The X Files

For as long as I live, I have never once seen another movie that has stronger power like The X Files. This series has stole my eyes, my heart and all of my attention the 1st minute I laid my eyes on it. It was something out of the ordinary, so mysterious and yet so smart. It turned all superstitious into a belief, a pure scientific fiction that can made people wondering about it, was it real? This movie, or should I say series, is by far the greatest series American had ever made…up to today, none can be compared to The X files, not even close.

The series was 1st aired on September 10, 1993and for 15 years, none can surpass it – telling a story of a Federal Agent called Fox ‘spooky’ Mulder played by David Duchovny He was called Spooky because of his strange and unorthodox way of thinking. He was a good profiler and great crime analyst, but when he found The X Files which were Cases that can not be explain by logic, he devoted his life and his thought of solving those weird cases. FBI Department sent him a female partner who happened to be a real skeptic named Dana Scully played by Gillian Andersen. What Scully never realized was that she was about to question all her scientific belief because of all the cases that landed on their desk. This duo completed each other in a bizarre way. Scully often challenged Mulder on all his illogical theory. But they’d never stab each other back. A terrific on-screen duo.

Their cases are beyond what we could thing back then – now, after this series was over, many movie create strange cases too – there are Aliens and government conspiracies to cover it, Demon and Satan, Religious belief, Vampire, Fat sucking man, mutation creature, folklores, reincarnation, Squeeze man, Fire starter, the power of mind, unusual animals, ghost, Lightning boy, and many more I that I cannot write in simple words. Every series had its own suspense that made me became addicted to this movie. (When I was in college, I didn’t have TV so I came home every Wednesday just to see the X Files).

As I said before, no series has even close to this series. All series that came after that are simply inspired by it…no one has come with a better and refreshing idea. I didn’t say that I hate the other series that look like The X Files, but it is simply not fresh. One series that came out recently has a fresh story but it fell into a deep hole on its second season. When I accidentally saw the series on pirate DVDs at Manga Dua…I was in total shock, shock of happiness coz I finally able to see it all over again and be mesmerized by it again. I just can’t get enough of this brilliant series.

I love the X Files though it has been filmed 15years ago. I hoped one day I can collect its original DVDs instead of the pirate ones.

I’m so over joy to hear that they are planning to make the second X Files Movie.


  1. gw baru sadar ternyata selama ini, pas pelajaran HL, siswa dicekokin film2 psikopat dengan kedok belajar bahasa Inggris

    tapi daripada NF, mending nonton film psikopat dah

    masukin ke 28ers dooooong

  2. Yusi>> sip!! dah daku link di 28ers. hehehe ketahuan ya kedoknya xp

    Embi>> huahahaha iya nih qt 1 selera

    Ali>> tahun 93, ciba inget…tahun berapa tuh!!

  3. miss udah nonton X files: i want to belive?
    kurang seru film yg ini dibandingin ama yg miss kasih liat pas HL, gak ada alien dan mahluk2 aneh lainnya

  4. belum…niatnya sih hari sabtu ini. hendry dah liat ya?? dimana?

    mau ikut nonton lagi ga? hehehe qt mau malakin BH nih hari sabtu ini.

    Eh katanya alien2an, belum baca referensinya sih, sengaja supaya jadi suprise ja nanti.

  5. udah nonton di PH, bareng panji, okta, ismah, didi dan anak2 alumni tkd yg lain

    kalo hari sabtu blum tau nih, liat hasil pengumuman dulu

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