THe X Files : I Want to Believe

This is the second movie of The X Files, I have to watch it In spite of many bad opinions on this movie.

Hendry said it’s not as good as the series I once showed them.

Embi said that he read a review on this movie and only received 2 stars.

Mery said that her friend told her the movie is out of line and not good.

I pay no attention to all of that coz no matter what people said, The X files is always on my Must-Watch-List. And it turns out…I LOVE THIS SECOND MOVIE WAY BETTER THAN THE FIRST!! This is so X Files and so realistic (in term of Mulder and Scully’s relationship). I don’t really like Alien and government conspiracy, and that’s why I didn’t really enjoy the 1st movie…and I have been wishing for the second movie for a long time and hoping it isn’t about Alien anymore…And I got my wish plus interest.

The story took place long after the series ended which mean after Mulder and Scully left FBI. Scully had become a medical doctor. She was asked by the FBI to tell Mulder to help them on a kidnapping case. The case involved a psychic named Father Joe who was a child molester. Scully loathed this man, but mulder was so eager with this man. Mulder who had been away from FBI for many years got so excited with the case. As usual, they had many disagreement toward each other but in the end they needed each other’s help. Father Joe’s ability to see the victim who had been kidnapped was because he had a connection on the kidnapper, he was one of his molested victim. The case ended up by finding a modern day Dr.Frankenstein.

A new and suprising yet realistic fact on this second movie is how Mulder n Scully’s relationship has grown to a lover relationship. Chris Carter had broke his promise of never letting this 2 characters kiss and become a lover!! But I like this situation because no one in this real life ever had a platonic love for so long, it is just too imposible to happen. I know that it brought a controversion among fans…but there is no protest at all for me. It is suprising in term of saying “finally!”

I never had a desire to buy the DVD of the 1st movie but I can’t hardly wait to buy the 2nd movie and watch it all over again.

I give this movie 5 stars 🙂


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