd

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