Sekai no Chuusin de Ai o Sakebu

Sekai no Chuusin de Ai o Sakebu in english mean Crying Out Love on the center of the World. It’s a memorable romance with great cast such as Takao Osawa as Sakutaro Matsumoto, Kou Shibasaki as Ritsuko Fujiwara, Mirai Moriyama as Sakutaro (High school) and Masami Nagasawa as Aki Hirose.

While searching for his fiancee Ritsuko, Sakutarou rediscovers through flashbacks the void deep within him caused by the events from his high school days.

While he was in high school he had a classmate named aki hirose, she is smart, good athlete and popular. One day Aki asked saku to take her on a ride. After this even they become closer and they both tried to win a sony walkman through a show in radio. Saku send a story bout his friend that has leukimia,eventhough hw won that walkman but the story upset aki. Aki send saku a tape that said why she was mad at him…this event lead to a series of tape changging. One day saku took aki on summer vacation and they found a camera with film in it, The  holiday was nice but somehow at the last day Aki become unconcious.


They found out that aki had leukimia,but aki promise she won’t die. Saku tried to lift her spirit. Aki send her tape trought a young girl. They printed the film that they found on their summer vacation, it was ULURU which aborigin called the cebter of the world, Saku promise her that he will take her there. To get to australia they need a picture so they went to take their picture. At that same time they also took this picture, because she said she doesn’t want to be forgotten.


When they get back to the hospital, Aki’s friend who has the same disease died. It break aki’s heart as well as saku’s heart. I really like the part when Saku is walking against the direction of a festival trying not to cry but at the same time he wants to cry. Saku finally decided to take her to ULURU but the flight was cancel and aki’s disease become worse.


At the end it turn out that ritsuko is that young girl taht help aki send her tape to saku. Aki made one last tape but it never gets to saku because ritsuko got hit buy a car. She already forgot bout it till one day by accident she find the tape.

Aki’s last words are bout how happy she is being with saku and she will always remember all the time they had spend together. She wants saku to keep on living happily. She also wants her ash to be spread in ULURU.

This movie is very touching and sad, i can’t help crying while watching this movie. Masami and Mirai play very well in this movie. And i was so amased with mirai, it;s like seeing a very different person from the one who played tatematsu in waterboys. He can change his character very well. Both of them won an award for their role

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  1. I just watched this. This movie was simply touching! ❤
    Love Masami’s acting as always. Kayaknya Korea mengadaptasi film ini deh. Soalnya gw nonton koreanya dulu baru ini…. 😀

    Novroz no Henji
    iya kata teman gw juga begitu!!! dia dah liat yang Korea duluan. tapi gw belum liat yang Koreanya

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