As I already said in my previous post, Peacock is one of my most anticipated movies of this year. The reason why I was waiting for this movie is very simple: Cillian is playing 2 roles at the same time!! If you have been to my blog before, you would know that I adore Cillian Murphy, both for his amazing talent in acting and his physic (I think he is so cute and hot).  The trailer also increased my curiosity over the movie.

Peacock didn’t make it into Cinema, the DVD was released on April 14, 2010. I am planning to buy its original DVD because it was said that it contains a lot of extra footage…but I am still waiting for it to come to my country and because I can’t wait any longer I bought a pirate DVD just to satisfy my curiosity…I am still going to buy the original one once it comes to my country.

My 1st impression of this movie is it’s too slow and less thrilling, I felt a bit disappointed and understood why it never hit the cinema. The reason is because I love a thrilling and suspenseful psychological thriller (John Cussack’s Identity is my number split personality thriller). Peacock is too slow and has so many holes. Those holes are the ones that make the movie less thrilling. BUT…when I watched it for the second time, with an open mind and not expecting anything…to my surprise the movie is good after all. I automatically give an extra star for my rating.

The story might not 100% live up to my expectation but the acting truly took my breath away. Sorry for Ellen Page and Susan Sarandon’s fans because I’ll be talking more about Cillian Murphy’s act rather than those two stunning women. Cillian Murphy plays as John Skillpa, a shy man who had been living under his mother’s pressure. He seems reluctant to look at people’s eyes when he is talking. He is a nice man but he is a little afraid of people. You can see Cillian Murphy plays John’s awkwardness perfectly…I could surely swear that John Skillpa is not Cillian Murphy, he looks so nerdy and not hot anymore. Actors that can change his look into something 180 degree of his actual self sure deserve a high praise.

And when Cillian plays as Emma Skillpa, DO NOT THINK she will be anything close to John!! Emma is more confident and relaxes. At first she was afraid of people but then she becomes more accustomed to people. If you had already seen Breakfast on Pluto, trust me when I said Emma Skillpa is NOT Patricia ‘Kitten’ Braden. These two transvestites have different personality. Emma is so gorgeous, I hate (and also love) it when Cillian looks prettier than I am whereas I am a real woman and he is a man. John and Emma, two different personalities, are played brilliantly by Cillian Murphy. I truly believe that he deserves more attention in Hollywood. He should be as well-known as Johnny Depp because these two actors are brilliant in playing any roles no matter how weird the roles are.

What about the other actress? Ellen Page and Susan Sarandon also play really good. These two women are perfect for their role. Susan Sarandon plays as The Mayor’s wife, a very determine lady. Ellen Page plays as Maggie, a desperate woman with big dream of leaving Peacock.

The Story: John Skillpa was a shy bank clerk living in a small town called Peacock. He rarely talked to people. His personality was shaped because of his mother’s strong authority. When his mother died, John created a woman figure that will take care of him. He knew nothing of what she did, all he knew was that every morning there will be breakfast for him and a dinner in the fridge. Emma always disappeared at 8.15 am. But John/Emma’s peaceful life was about to changed when a train crash into their backyard.

Emma was exposed and people started to think that she is John’s wife. At first, Emma was afraid of people but after meeting Fanny Crill, The Mayor’s wife, she slowly became more comfortable with people…even more comfortable then John ever was. She even let the mayor held a campaign over the crashed train in her backyard. Emma wanted to have a child…and desire became stronger when she met Maggie. Maggie had John’s child, she was living under John’s mother’s check because her son, Jake, was also John’s son. Maggie is the only one who knew about the cruelty of John’s mother.

Emma became close to Maggie and planned to adopt Jake. Emma took over John’s personality longer than she usually did. John became so afraid of Emma, he didn’t even want to come home because he didn’t want to change back into Emma. Will Emma get Jake from Maggie?Who will win this battle of personality? Will other people know who Emma really is? GO THE DVD STORE, buy and watch it for your self!!

Peacock is directed by Michael Lander and written by Michael Lander and Ryan Roy. Apart from Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Susan Sarandon, there are Bill Pullman, Keith Carradine and John Lucas.

My rating for this movie is 4 Stars for the story and 5 stars for the acting part.

