Sakura Across Deviantart

This month challenge for Hello Japan! is quite difficult, tho not as difficult as the temple challenge. This month challenge is to celebrate spring, in particular the beloved sakura…we have to do something with Sakura. I didn’t know what to do and what to write. I don’t want to do Hanami if it’s not under a real Sakura and there is no Sakura in this country. I’ve heard that Indonesia has a Sakura tree somewhere in Puncak but I am too busy to go there.

So I finally got an idea to do this ‘Sakura Across Deviantart’ which means that I go through all collection of Sakura in Deviantart…but to do so, I need the artist approval because I do not want to use other people’s work without their permission.

What is Deviantart? It’s a site where all great and not-so-great artists hang out. There are photographers, painters, and many more. Their works are spectacular. I have a Deviantart account but it doesn’t mean that I am a great artist, I’m one of those not-so-great photographer.

In writing this post, I reduce all the pictures and paintings into 142 pixels (in wide) or 227 pixels (in wide) and if you like it as much as I do, you can click the picture and it will take you to the original picture in the artist’s DA account.

I asked permission to 10 peoples, but so far only 5 have answered my message…I’m still waiting for the rest of them (It’ll be updated). For now, let’s see those 4 great arts on Sakura.


This close up picture of Sakura is so beautiful and well shot. It gives the sense of romantic. The kanji character on the left corner makes the picture perfect. This picture was shot by Lilyas. Thank you for letting me uses your work.

I like this picture because of its beautiful pink background. A clear Sakura flower with a blur Sakura flower as background is so pretty. This picture was shot by EllyNimphadora. Thank you for letting me uses your work.


This abstract painting of Sakura is so simple and yet I couldn’t take my eyes of it. The simplicity of this painting gives a feeling of sadness as if Sakura is the symbol of grief. This painting is made by nayruasukei. Thank you for letting me uses your work

This drawing of Sakura looks pretty old. I like it because it reminds me of Japanese old Paintings. It gives the sense of forgotten past. This painting is made by Halloween CAT. Thank you for letting me use your work.

Here is a painting of Sakura on an umbrella. I would LOVE to have this umbrella…it’s so gorgeous! The color of the umbrella couldn’t be more perfect for this beautiful art. The painting is classically beautiful. This painting is made by Uzushio. Thank you for letting me use your work.


    1. Thank you :hug: I wish they would reply soon, but there’s still no sign of them yet 😦

      I should nudge them a bit tomorrow…give them this link to show them that I truly appreciate their works

  1. These are beautiful! I love the umbrella too! And the photos! All of them. This was a great idea for the mini-challenge. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces of art with us.

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