Comments from the cast:

Cillian Murphy: “Peacock stunned me as a script from start to finish. It offers an incredible challenge to an actor – one I could not turn down

Ellen Page: “This is one of the boldest screenplays I’ve ever come across in my short career; It’s a character and story I can throw my self into and exactly the type of movie I love to be part of

Susan Sarandon: “a very strange little piece – kind of ominous

Cillian Murphy’s Special:


Emma Skillpa
John Skillpa

The Trailer, creepy scoring but very effective


  1. I’ve watched it a few hours ago and I have to agree with you that Cillian Murphy plays brilliant. I think it is by far his best act. And as you’ve already said both Emma and John seem like different people.

    I like your post…keep it up.

  2. You really do like Cillian Murphy! I hadn’t heard of this film until now, to be honest with you.
    P.S. I’ve tagged you in the “10 Movie Facts About Me” meme that’s going around. Check it out on my blog and if you’re interested, write 10 movie facts about yourself and pass it on:)
    Thanks! Olive

    1. I do 🙂 There are 3 actors that I like the most from western world, Keanu Reeves for his handsome face, Tom Hank for his amazing act and Cillian Murphy for both his handsome face and amazing act.

      I like meme, I’ll check it out and write it tomorrow…tonight I’m too wasted to think. Thanks for tagging me

        1. Yup, of course I’ve seen it…will watch all Keanu’s movies even if its just to look at his face.

          I Like The Lake House because it has Keanu and Sandy, she is my fav actress. But the movie it self didn’t make it into my top-5 Keanu’s movie here

          Hmm…he said that? I think the winner is Matrix.

        2. Even though the screenplay and acting are awful, I actually love watching it too! It’s a bit like “You’ve Got Mail”, in that sense. “You’ve Got Mail” always reminds me of being in front of the fireplace watching it at home at Christmas time!

  3. Ha..ha.. I thought I like Gerard Butler too much, but I think you love Cillian more than I do GB 🙂 Looking forward to your meme post, Novroz!

    1. Well I admit that I am the kind of person that tends to like something too much or hate something too much.

      I like a band from Japan TOO much and I made a series of tribute for them throughout this year.

      Have you been tagged? hehe if you haven’t I’ll tag you.

      1. He..he.. yeah I tend to be that way to, Novroz, I think I’ve featured GB too often already and I don’t want my site to be all about one actor 🙂 I have been tagged, thank you, in fact, I immediately thought about tagging you when I first got tagged.

        1. To be honest, I don’t feature actors or actress that I don’t like the most, however I often write about movies from different actors. Hehe you might think I write too much on cillian 😉 it is because in the past I didn’t write much about movie…so I’m catching it up this year. March and April belong to Cillian, May and June will belong to Keanu Reeves and so on.

          I believe Stephen King is the King in my blog…I featured him more than anyone in this blog, both movies and books.

          Ow…so now I have to think of someone else to tag

  4. Well, I finally looked your Murphy guy up in the Internet Movie Database and… I’ve seen him play in Sunshine! He’s the guy that goes out to fix the exterior of their spaceship, right? Hm, maybe not (it’s too long ago LOL).

    I’ll keep an eye out for his movies and let you know what I think of him when time comes… 😉

  5. Finally got a chance to read your review. I think I would still like to watch it. If only to see him act as a man and a woman. I enjoy split personality stories too. I liked Identity but I preferred Memento and Shutter Island. Peacock will be available in Europe in October I think.
    You know who reminds me a little bit of Cillian Murphy? Jared Leto. Something about the eyes. A good actor and a great singer.

    1. I’ve watched Peacock 4 times now, the more I watch it the more I like it. I love his acting very much. I want to see him play more challenging roles like this, but his next 2 movies are big budget movies and doesn’t seem challenging.

      I love memento and shutter Island. I reviewed both movies here. Memento is really insane, I love how Nolan directed that movie. I want to read Shutter Island.

      Peacock hasn’t been released here yet 😦 I don’t know if it ever be, I still own the pirate DVD…I want the original one so bad.

      Eh? Jared Letto plays in Movies? Hmm I didn’t know that, what movie?

  6. Fight Club
    Requiem for a Dream (a must-see!)
    and others. He is really good in Requiem for a Dream but cute in Alexander. Requiem is One of my favourite Darren Aronofsky movies. You would like that, I am sure.
    The novel Shutter island is much better thnt the movie. I had to totally forget about it while watching it.

    1. I don’t like fight club. I turned it off after 30 minutes. I will try finding Requiem for a dream.

      By the way, I just added the trailer into this post. You can have a glimpse of Cillian’s weirdness in this movie 😉

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